1076 English boy names with meanings

If you are looking for English male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 1076 ) English boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of English baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

English boy names with meanings

English boy names that start with A:

1. Ackerley: dweller in the oak tree meadow
2. Acton: from the settlement with oak trees
3. Addison: son of Adam
4. Adney: dweller of the island
5. Afton: from Afton, England
6. Aiken: made of oak
7. Al: a form of Alan; Albert; Alexander
8. Alcott: old Stone house
9. Alden: old and wise friend
10. Alder: alder tree
11. Aldis: old house
12. Aldwin: old and wise friend
13. Alec: helper or defender of humankind
14. Alfred: wise judge; elf counselor
15. Allard: noble; brave
16. Allison: Alice’s son; noble birth
17. Alston: from the old village; from the noble town
18. Alton: of the old town
19. Ansley: from the meadow
20. Anson: Ann’s son
21. Archer: bowman
22. Arden: dwelling place; valley of the eagles
23. Ardley: ardent meadow
24. Aric: brave ruler
25. Arley: of the hare’s meadow
26. Arnett: little eagle
27. Arundel: eagle valley
28. Ascot: of the eastern cottage
29. Ash: from the ash tree
30. Ashford: ash tree ford
31. Ashley: from the meadow; from the grove of ash trees
32. Ashton: of the ash tree town
33. Aspen: flower from Brittany; aspen tree
34. Atherton: town by the stream; spring
35. Atley: at the meadow
36. Atwell: at the spring; well
37. Atwood: at the wood
38. Atworth: at the farm
39. Aubrey: elf ruler
40. Auburn: reddish-brown colour
41. Auden: old friend
42. Audric: wise ruler
43. Averill: slayer of the boar; boar like
44. Avery: elf ruler
45. Axton: sword sharpener’s stone
46. Ayers: heir to a fortune
47. Aylmer: noble; famous
48. Aylwin: noble friend

English boy names that start with B:

1. Bailey: Bailiff; one who keeps guard
2. Baker: baker
3. Bancroft: bean field
4. Bandit: robber
5. Banner: flag bearer
6. Barclay: meadow of the birch tree
7. Barden: barely valley
8. Barnard: bold as a bear
9. Barnes: bold as a bear
10. Barnett: nobleman; leader
11. Barney: bold as a bear
12. Barnum: noble one’s stone house
13. Baron: nobleman; baron
14. Barric: grain farm
15. Barrington: fenced town
16. Bart: son of the ploughman
17. Bartram: bright raven
18. Bassett: little person
19. Bat: son of the ploughman
20. Baxter: baker
21. Bay: evergreen tree
22. Bayard: red-brown hair
23. Bayley: Bailiff
24. Beacher: near the beach trees
25. Beale: handsome one
26. Beaman: bee-keeper
27. Beamer: trumpeter
28. Beasley: pea field
29. Beaver: beaver
30. Bede: prayerful
31. Beldan: pretty valley
32. Bell: Bell ringer
33. Bennett: little blessed one
34. Benson: son of Benjamin
35. Bentley: moor; grass meadow
36. Benton: Ben’s town; town of the moors
37. Beresford: from the barely Ford
38. Berkeley: birch meadow
39. Berl: tree with a knot
40. Berton: brilliant’s one town
41. Bertram: bright raven
42. Berwick: barely farm
43. Beval: windy
44. Beverly: from the stream of the beaver
45. Bickford: axeman’s Ford
46. Bink: dweller at the slope
47. Birch: birch tree
48. Birkitt: birch tree headland
49. Birley: birch tree meadow
50. Birney: birch tree island
51. Birtle: hill with birds
52. Bishop: bishop
53. Blade: sword of good fortune
54. Blaise: flame
55. Blakeley: dark meadow
56. Blaze: flame
57. Blythe: happy; cheerful
58. Bob: famous; brilliant
59. Bond: soil tiller
60. Booker: one who reads books
61. Booth: hut
62. Borden: valley of the boars
63. Bosley: Grove of trees
64. Boswell: boar enclosure next to the stream
65. Bosworth: boar enclosure
66. Bourne: stream
67. Brad: broad meadow
68. Braden: broad valley
69. Bradley: broad meadow
70. Bradshaw: broad forest
71. Braedan: broad valley
72. Brand: torch; firebrand
73. Brant: proud one
74. Brawley: hill on the meadow
75. Brent: steep hill
76. Brett: from Britain
77. Brick: bridge
78. Bridger: bridge builder
79. Bromley: brushwood meadow
80. Buckley: deer meadow
81. Bud: friend
82. Burchard: strong; fortified castle
83. Butl: tree with a knot
84. Burr: prickly plant
85. Butcher: butcher

English boy names that start with C:

