463 Indian boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Indian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 463 ) Indian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Indian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

463 Indian boy names with meanings

Indian boy names that start with A:

1. Aabha: one who shines
2. Aabharan: one who is treasured; jewel
3. Aakarshan: attraction
4. Abhay: no fear
5. Aditya: sun
6. Ajit: one who is invincible
7. Akash: sky
8. Akshay: sky
9. Amil: one who is  invaluable
10. Amit: without limit; endless
11. Anand: happiness; bliss
12. Arun: sun rising
13. Ashwin: star
14. Asoka: without sorrow; the name of a flower

Indian boy names that start with B:

1. Babhri: victorious
2. Babul: father
3. Badal: cloud
4. Bagira: loving
5. Bahusasta: excellent; right; happy
6. Bal: child born with lots of hair
7. Balaark: the rising sun
8. Balachandar: young moon
9. Balasingam: young lion
10. Balavan: powerful
11. Balin: mighty warrior
12. Balraj: strongest
13. Balvindra: strong
14. Bandho: friend
15. Bhagwandas: servant of God
16. Bharat: maintainer
17. Bhaskar: light
18. Braham: creator
19. Brahma: prayer
20. Buddhadeva: a wise person

Indian boy names that start with C:

1. Cachari: moving quickly
2. Caha: desire; loving
3. Caksu: eye
4. Cakrin: a king
5. Chaaruchandra: beautiful moon
6. Chaaruhaas: beautiful smile
7. Chaarun: peaceful
8. Chahat: desire; love; affection
9. Chaman: garden
10. Champak: tree; flower
11. Chan: shinning
12. Chanchareek: bee
13. Chandan: sandalwood
14. Chander: moon
15. Chandrak: peacock feather
16. Chankit: rising star
17. Charish: grace
18. Chellan: precious
19. Chitrarath: the sun
20. Citten: thinker; intelligent; wise

Indian boy names that start with D:

1. Daivat: a powerful man
2. Dalal: broker
3. Dandin: holy man
4. Darshan: one of the Hindu gods
5. Dasras: a handsome man
6. Dasya: a servant
7. Deepak: little lamp or light
8. Deshan: of the nation
9. Dev: godlike
10. Devanshi: a divine messenger
11. Devdan: gift of the gods
12. Deven: for God
13. Dhyanesh: on who meditates
14. Dilip: protector
15. Dinesh: lord of the day
16. Dipak: lamp; light
17. Durjaya: one who is difficult to defeat

Indian boy names that start with E:

1. Edhas: happiness
2. Ednit: completely evolved
3. Eerav: faith
4. Ehan: the full moon
5. Ehimay: all-pervasive
6. Ekansh: the whole world
7. Ekaraj: Emperor
8. Ekavir: the bravest
9. Eshar: blessed
10. Etash: luminous; brilliant
11. Evansh: a part of Eva
12. Evaraj: to shine as bright as the sun

Indian boy names that start with F:

1. Faiyaz: artistic
2. Fajar: brave
3. Fakht: moonlight
4. Falan: beautiful; great
5. Falesh: desire of fruit
6. Falgu: lovely
7. Falgun: month in Hindu calendar
8. Faquid: intelligent
9. Fardeen: one who has triple strength
10. Farokh: power of discrimination
11. Farvardin: first month of Indian calendar
12. Fatik: resembling a crystal
13. Faust: lucky
14. Fayyim: strong
15. Fazan: ruler
16. Feoras: smooth rock
17. Fravash: guardian angel
18. Fulki: a spark

Indian boy names that start with G:

1. Gaangey: name of bheeshma
2. Gad: one of many names of lord Vishnu
3. Gadabhrt: one who manipulates a club
4. Gaganamani: jewel of the sky
5. Gaihargambhir: bottomless and thoughtful
6. Gandhaa: a sweet smelling
7. Gandhesa: master of sweet smelling
8. Ganesh: son of the god Shiva and goddess Parvati
9. Garisht: heaviest; deep
10. Garga: bold; courageous
11. Garjan: thunder
12. Gau: period after the sunset
13. Geet: song; melody
14. Ghar: a house; a home
15. Giri: from the mountain
16. Girish: mountain lord
17. Gulshan: from the gardens
18. Gurpreet: a devoted follower
19. Guru: a teacher; a religious head
20. Gurvir: warrior of guru

