285 Scottish boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Scottish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 285 ) Scottish boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Scottish baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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Scottish boy names with meanings

Scottish boy names that start with A:

1. Abernethy: mouth of a river
2. Adair: from the oak tree near the ford
3. Aibne: river
4. Ailein: a person from green pastures
5. Ailling: a person from rocky location
6. Ainsley: my meadow; my own place
7. Alan: rock
8. Alastair: helper or defender of humankind
9. Angus: exceptional qualities
10. Archie: truly brave
11. Armstrong: a person with strong arms
12. Arran: island dweller

Scottish boy names that start with B:

1. Baird: the poet
2. Bairn: child
3. Balfour: far hill or pasture
4. Banner: flag bearer
5. Blackburn: black stream
6. Blair: field; battleground
7. Boyd: with blond hair
8. Braden: brave; wide
9. Bruce: the willow lands
10. Busby: Village in the thicket

Scottish boy names that start with C:

1. Caley: slender
2. Cam: crooked nose
3. Cameron: crooked nose
4. Campbell: wry; crooked mouth
5. Carmichael: friend
6. Cawley: ancient
7. Chalmers: son of the lord
8. Conan: wise; intelligent
9. Conner: wise; intelligent
10. Connor: wise; intelligent

Scottish boy names that start with D:

1. Dacey: a man from the south
2. Dallas: from the Dales; valley of the water
3. Dalziel: small field
4. Darren: a great man
5. Deorsa: farmer
6. Desmond: a man from south Munster
7. Delvin: a misfortune man
8. Diarmad: without envy
9. Dillon: a lion; a faithful man
10. Domnall: a world ruler
11. Don: ruler of the world
12. Donald: ruler of the world
13. Donnie: ruler of the world
14. Dorsey: from the fortress near the sea
15. Druce: a wise man
16. Drummond: one who lives on the Ridge
17. Duane: a dark or swarthy man
18. Duff: dark complexion; dark-haired
19. Duncan: a dark warrior; dark-haired
20. Dundee: from the town on the firth of Tay
21. Dunmore: from the fortress on the hill

Scottish boy names that start with E:

1. Ean: God is gracious
2. Eairrsidh: truly brave
3. Eallair: monastery’s Steward
4. Eanraig: home ruler
5. Ear: from the east
6. Eilig: from the deer pass
7. Errigal: from the small church
8. Errol: earl; nobleman
9. Erskine: from the high cliff
10. Ervine: beautiful
11. Euen: young man
12. Ewan: the almighty is extremely grateful

Scottish boy names that start with F:

1. Fairbairn: a fair-haired boy
2. Fang: from the sheep pen
3. Farlane: son of furrows
4. Farquar: dear one
5. Feandan: from the narrow Glen
6. Fearchar: dear one
7. Felim: one who is always good
8. Fergus: the first and supreme choice; man of strength
9. Ferguson: son of the first choice
10. Ferris: best choice
11. Fie: dark of peace
12. Fingal: fair-haired stranger
13. Finn: a fair-haired man
14. Finnley: a fair-haired hero
15. Fletcher: maker of arrows
16. Frangag: Frenchman
17. Fursey: the name of a missionary saint
18. Fyfe: a man from fifeshire

Scottish boy names that start with G:

1. Gair: a man of short stature
2. Gallagher: an eager helper
3. Gannon: a fair-skinned man
4. Garvey: a rough but peaceful man
5. Gill: a servant
6. Gillean: servant of st John
7. Gillivray: a servant of God
8. Gilmat: one who wields a sword
9. Girvan: the small rough one
10. Glasgow: from the city in Scotland
11. Glen: from the secluded narrow valley
12. Glendon: fortress in the Glen
13. Gordon: from the great hill; a hero
14. Grady: famous; noble
15. Greer: watchful; guardian
16. Gregor: watchful; vigilant
17. Griogair: watchful; vigilant

Scottish boy names that start with H:

1. Hagen: one who is youthful
2. Hamel: home; lover’s estate; hill with grass
3. Hamish: the supplanter
4. Harailt: leader
5. Haye: from the stockade
6. Henderson: the son of Henry
7. Houston: from Hugh’s town
8. Hume: come from den

Scottish boy names that start with I:

1. Iain: God is gracious
2. Ian: God is gracious
3. Imhear: bowman
4. Inglis: English
5. Innes: strength
6. Iomhar: bow warrior
7. Irvine: Beautiful
8. Irving: green river; sea friend

Scottish boy names that start with J:

1. Jackson: God is gracious
2. Jacky: God is gracious
3. Jamie: supplanter
4. Jock: God is gracious
5. Johnson: son of John
6. Johnston: from John’s farm

Scottish boy names that start with K:

1. Kade: wetlands
2. Kameron: crooked nose
3. Kane: the little warrior
4. Karman: the lord of the manor
5. Karson: son of the marsh dweller
6. Kean: a warrior
7. Keegan: a small and fiery man
8. Keeley: handsome; beautiful
9. Keir: small, dark child
10. Keith: man from the forest
11. Kellen: one who is slender
12. Kelley: one who defends
13. Kendrick: the champion
14. Kennan: little ken
15. Kennedy: a helmeted chief
16. Kenyon: a blond-haired man
17. Kenzie: wise leader
18. Kevin: a beloved and handsome man
19. Kieran: having dark features; the little dark one
20. Kincaid: battle chief
21. Kraig: from the rocky place; as solid as a rock
22. Kyle: from the narrow channel
23. Kylemore: from the great wood