1. Cable: maker of rope
2. Cadby: warrior’s settlement
3. Cairbre: strong man
4. Calder: river of stones
5. Caldwell: cold well
6. Calvert: herder of calves
7. Camden: winding; windy Valley
8. Carl: strong; courageous
9. Carleton: Carl’s town
10. Carlton: Carl’s town
11. Carrington: town where goods are loaded; rocky town; town of the marsh
12. Carson: son of Carr
13. Carter: cart maker
14. Cartwright: cart maker; cart builder
15. Carver: sculptor; wood carver
16. Cater: supplier of household goods
17. Cecil: blind
18. Cedar: evergreen tree
19. Chad: warlike; warrior
20. Chadwick: town of the warrior
21. Chance: luck; fortune; chance
22. Channing: wise
23. Chapman: merchant
24. Charles: strong; courageous; manly
25. Charlie: strong; courageous; manly
26. Charlton: Charles’s town
27. Chatham: warrior’s cottage; house
28. Chaz: strong; courageous
29. Cherub: little angel
30. Chester: fortified camp
31. Chilton: children’s farm by the spring
32. Churchill: Church Hill
33. Clay: clay; earth
35. Clayborne: made from clay
36. Clayton: town established on clay
37. Cleveland: land close to cliffs
38. Clifford: cliff at the river ford
39. Clifton: town by the cliff
40. Clinton: hill town
41. Clive: cliff
42. Coburn: meeting place of two streams
43. Coby: replacer
44. Cody: cushion; pillow
45. Colby: coal town; dark-haired
46. Cole: black; dark; swarthy
47. Collier: miner
48. Colt: young horse
49. Colter: colt herder
50. Colton: black-coat town
51. Cook: chef; cook
52. Cooper: barrel maker
53. Courtland: dweller in court
54. Courtnry: from the court
55. Cramer: full
56. Crandall: Valley of the cranes
57. Crane: crane bird
58. Crawford: Ford of the crows
59. Creighton: town near rocks
60. Cromwell: winding spring
61. Crosby: dweller near the town crossing
62. Crosley: meadow with the cross
63. Culver: gentle dove
64. Cuthbert: famous; brilliant
65. Cyan: blue colour

English boy names that start with D:

1. Dack: from the French town of Dax
2. Dale: valley
3. Dallin: people’s pride
4. Dalton: from the town in the valley
5. Danby: from the Dane’s settlement
6. Dane: a man from Denmark
7. Danny: God is my judge
8. Darek: the ruler of the tribe
9. Darnell: from the hidden place
10. Darold: the ruler of the army
11. Darren: a gift from God
12. Darrin: rocky hill
13. Darton: deer estate or town
14. Darwin: beloved friend
15. Dave: beloved
16. Davis: the son of David
17. Dawson: the son of David
18. Dayton: from the sunny town
19. Daen: from the valley
20. Deandre: combination of Dean and Andre
21. Dedrick: the ruler of the tribe
22. Dein: one who lives in the valley
23. Delaware: from the state of Delaware
24. Delbert: bright as day
25. Dell: from the small valley; hollow
26. Delmon: a man of the mountain
27. Dempster: the judge
28. Dene: one who lives in the valley
29. Denham: homestead in the valley
30. Denley: from the meadow near the valley
31. Denman: one who lives in the valley
32. Dennison: the son of Dennis
33. Denton: from the valley estate
34. Derek: the ruler of the tribe
35. Dervin: a gifted friend
36. Derward: deer-keeper
37. Derwent: valley thick with oaks; oak river
38. Derwin: deer friend
39. Derwood: of the deer wood
40. Deverell: riverbank
41. Devon: from the beautiful farmland; poet
42. Dexter: dyer of cloth
43. Dick: powerful
44. Dickson: son of Dick
45. Dixon: the son of Dick
46. Doane: from the rolling hills
47. Dobbs: a fiery man
48. Dotson: the son of Dot
49. Drake: a dragon
50. Drostan: noisy one
51. Druce: the son of Drew
52. Dryden: from the dry valley
53. Dudley: from the meadow
54. Duke: a title of nobility; a leader
55. Dunley: from the brown hilly meadow
56. Dunstan: from the dark stone or hill
57. Dunton: from the town on the hill
58. Durham: hilly peninsula
59. Durrell: strong and protective
60. Durward: gatekeeper
61. Durwin: beloved friend
62. Dustin: from the dusty area
63. Dwade: a dark traveller
64. Dwight: blond
65. Dyer: a creative man

English boy names that start with E:

1. Eachan: horseman; works with horses
2. Earl: a nobleman
3. Earnest: sincere
4. Eastman: a man from the east
5. Easton: eastern place
6. Eaton: from the riverside village
7. Ed: a wealthy protector
8. Edbert: prosperous and bright
9. Eddie: edger
10. Edenson: son of Eden
11. Edger: a powerful and wealthy spearman
12. Edison: son of Edward
13. Edmund: a wealthy protector
14. Edred: rich counsel
15. Edric: prosperous ruler
16. Edsel: deep thinker
17. Edward: a wealthy protector
18. Edwardson: the son of Edward
19. Edwin: a wealthy friend
20. Egbert: bright sword
21. Eitan: strong; firm; enduring
22. Elbert: a well-born man
23. Eldan: from the valley of the elves
24. Eldon: from the sacred Hill
25. Eldred: an old, wise advisor
26. Eldrick: an old, wise ruler
27. Eldwin: old friend
28. Elgar: noble spearman
29. Elgin: noble; white
30. Elk: large deer
31. Ellery: from the elder-tree Island
32. Elliott: Jehovah is my God
33. Ellis: uplifting; the lord is my God
34. Ellison: son of Ellis
35. Ellsworth: from the nobleman’s estate
36. Elman: a nobleman
37. Elmer: famous nobleman
38. Elmo: a protector
39. Elmore: elm-tree moor
40. Elroy: a king
41. Elsdon: noble one’s hill
42. Elston: from the nobleman’s town
43. Elton: from the old town
44. Elvern: spring
45. Elvey: an elf warrior
46. Elvin: elf friend
47. Elwell: old stream
48. Elwin: friend of the elves
49. Elwood: old forest
50. Elzie: from the nobleman’s estate
51. Emmett: ant
52. Eric: brave ruler
53. Erland: nobleman’s land
54. Erling: noble one’s son
55. Ernest: one who is sincere and determined; serious
56. Erwin: friend of the sea
57. Esmond: wealthy protector
58. Estcott: from the eastern cottage
59. Evelyn: life
60. Everett: as strong as a bear
61. Everly: meadow where boars live
62. Ewert: shepherd
63. Ewing: friend of the law

English boy names that start with F:

1. Factor: a businessman
2. Fairbanks: from the bank along the path
3. Fairfax: fair-headed
4. Fane: joyful
5. Farlane: far lane
6. Farnell: from the fern hill
7. Farold: a mighty traveller
8. Farr: traveller
9. Farran: one who is adventurous
10. Farrar: a blacksmith
11. Felton: from the town near the field
12. Farrow: piglet
13. Fenn: from the marsh
14. Fielding: from the field
15. Filbert: brilliant one
16. Filmore: famous one
17. Findlay: fair-haired warrior
18. Fisher: a fisherman
19. Fiske: fish
20. Fitch: resembling an ermine
21. Fitz: son of
22. Fitzgerald: the son of Gerald
23. Fitzhugh: son of Hugh
24. Fitzpatrick: son of Patrick
25. Fitzroy: son of Roy
26. Fleming: from Denmark
27. Fletcher: one who makes arrows
28. Flint: stream; flint stone
29. Floyd: grey-haired
30. Foley: a creative man
31. Forbes: prosperous man of the fields
32. Ford: from the river crossing
33. Forest: dweller in the forest
34. Forester: dweller in the forest
35. Foster: guardian of the forest; environment
36. Fowler: gamekeeper of birds
37. Frank: free; from France
38. Franklin: free
39. Fraser: curly-haired
40. Frayne: stranger
41. Frazer: curly-haired
42. Freeborn: one who was born a free man
43. Frewin: free; noble friend
44. Frey: noble
45. Frick: bold
46. Fridolf: peaceful wolf
47. Fulbright: a brilliant man
48. Fullerton: from Fuller’s town
49. Fulton: field near the town

English boy names that start with G:

1. Gabbo: to joke or scoff
2. Gale: one who is cheerful
3. Galt: from the high, wooded land
4. Gann: one who defends with spear
5. Gar: a form of Gareth
6. Gared: one who is mighty with spear
7. Garfield: battlefield; field of spears
8. German: a spearman
9. Garren: guardian
10. Garrett: one who is mighty with a spear
11. Garrick: spear power; oak spear
12. Garroway: spear fighter
13. Garry: spear carrier
14. Garson: the son of Gar
15. Garton: triangular shaped town
16. Garvin: a friend with a spear
17. Gary: one who wields a spear
18. Geary: changes
19. Gene: a well-born man
20. Geoffrey: a man of peace
21. Gib: brilliant pledge; trustworthy
22. Gibson: son of Gilbert
23. Gig: horse-drawn carriage
24. Gil: brilliant pledge; trustworthy
25. Gilbert: trustworthy
26. Gildas: the golden one
27. Gilmer: a famous hostage
28. Gipsy: wanderer
29. Given: one who is given
30. Glade: from the clearing in the wood
31. Gladwin: cheerful; happy
32. Glanville: Village with oak trees
33. Glover: one who makes gloves
34. Goldwin: a golden friend
35. Goode: an upstanding man
36. Goodman: good man
37. Goodwin: good friend
38. Gordon: triangular shaped Hill
39. Gore: triangular shaped plot
40. Graham: from the gravelled area; from the gray home
41. Grand: a superior man
42. Grantland: from the grand land
43. Granger: a farmer
44. Grant: a tall man; a great man
45. Gray: a grey-haired man
46. Grayson: the son of grey-haired man
47. Greeley: grey meadow
48. Greenwood: from the green forest
49. Gridley: from the flat meadow
50. Grimsley: from the dark meadow
51. Grover: of the grove
52. Guerdon: a warring man
53. Guilford: Ford with yellow flowers
54. Gur: lion cub
55. Gypsy: a wanderer