Indian boy names that start with H:

1. Hamid: a beloved friend
2. Hansraj: the Swan King
3. Hara: seizer
4. Hardik: one who has heart
5. Hari: a lion
6. Harshad: a bringer of joy
7. Hasin: laughing
8. Hastin: an elephant
9. Hem: the golden son
10. Hemendu: born beneath the golden moon
11. Hiranmay: the golden one
12. Hitakar: one who wishes others well

Indian boy names that start with I:

1. Idenya: praiseworthy
2. Ihan: full moon
3. Ihit: one who is honoured
4. Ikesh: Unique
5. Ikshin: eyes
6. Ikshu: sugar cane
7. Ikval: prosperity; good fortune
8. Ilamurugu: moon of the earth
9. Ilaiyaraja: prince
10. Ilaiyavan: youthful
11. Ilamparidhi: young horse
12. Ilamporai: prince
13. Ilampuli: young Tiger
14. Ilan: tree
15. Imaran: having great strength
16. Inay: godlike
17. Inder: godlike
18. Indiana: from India
19. Indra: god of the firmament
20. Isa: lord
21. Ishan: direction

Indian boy names that start with J:

1. Jabbar: one who consoles others
2. Jafar: a little stream
3. Jahan: man of the world; world
4. Jaidayal: the victory of kindness
5. Jaidev: victory
6. Jaimini: victory
7. Jaja: honoured
8. Jamnu: a sage
9. Janesh: a leader of the people
10. Japa: one who chants
11. Jaskaran: praises the lord
12. Jatan: one who is nurturing
13. Javas: swift; quick
14. Jayant: victorious
15. Jennett: one who is heaven-sent
16. Jivan: a giver of life
17. Jivin: to give life
18. Jnana: knowledge
19. Johar: jewel
20. Josha: satisfaction
21. Jyoti: Sun’s light

Spanish boy names that start with K:

1. Kabir: a spiritual leader
2. Kakar: grass
3. Kala: black
4. Kalidas: a poet or musician
5. Kalki: resembling a white horse
6. Kalkin: the tenth-born child
7. Kamal: Lotus
8. Kami: loving
9. Kantrava: resembling a roaring animal
10. Kantu: happy
11. Kapila: ancient prophet
12. Karu: cousin
13. Kashvi: a shinning man
14. Kaushal: one who is skilled
15. Kavi: poet
16. Kedar: mountain lord
17. Kers: plant
18. Kesin: long-haired beggar
19. Khushi: filled with happiness
20. Kiran: ray; beam of light
21. Kiritan: one who wears a crown
22. Kistna: sacred
23. Krishna: delightful; pleasurable
24. Kuleen: a high-born man
25. Kumar: a prince
26. Kushal: a talented man

Indian boy names that start with L:

1. Laavanya: beauty
2. Labaka: a person with melodious and pleasant voice
3. Labhsha: one with a good heart
4. Lahar: wave
5. Lakshan: aim
6. Lakshmibanta: fortunate
7. Lal: beloved
8. Lalam: the best ; jewel
9. Lalchand: red moon
10. Lalitaditya: beautiful sun
11. Lalitlochan: one with beautiful eyes
12. Lalimohan: beautiful and attractive
13. Lazzaro: God will help
14. Lekhak: an author 
15. Leyshya: intelligent; brilliant
16. Linu: lily
17. Lochan: the eyes
18. Lusila: one possesses leadership ability

Indian boy names that start with M:

1. Madhur: a sweet man
2. Mahant: having a great soul
3. Mahatma: of great spiritual development
4. Mahesa: great god
5. Malajitm: Garland of victory
6. Mali: a ruler; the first born child
7. Mandhatri: a prince; born to royalty
8. Manohar: a delightful and captivating man
9. Manoj: cupid
10. Manjit: a conqueror of the mind; having great knowledge
11. Manmohan: a handsome and pleasing man
12. Manu: maker of laws
13. Manya: a respected man
14. Mehtar: prince
15. Mohajit: a charming man
16. Mohan: delightful
17. Mukul: bud; blossom; the soul
18. Murali: flute player