Scottish boy names that start with L:

1. Lachlan: from the land of Lakes
2. Lachman: a man from the Lake
3. Laird: the lord of the manor
4. Lawler: a soft-spoken man; one who manners
5. Leith: wide River
6. Lennox: one who owns many elm trees
7. Les: grey fortress
8. Liam: the determined protector
9. Lochlain: land of lakes
10. Lockie: land of the lakes
11. Logan: from the little hollow
12. Loman: one who is small and bare

Scottish boy names that start with M:

1. Mac: the son of Mac ( Macarthur, Mackinley)
2. Macadam: the son of Adam
3. Macallister: the son of Alistair
4. Macaedle: the son of great courage
5. Macartan: the son of Artan
6. Macarthur: the son of Arthur
7. Macauslan: the son of Absalon
8. Macauley: son of the righteousness
9. Macbeth: son of Beth
10. Macbride: son of the follower of st Brigid
11. Maccoll: the son of Coll
12. Maccrea: the son of grace
13. MacDonald: son of Donald
14. Macgowan: the son of a blacksmith
15. Machenry: the son of Henry
16. Macintosh: the son of the thane
17. Mackay: the son of fire
18. Mackinley: the son of the white warrior
19. Macklin: the son of Flann
20. Maclaine: the son of John’s servant
21. Macleod: the son of the ugly one
22. Macmurray: the son of Murray
23. Macnab: the son of the abbot
24. Macqueen: the son of the good man
25. Macrae: the son of Ray
26. Magee: the son of Hugh
27. Maguire: the son of the beige one
28. Malcolm: follower of st. Columbus
29. Manius: great
30. Mayo: from the yew tree plain
31. Mccoy: the son of Coy
32. McKenna: the son of Kenna; to ascend
33. Monroe: from the mouth of the river Roe
34. Morven: mariner
35. Muir: moor; marsh
36. Mungo: friendly; loveable
37. Murdock: from the sea
38. Muriel: of the shinning sea
39. Murphy: a warrior of the sea
40. Murray: the lord of the sea

Scottish boy names that start with N:

1. Nachton: pure
2. Nairn: alder tree River
3. Nathair: a snake
4. Neil: the champion
5. Niall: champion
6. Nolan: a famous and noble man; a champion of the people
7. Norval: from the Northern valley

Scottish boy names that start with O:

1. Oban: an enchanting brave person
2. Ogilvy: compassionate
3. Oglesby: not widely known
4. Oidhche: night
5. Ord: a hammer; a point
6. Oren: a pale-skinned man
7. Oscar: a friend of deer
8. Owen: a youthful man

Scottish boy names that start with P:

1. Paden: bald
2. Padruig: of the royal family
3. Parian: farmer
4. Parley: a reluctant
5. Paton: a royal and humble person
6. Patraig: nobleman
7. Peden: the son of Paidin
8. Perth: thorn-bush thicket
9. Pony: small horse
10. Puspabhusan: a flower made ornament

Scottish boy names that start with Q:

1. Quany: proud
2. Quarrie: proud
3. Quillan: resembling a cub
4. Quilliam: the determined protector
5. Quinlan: a strong and healthy man
6. Quinn: one who provides counsel; an intelligent man

Scottish boy names that start with R:

1. Rab: famous; brilliant
2. Raibeart: famous; brilliant
3. Regan: born into royalty; the little ruler
4. Reilly: an outgoing man
5. Riordan: a royal poet
6. Roark: a champion
7. Ron: king’s advisor
8. Ronald: king’s advisor
9. Ronan: resembling a little seal
10. Ronny: king’s advisor
11. Rooney: a red-haired man
12. Rory: a red-haired man
13. Roslin: a little red-haired boy
14. Ross: peninsula
15. Roy: a red-haired man
16. Ryan: the little ruler; little king

Scottish boy names that start with S:

1. Seaforth: conqueror in peace
2. Seumas: supplanter
3. Shannon: having ancient wisdom
4. Shea: an admirable man
5. Sheridan: a seeker
6. Shields: a faithful protector
7. Stratton: a homebody
8. Sullivan: having dark eyes

Scottish boy names starting with T:

1. Taggart: son of a priest
2. Taran: of the thunder
3. Tavis: son of David
4. Tavish: twin
5. Tay: from the river
6. Teagan: a handsome man
7. Tevis: twin
8. Tiernan: lord of the manor
9. Tormod: North
10. Torquil: Thor’s kettle
11. Torrence: from the little hills
12. Torry: from the little hills
13. Tracy: one who is warlike
14. Troy: son of a foot-soldier
15. Tyree: island dweller

Scottish boy names starting with U, V:

1. Uailean: healthy; strong
2. Uaithne: one who is innocent; green
3. Ualan: one who is strong and healthy
4. Uilleag: will helmet
5. Uilleam: helmeted
6. Uisdean: intelligent; island stone
7. Ulick: will helmet
8. Urquhart: from the fount on the knoll
9. Verner: army guard

Scottish boy names starting with W, Z:

1. Wallace: a Welshman; a man from the south
2. Walter: army ruler
3. Watt: army ruler
4. Weston: town facing west
5. Wiley: a well watered meadow
6. Willie: resolute protector; determined guardian
7. Wood: from the woods; old forest
8. Wyndham: village near the winding road
9. Zuill: born at Christmas

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