English boy names that start H:

1. Hadden: from the heather-covered hill
2. Hadwin: a friend of war
3. Haines: from the vineyard cottage; from the hedged enclosure
4. Hal: the ruler of the house
5. Halford: from the hall by the ford
6. Halley: from the hall near the meadow
7. Halliwell: from the holy spring
8. Hallward: the guardian of the hall
9. Hamilton: from the flat-topped hill
10. Hampden: from the home in the valley
11. Hancock: one who owns a farm
12. Hanford: from the high Ford
13. Hank: the ruler of the house
14. Hanley: from the high meadow
15. Hanoch: one who is dedicated
16. Hare: resembling a rabbit
17. Harence: one who is swift
18. Harlaw: from the army on the hill
19. Harper: one who plays or makes harps
20. Harrington: from the Harry’s town; from the herring town
21. Harrison: the son of Harry
22. Hartford: from the stag’s Ford
23. Harvey: one who is ready for battle
24. Hawes: from the hedged place
25. Hawkins: resembling a small hawk
26. Hawthorne: from the hawthorn tree
27. Hayden: from the hedged Valley
28. Hazleton: from the hazel-tree town
29. Heath: from the untended land of flowering shrubs
30. Heaton: from the town on high ground
31. Hendrick: the ruler of the house
32. Henley: from the high meadow
33. Herne: resembling a heron
34. Hewson: the son of Hugh
35. Holcomb: from the deep valley
36. Holden: from a hollow in the valley
37. Hollis: from the holly tree
38. Holman: a man from the valley
39. Holt: from the forest
40. Horsley: from the horse meadow
41. Houston: from the town on the hill
42. Howard: the guardian of the home
43. Hudson: the son of Hogh; from the river
44. Hunter: a great huntsman and provider

English boy names that start with I:

1. Indiana: from the land of Indians; from the state of Indiana
2. Ingram: angel
3. Iram: shinning bright
4. Irving: handsome
5. Irwin: a friend of the wild boar
6. Isham: from the iron one’s estate
7. Ivy: resembling the evergreen vining plant

English boy names that start with J:

1. Jack: God is gracious
2. Jackson: the son of Jack
3. Jacobson: son of Jacob
4. Jaden: resembling a green gemstone
5. Jagan: one who is self-confident
6. Jagger: carter; teamster
7. Jake: he who supplants
8. Jameson: the son of James
9. Jarrell: spear carrier
10. Jasper: red, brown or yellow semi-precious stone
11. Jeff: divinely peaceful
12. Jeffrey: a man of peace
13. Jerald: one who rules with the spear
14. Jerry: sacred name of God
15. Jett: resembling the jet-black lustrous gemstone
16. Jim: he who supplants
17. Joe: God will add
18. Judson: son of Judd
19. Justice: one who upholds moral rightness and fairness

English boy names that start with K:

1. Kale: manly and strong
2. Kamden: from the winding valley
3. Karl: strong; courageous; manly
4. Karson: son of Carr
5. Karter: one who drives a cart
6. Kean: one who is sharp
7. Keaton: from the town of hawks
8. Keene: wise
9. Ken: handsome
10. Kendrick: a royal ruler
11. Kenley: from the king’s meadow
12. Kenneth: royal oath
13. Kent: from the edge or border
14. Kenton: from the king’s town
15. Kentrell: king’s estate
16. Kerrick: king’s rule
17. Kester: christ-bearer
18. Krestrel: falcon
19. Kidd: resembling a young goat
20. King: the royal ruler
21. Kingston: from the king’s town
22. Kinsey: the victorious prince
23. Kipp: small pointed hill
24. Kirkland: from the Church’s land
25. Kirkley: from the Church’s meadow
26. Kit: one who bears Christ inside
27. Knight: a noble soldier
28. Knox: from the rounded hill
29. Kody: one who is helpful
30. Konnor: a wolf lover; one who is strong-willed
31. Kordell: one who makes cords
32. Kyrone: from Owen’s land

English boy names that start with L:

1. Ladd: a servant; a young man
2. Laibrook: one who lives on the road near the brook
3. Laidley: path by the slushy meadow
4. Lake: lake; pond
5. Lakin: found treasure
6. Lamorak: in Arthurian legend, the brother of Percival
7. Lance: an attendant; a knight of the round table
8. Landan: lives on the open land
9. Lander: one who owns land
10. Landon: from the long hill
11. Landry: ruler of the land
12. Lane: one who takes the narrow bath
13. Langdon: from the long hill
14. Langford: from the long Ford
15. Langhorn: of the long horn
16. Langley: from the long meadow
17. Langston: from the tall man’s town
18. Langworth: one who lives near the long paddock
19. Larry: one who has been crowned with a laurel
20. Latham: district
21. Lathrop: barn
22. Latimer: one who serves as an interpreter
23. Latty: a generous man
24. Laurian: one who lives near the laurel trees
25. Lave: lord
26. Lawford: from the ford near the hill
27. Lawley: from the meadow near the hill
28. Lawson: son of Lawrence
29. Lawton: town on the hill
30. Leaf: leaf from a tree
31. Leal: royal; faithful friend
32. Leavitt: a baker
33. Leben: filled with hope
34. Lee: from the meadow
35. Leigh: meadow
36. Leighton: from the town near the meadow
37. Leland: from the meadow land
38. Len: brave like a lion
39. Lennon: son of love
40. Lennor: a courageous man
41. Lensar: one who stays with his parents
42. Leonel: little lion cub
43. Levin: beloved friend
44. Lewis: famous warrior
45. Lex: defender of humankind
46. Lias: rock
47. Liddon: shelter
48. Lincoln: from the village near the lake
49. Lindell: valley of the linden trees
50. Lindford: from the linden tree ford
51. Lindhurst: from the village by the linden trees
52. Lindley: from the meadow of linden trees
53. Lindman: one who lives near the linden trees
54. Lindon: hill of the hidden trees
55. Lindsay: linden trees by the water
56. Line: from the bank
57. Linley: from the field of flax; flax meadow
58. Linton: flax town
59. Lister: cloth dyer
60. Lleyton: meadow town
61. Llord: grey-haired
62. Locke: forest
63. London: from the capital of England
64. Lord: one who has authority and power
65. Lore: crowned with laurel
66. Louvain: vain
67. Lowell: loved
68. Loyal: faithful
69. Lucas: a man from Lucania
70. Lucky: a fortunate man
71. Ludlow: the ruler of the hill; hill of the prince
72. Lyndon: linden tree Hill
73. Lyndsay: linden tree Island
74. Lynley: from the field of flax
75. Lynn: a man of the lake
76. Lytton: town by the loud stream

English boy names that start with M:

1. Macfarlane: son of Farlane
2. Macon: to make
3. Madison: good; child of Maude or Matthew
4. Maitland: from the meadow land
5. Maldon: covered meeting place in the wood
6. Malin: little warrior
7. Manchester: from the city in England
8. Manford: small ford; river crossing
9. Manley: from the hero’s meadow
10. Manly: manly
11. Manning: son of Mann
12. Mansel: from the clergyman’s house
13. Mansfield: from the field near the small river
14. Manton: from the man’s town
15. Manville: hero’s village
16. March: boundary dweller
17. Marlin: deep sea fish
18. Marlow: from the lake by the hill
19. Marsden: marsh valley; warrior’s Valley
20. Marsh: from the marshland
21. Marshall: a steward
22. Marston: from the town near the marsh
23. Martell: one who wields the hammer
24. Marvin: famous friend; friend of the sea
25. Maryland: honouring queen Mary
26. Mason: one who works with stone
27. Massey: twin
28. Maverick: an independent man
29. Max: from Mack’s spring
30. Maxfield: from Mack’s field
31. Maxwell : from Mack’s spring; great spring
32. Mayes: field
33. Mayfield: from the strong one’s field
34. Mayhew: gift of God
35. Mead: from the meadow
36. Medric: flourishing meadow
37. Medwin: good and worthy friend
38. Mel: counsel friend
39. Melbourne: from the mill stream
40. Meldon: mill close to the hill
41. Meldrick: strong; powerful mill
42. Melton: from the mill town
43. Melville: from the mill town
44. Melvin: a friend who offers counsel
45. Merewood: from the forest with the lake
46. Merit: a great value
47. Merlin: hawk; falcon
48. Merrill: of the shinning sea
49. Merton: from the town near the lake
50. Merv: famous friend
51. Marvin: famous friend
52. Mick: who is like God?
53. Mike: like God
54. Milford: from the mill’s Ford
55. Miller: one who works at the mill; miller
56. Mills: mill keeper 
57. Milson: the son of Miles
58. Milward: mill keeper
59. Miner: a youth
60. Minster: of the Church
61. Mitchell: who is like God?
62. Mitford: river crossing
63. Monty: from Gomeric’s Mountain
64. Moreland: from the moors; marshland
65. Morley: from the meadow on the moor
66. Morrison: son of Morris

English boy names that start with N:

1. Napier: one who takes care of the royal linens
2. Nat: gift from God
3. Naylor: nail maker
4. Ned: prosperous guardian
5. Nelson: the son of Neil; the son of a champion
6. Newcomb: from the new valley
7. Newman: a new comer
8. Nick: of the victorious people
9. Niles: son of Neil
10. Nixon: son of Nicholas
11. Norm: man from the north
12. Normand: man from the north
13. North: a man from the north
14. Northcliffe: from the Northern cliff
15. Northrop: Northern farm
16. Northville: Northern Village
17. Norton: Northern town
18. Norwood: Northern forest
19. Norward: a guardian of the north
20. Nowles: grassy slope
21. Nye: one who lives on the island

English boy names that start with O:

1. Oake: oak tree
2. Oakley: field of oak trees
3. Obie: servant of the lord
4. Ocean: ocean; sea
5. Odam: a sons-in-law
6. Oder: from the river
7. Ogden: lives beside the oak tree
8. Ollie: olive tree
9. Olney: from the loner’s field
10. Oram: from the enclosure near the riverbank
11. Ormond: one who defends with a spear; from the mountain of bears
12. Orrick: at the old oak tree
13. Orrin: river
14. Orth: an honest man
15. Orton: from the settlement by the shore
16. Orvin: spear friend
17. Os: the divine
18. Osbert: divine; bright
19. Osborn: warrior of God
20. Oscar: a spear of the gods
21. Osgood: divinely good
22. Osman: servant of God
23. Osmar: wonderful; divine
24. Osmond: godly defence; divine protector
25. Osric: divine ruler
26. Oswald: the power of God
27. Oswin: a friend of God
28. Owen: well-born; noble
29. Oxford: where oxen cross the river
30. Oxley: meadow of the oxen
31. Oxton: from the oxen town

English boy names that start with P:

1. Pace: a peaceful man
2. Paden: warrior’s Town
3. Palamedes: a knight in Arthurian legend
4. Paley: a small or humble man
5. Palmer: a pilgrim bearing a palm branch
6. Parker: the keeper of the park
7. Parkin: little Peter
8. Parley: speaking
9. Parr: cattle pen; barn
10. Parrish: Church district
11. Parry: son of Harry
12. Pat: noble
13. Patton: from the town of warriors
14. Payton: warrior’s farm
15. Paxton: from the peaceful town
16. Pearce: rock
17. Pearroc: man of the forest
18. Pearson: son of Peter
19. Pelham: from the house of furs; from Peola’s home
20. Pell: a clerk or one who works with Skins
21. Pelton: from the town by the lake
22. Pendle: hill
23. Penley: from the enclosed meadow
24. Percy: pierce the valley
25. Perkin: little Peter
26. Perkinson: the son of Perkin
27. Perry: a form of Peter
28. Perye: from the pear tree
29. Pete: a rock
30. Peterson: son of Peter
31. Peton: warrior’s Town
32. Peyton: from the village of warriors
33. Phelps: Philip’s son
34. Philbert: brilliant; intelligent
35. Pickworth: from the woodcutter’s estate
36. Picton: town by the pointed hill
37. Pierce: as solid and strong as a rock; a rock 
38. Pitney: from the island of the stubborn man
39. Pitt: hollow
40. Pittman: a labourer
41. Pollock: small
42. Prentice: a student; an apprentice
43. Prescott: from the priest’s cottage
44. Preston: from the Priest’s town
45. Price: son of the ardent one
46. Prine: one who surpasses others
47. Pullman: one who works on a train

English boy names that start with Q:

1. Qayshaun: God is merciful
2. Quentrell: fifth
3. Quincy: the fifth-born child; from the fifth-son’s estate
4. Quinlan: thin; gently-shaped; athletic
5. Quintin: fifth-born child
6. Quintrell: an elegant and dashing man

English boy names that start with R:

1. Race: race
2. Rad: advisor
3. Radford: from the Red Ford
4. Rafferty: prosperous
5. Raine: lord; wise
6. Raleigh: deer meadow
7. Ralph: wolf counsel
8. Rama: male sheep
9. Rami: male sheep
10. Ramsden: valley of the rams
11. Ramsey: island of the rams ; from the island of wild garlic
12. Rance: one who has been crowned with a laurel
13. Rand: warrior
14. Randall: wolf; shield
15. Randolph: wolf; shield
16. Randy: the wolf shield
17. Rang: resembling a raven
18. Rangey: from raven’s island
19. Ravinger: one who lives near the ravine
20. Ransford: raven’s Ford
21. Ransom: son of the shield
22. Raven: raven; blackbird; black-haired
23. Rawdon: rough hill
24. Rawleigh: deer meadow
25. Ray: a wise protector
26. Rayburn: deer stream
27. Rayfield: from the field of roe deer
28. Rayhurn: from the roe deer’s stream
29. Raymond: wise protector
30. Reade: red-haired
31. Rebel: rebellious one
32. Redwald: strong counsel
33. Reeve: a Bailiff
34. Regenfrithu: a peaceful raven
35. Reid: a red-haired man; one who lives near the reeds
36. Remington: from the town of the raven’s family
37. Renfrew: still river
38. Rexford: from the king’s Ford
39. Reynold: the king’s advisor
40. Rice: rich; noble
41. Richard: a powerful ruler
42. Rick: a powerful ruler
43. Rickward: a strong protector
44. Ridgeway: one who lives on the road near the Ridge
45. Rigby: ruler’s valley
46. Rigg: one who lives near the Ridge
47. Riley: from the rye clearing
48. Ripley: from the noisy meadow
49. Rishley: from the untamed meadow
50. Risley: from the brushwood meadow
51. Riston: from the brushwood settlement
52. River: stream of water; river bank
53. Robert: famous; brilliant
54. Robin: small bird
55. Rochester: from the stone fortress
56. Rockford: from the rocky Ford
57. Roden: valley of reeds
58. Rodney: from the island’s clearing
59. Rook: resembling a raven
60. Roper: one who makes ropes
61. Roswell: a fascinating man
62. Rover: wanderer
63. Rowan: tree with red berries
64. Rowdy: a boisterous man
65. Rudd: red-coloured complexion
66. Rudy: famous wolf
67. Rudyard: from the red paddock
68. Rumford: from the broad Ford
69. Rupert: one who is bright with fame
70. Rushford: from the ford with rushes
71. Rusty: one who has red hair or a ruddy complexion
72. Rutherford: from the cattle’s Ford
73. Ryder: an accomplished horseman
74. Rylan: from the place where rye is grown
75. Ryland: from the place where rye is grown

English boy names that start with S:

1. Sagar: wise man
2. Saith: well-spoken
3. Sandburg: from the sandy village
4. Sandon: from the sandy Hill
5. Sanford: from the sandy crossing
6. Sawyer: one who works with wood
7. Saxon: a swordsman
8. Scadwielle: from the shed near the spring
9. Schelde: from the river
10. Scott: a man from Scotland
11. Seabury: from the village by the sea
12. Seaman: a mariner
13. Sedgwick: from the place of sword grass
14. Sellers: one who dwells in the marshland
15. Sexton: the Church’s custodian
16. Shade: a secretive man
17. Shane: God is gracious
18. Shaw: from the woodland
19. Sheen: a shinning man
20. Sheffield: from the crooked field
21. Sheldon: from the sheep valley
22. Shelley: from the meadow’s ledge
23. Shelton: from the farm on the ledge
24. Shepherd: one who herds sheep
25. Sherlock: a fair-haired man
26. Sherman: one who cuts wool cloth
27. Sherrerd: from the open field
28. Shipton: from the ship town; from the sheep town
29. Sigehere: victorious
30. Sinclair: man from Saint Clair
31. Slade: son of the valley
32. Smith: a blacksmith
33. Somerset: from the summer settlement
34. Southern: man from the south
35. Spark: a gallant man
36. Spencer: one who dispenses provisions
37. Squire: a knight’s companion; the Shield bearer
38. Stanford: from the stony Ford
39. Stanhope: from the stony hollow
40. Stanton: from the stone town
41. Steadman: one who lives at the farm
42. Steed: resembling a stallion
43. Sterling: one who is highly valued
44. Stockley: from the meadow of tree stumps
45. Stowe: a secretive man
46. Stratford: from the street near the river ford
47. Strider: a great warrior
48. Stuart: a steward; the keeper of the estate
49. Suffield: from the southern field
50. Sully: from the southern meadow

English boy names that start with T:

1. Tadeo: courageous
2. Tadleigh: poet from the meadow
3. Taft: river
4. Tait: cheerful; happy
5. Talen: claw
6. Taner: leather worker who tans hides
7. Tannin: tan-coloured
8. Tanny: leather worker who tans hides
9. Tanton: by the still river
10. Tarver: tower over the hills
11. Tate: cheerful one
12. Taylor: tailor of clothes
13. Teale: sea-green; water bird
14. Tearle: stern; severe
15. Teasdale: river dweller
16. Ted: a form of Edward; Theodore
17. Tedmund: protector of the land
18. Teller: story teller
19. Telmo: cultivator
20. Templeton: temple Town
21. Tennant: renter
22. Tennyson: son of Denis
23. Terry: smooth; earthly; tender
24. Tex: from Texas
25. Thane: attendant warrior
26. Thatcher: thatcher of roofs
27. Thaw: melting
28. Thel: upper story
29. Thompson: son of Thomas
30. Thorley: Thor’s meadow
31. Thorne: thorn
32. Thornton: Town of thorn bushes
33. Thorpe: Village
34. Thurlow: Thor’s hill
35. Thurston: Thor’s stone
36. Tieler: tile layer
37. Tilden: valley under cultivation
38. Tolman: tax collector
39. Tomkin: little Thomas
40. Topper: hill top
41. Torr: tower
42. Townley: meadow Town
43. Townsend: end of town
44. Trader: skilled worker
45. Tramaine: house of the Rock
46. Trant: clever; cunning
47. Tranter: wagon driver; wagon maker
48. Travell: traveller
49. Trayton: Town of many trees
50. Tremayne: house at the Rocks
51. Trenton: Town by the rapid stream
52. Trevelyan: mill place
53. Trevis: crossroads
54. Trilby: soft hat
55. Trip: traveller
56. Trot: trickling stream
57. Troy: water
58. True: faithful; loyal
59. Truitt: honest; little
60. Truman: faithful; true; trusted man
61. Trustin: able to be trusted
62. Tucker: tucker of the cloth
63. Turner: maker of wooden objects with a lathe
64. Twain: divided in two
65. Twitchell: narrow passage
66. Tyger: Tiger
67. Tyler: tiler or tile maker