Indian boy names that start with N:

1. Nabendu: born beneath the new moon
2. Nabhi: the best
3. Nabhomani: of the sun
4. Nadisu: beautiful river
5. Nagaraj: king of serpents
6. Nandan: one who is pleasing
7. Naotau: our new son
8. Naran: protector; guardian
9. Narayan: son of man
10. Narendra: king
11. Naresh: a king
12. Nataraj: king of dance
13. Navin: new
14. Neelotpal: resembling the blue lotus
15. Nehal: born during period of rain
16. Nehru: canal
17. Nihal: one who is content
18. Nihar: covered with the morning’s dew
19. Nikhil: complete; whole
20. Nikshep: one who is treasured
21. Nikunja: from the grove of trees
22. Nila: blue
23. Nirad: of the clouds
24. Nirav: one who is quite
25. Nirbheet: a fearless man
26. Nishant: dawn
27. Nishok: filled with happiness

Indian boy names that start with O:

1. Ogan: wave
2. Oha: meditation; true knowledge
3. Oisin: divine
4. Ojas: body strength
5. Ojaswit: a powerful and radiant man
6. Ojayit: courageous
7. Oliveanthan: king of light
8. Omeed: hope
9. Omna: pious; pure
10. Onain: vision
11. Onik: soldier
12. Onir: shinning
13. Onkar: the purest one
14. Ooviyen: artist
15. Osho: dear
16. Ovian: artist

Indian boy names that start with P:

1. Padman: resembling the Lotus
2. Palash: flowery tree
3. Pankaj: resembling the lotus flower
4. Paramesh: another name for god Shiva 
5. Paras: a touchstone
6. Pardeep: mystic light
7. Pashita: cherished
8. Paurush: a courageous man
9. Pavanjit: resembling the wind
10. Pavit: pious; pure
11. Petuel: the Lord’s vision
12. Poornamruth: full of sweetness
13. Poornayu: full of life; blessed with a full life
14. Prabhakar: of the sun
15. Prabhat: born during the morning
16. Pragun: straightforward; honest
17. Pramad: rejoicing; joyful
18. Pramond: a delightful young man
19. Pranit: humble; modest
20. Prasad: a gift from God
21. Prashant: peaceful; calm
22. Pratap: a majestic man
23. Pravin: capable
24. Prem: an affectionate man; love
25. Pumeet: pure
26. Purdy: recluse

Indian boy names that start with Q:

1. Qimat: a highly valued man
2. Quanah: aromatic
3. Quarrtulain: God’s mercy
4. Quique: home ruler
5. Qureshi: good health; lucky
6. Qurram: happy
7. Qutub: one who is tall

Indian boy names that start with R:

1. Rajak: pure; clean
2. Rajan: a king
3. Rajarshi: the king’s sage
4. Rajesh: the king’s rule
5. Rajit: one who is decorated
6. Rajiv: to be striped
7. Raktim: bright red
8. Rama: godlike
9. Ranjan: a delightful boy
10. Ratul: a sweet man
11. Ravi: sun
12. Ravindra: the strength of the sun
13. Rishi: sage
14. Rohan: sandalwood
15. Rohin: path going up
16. Rohit: large beautiful fish
17. Roshan: born during the daylight; light
18. Rujul: an honest man

Indian boy names that start with S:

1. Saarik: resembling a small songbird
2. Sagar: a king
3. Sahaj: one who is natural
4. Saieshwar: a well-known saint
5. Sajal: resembling a cloud
6. Sajan: one who is dearly loved
7. Samanjas: one who is proper
8. Samarth: a powerful man; one who is efficient
9. Sameen: one who is treasured
10. Sammohan: an attractive man
11. Sampath: a wealthy man
12. Sanjiv: one who lives a long life
13. Sapan: a dream or vision
14. Sarbajit: the conqueror
15. Sarojin: resembling a lotus
16. Satayu: in Hinduism, the brother of Amavasu and Vivasu
17. Satparayan: a good-natured man
18. Satyankar: one who tells the truth
19. Savir: a great leader
20. Seerath: a great man
21. Shail: a mountain rock
22. Shardul: resembling a tiger
23. Shashi: of the moonbeam
24. Shikha: a fiery man
25. Shreshta: the best
26. Shubhang: a handsome man
27. Soumil: a beloved friend
28. Suman: a wise man
29. Syon: one who is followed by good fortune

Indian boy names that start with T:

1. Taj: crown
2. Taman: one who is needed
3. Tanay: son
4. Tanish: an ambitious man
5. Tarak: star
6. Taranga: of the waves
7. Tarit: resembling lightning
8. Tarun: youthful
9. Tausiq: one who provides strong backing
10. Tayib: delicate; good
11. Tej: light; lustrous
12. Tejas: sharp
13. Thaman: god-like
14. Timir: born in the darkness
15. Tulsi: a holy man
16. Tushar: of the snow

Indian boy names that start with U:

1. Udath: one who is noble
2. Uddam: an exceptional man
3. Uddhar: one who is free; an independent man
4. Udit: shinning
5. Udup: born beautiful the moonlight
6. Udyan: of the garden
7. Uja: to grow
8. Ujala: bright; shinning
9. Ulhas: filled with happiness
10. Ultman: a godly man
11. Umang: enthusiastic
12. Umrao: one who is noble
13. Urjavaha: of the Nimi dynasty
14. Urvil: sea
15. Utsav: born during a celebration
16. Uttam: the best

Indian boy names that start with V:

1. Vadin: skilled speaker
2. Vaijnath: refers to god Shiva
3. Valin: mighty warrior
4. Valle: from the Glen
5. Vamana: worthy of peace
6. Vandan: saved
7. Varen: better
8. Varil: water
9. Variya: the excellent one
10. Varun: rain god
11. Vasant: spring
12. Vasava: refers to Indra
13. Vasin: ruler; lord
14. Vasu: wealthy; prosperous
15. Vasuki: in Hinduism, a serpent king
16. Vasuman: son born of fire
17. Vatsa: our beloved son
18. Vatsal: one who is affectionate
19. Ved: sacred knowledge; sacred writings
20. Veer: brave
21. Venkat: sacred Hill
22. Vidya: wise
23. Vijay: victorious
24. Vimal: pure
25. Vinay: polite
26. Vinod: happy; joyful
27. Vipin: from the forest
28. Vipul: plentiful
29. Viraj: resplendent
30. Virat: large
31. Vishal: large
32. Vishnu: protector
33. Vivek: wisdom

Indian boy names that start with W:

1. Wahab: a big-hearted man
2. Waman: short
3. Wamika: god
4. Wariam: a fearless leader
5. Wasan: idol
6. Wasimbir: attractive man
7. Wenkat: supreme being
8. Wenkatesh: supreme being
9. Wishu: a long desire
10. Wyconda: beautiful stranger

Indian boy names that start with X:

1. Xamak: one who shines brightly
2. Xankar: blessing of the God
3. Xeavi: a new beginning
4. Xetrapati: leader of the people
5. Xhim: kind-hearted
6. Xhiva: compassionate; full of life

Indian boy names that start with Y:

1. Yaachan: prayer
2. Yaaj: sacrifice
3. Yadu: an ancient king
4. Yajos: fame
5. Yahan: world
6. Yama: god of the setting sun
7. Yash: glorious; famous
8. Yashvan: winner
9. Yatish: lord of devotees
10. Yogi: one who practices yoga

Indian boy names that start with Z:

1. Zaigham: lion
2. Zarmin: lucky
3. Zeeshan: strength
4. Zeev: wolf
5. Zev: deer; wolf
6. Zitin: brightly shinning star
7. Ziva: brilliance; glow
8. Ziven: full of life
9. Zoravar: powerful
10. Zubhatmaka: charming
11. Zubin: smart; spear
12. Zulfi: brave


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