English boy names that start with U:

1. Udell: from the valley of yew trees
2. Udolf: prosperous wolf
3. Uland: from the noble country
4. Unique: unlike others; the only one
5. Upchurch: from the upper church
6. Upshaw: upper wooded area
7. Upton: upper town
8. Upwood: upper forest

English boy names that start with V:

1. Vachlan: one who lives near water
2. Vance: from the marshland
3. Venn: marsh
4. Veston: Church town
5. Vian: gracious in life; lively; full of life
6. Vicar: priest
7. Vinny: a form of Calvin, Melvin, Vincent
8. Vinson: son of Vincent

English boy names that start with W:

1. Wade: to cross the river ford
2. Wadley: from the meadow near the ford
3. Wadsworth: from the estate near the ford
4. Wainwright: one who builds wagons
5. Wakeley: wet meadow
6. Wakeman: watchman
7. Walby: house by a wall 
8. Walbridge: from the Welshman’s bridge
9. Walcott: cottage by the wall
10. Walden: wooded valley
11. Wales: from Wales, England
12. Walford: ford of the Welshman
13. Walker: one who trods the cloth
14. Wallace: stranger; welsh
15. Waller: builder of walls
16. Wallis: foreigner from Wales
17. Walsh: stranger; Welsh
18. Walton: fortified town with walls
19. Walwyn: Welsh friend
20. Warburton: fortified town
21. Ward: guardian; watchman
22. Wardell: guardian’s hill
23. Wardley: guardian’s meadow
24. Ware: wary
25. Warford: from the ford near the weir
26. Warick: village hero
27. Warley: from the meadow near the weir
28. Warren: from the fortress
29. Warrick: a protective ruler
30. Warwick: from the farm near the weir
31. Washington: town near water
32. Watkins: son of Walter
33. Watson: the son of Walter
34. Waverley: from the windy meadow
35. Waylon: from the roadside land
36. Wayne: one who builds wagons
37. Webb: weaver
38. Webster: weaver
39. Welborne: spring-fed stream
40. Welford: ford near the wall
41. Wellington: wealthy one’s town
42. Wells: well; stream
43. Welton: town near the well; stream
44. Wenford: white ford
45. Wentworth: white one’s estate
46. Wesley: from the western meadow
47. Westby: from the western farm
48. Westcott: west cottage
49. Weston: from the western town
50. Whit: a white-skinned man
51. Whitby: from the white farm
52. Whitcomb: white valley
53. Whitelaw: white and small hill
54. Whitey: white-skinned; fair-haired
55. Whitfield: from  the white field
56. Whitley: from the white meadow
57. Whitman: a white-haired man
58. Wildon: wooded hill
59. Wiley: one who is crafty
60. Wilford: from the willow ford
61. Will: determined
62. William: determined guardian
63. Willow: of the willow tree
64. Windsor: riverbank with a winch
65. Winfred: friend of peace
66. Winslow: friendly hill
67. Winston: of the joy stone; from the friendly town
68. Winthrop: from the friendly village
69. Winton: from the enclosed pastureland
70. Woodruff: forest ranger
71. Wright: wagon maker
72. Wyatt: having the strength of a warrior
73. Wylie: charming
74. Wyndham: from the windy village
75. Wythe: willow tree

English boy names that start with Y:

1. Yale: old; elder
2. Yardley: enclosed meadow
3. Yates: gate keeper; guard of the gate
4. Yeoman: servant; attendant
5. Yorick: farmer
6. York: farm with yew trees
7. Young: young; youthful
8. Yovanny: God is gracious
9. Yukon: from the settlement of gold

English boy names that start with Z:

1. Zane: God is gracious
2. Zayne: God is gracious
3. Zeke: strengthened by God 
4. Zeth: one who has been appointed
5. Zubin: one with a toothy grin

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