446 beautiful Irish boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Irish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 446 ) Irish boy names for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Irish baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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446 Irish boy names with meanings

Irish boy names that start with A:

1. Aden: fairy one
2. Adhamh: man of the red earth; the first man according to the bible
3. Ahearn: owner or lord of many horses
4. Aidan: little fairy one
5. Aindrea: strong; brave
6. Alan: handsome; noble; peaceful
7. Allen: handsome; noble; peaceful
8. Annan: from the stream
9. Argyle: from Ireland
10. Arlen: pledge; promise
11. Artie: strong as a rock
12. Arthur: strong as a rock
13. Athol: from Ireland

Irish boy names that start with B:

1. Bain: bridge over white water
2. Bainbridge: bridge over while water
3. Baird: a wandering minstrel who sings ballads
4. Bairn: child
5. Banan: white
6. Banning: little blond one
7. Bard: poet; singer
8. Barry: spear; marksman
9. Beacan: small
10. Beagan: little one
11. Blaine: thin; lean
12. Blair: field or plain dweller
13. Blane: thin; lean
14. Bowie: fair-haired
15. Boyd: fair-haired
16. Boyne: white cow
17. Brady: spirited
18. Bran: raven
19. Brandon: raven
20. Breck: freckled
21. Brendan: little raven; sword
22. Brennan: little raven
23. Brian: strong; honorable; hill
24. Brice: ambitious; quick
25. Brion: strong; honorable; hill
26. Brodie: ditch; canal; builder
27. Brogan: work shoe
28. Bryan: strong; honorable; hill
29. Bryant: strong; honorable; hill
30. Bryce: ambitious; quick

Irish boy names that start with C:

1. Cade: battle
2. Cadell: battle
3. Cadmon: warrior
4. Cadmar: brave warrior
5. Calbhack: bald
6. Calhoun: warrior of the forest
7. Callum: dove; peacemaker
8. Carden: from the black fortress
9. Carlin: little champion
10. Carney: brave; victorious; warrior
11. Carrick: rock
12. Carroll: champion
13. Case: brave
14. Casey: brave
15. Cashlin: little castle
16. Cassidy: clever; curly-haired
17. Cathal: wise; mighty
18. Cathmor: great warrior
19. Cavan: handsome
20. Cian: ancient
21. Clancy: red-headed soliders
22. Cleary: scholar
23. Cluny: meadow; resting place
24. Clyde: heard from afar
25. Cola: victory of the people
26. Cole: promise; victory of the people
27. Colin: dove; young child
28. Colm: dove
29. Columba: dove
30. Coman: bent
31. Conan: praised
32. Conlan: hero
33. Conn: high
34. Conner: praised
35. Connor: praised
36. Conroy: wise man
37. Conway: hound of the plains
38. Corcoran: of reddish complexion
39. Corey: hollow
40. Cormac: chariot boy
41. Corrigan: spear carrier
42. Coyle: leader in battle
43. Crevan: fox
44. Cronan: dark-haired
45. Cullen: handsome
46. Culley: forest
47. Curran: hero

Irish boy names that start with D:

1. Dacey: southerner
2. Daibhi: beloved
3. Daire: a wealthy man
4. Dallan: one who is blind
5. Dallas: wise
6. Darby: free 
7. Darcy: dark
8. Darrin: great
9. Declan: the name of a saint; prayerful
10. Deegan: a black-haired man
11. Delaney: the dark challenger
12. Dempsey: proud
13. Denzil: high stronghold
14. Derby: free
15. Dermot: free of envy
16. Derron: great
17. Derry: red-haired
18. Desmond: from south Munster, Ireland
19. Devin: poet
20. Devlin: heroic; brave
21. Dolan: black-haired
22. Donahue: dark-haired warrior
23. Donato: gift from God
24. Donegal: fort of foreigners
25. Donnell: dark brave one
26. Donoghue: dark-haired warrior
27. Donovan: a brown-haired chief
28. Dooley: dark hero
29. Doran: a stranger
30. Doug: from the dark stream
31. Dougal: dark stranger
32. Douglas: from the dark stream
33. Dow: black-haired
34. Doyle: dark stranger
35. Drew: wise; courageous; strong
36. Driscoll: a mediator; one who is sorrowful
37. Duane: dark one
38. Dublin: from the capital of Ireland
39. Dugal: dark stranger
40. Dugan: dark-haired
41. Dunbar: dark branch
42. Dunn: brown-haired
43. Dwaine: dark one

Irish boy names that start with E:

1. Eagan: a fiery man
2. Earl: pledge; promise
3. Eamon: a wealthy protector
4. Edan: one who is full of fire; fiery flame
5. Egan: fiery
6. Elroy: a red-haired young man
7. Ennis: island
8. Enright: attacker’s son
9. Eoin Baiste: refers to John the Baptist
10. Ewan: young warrior

Irish boy names that start with F:

1. Fagan: fiery one
2. Fardoragh: having dark features
3. Farquhar: friendly
4. Farran: of the land
5. Fay: resembling a raven
6. Fergus: strong man
7. Ferguson: son of Fergus
8. Ferrell: a brave man; a hero
9. Ferris: rock
10. Finbar: a fair-haired man
11. Fingal: fair warrior
12. Finian: a handsome man; fair
13. Finlay: fair-haired soldier
14. Finn: fair-haired
15. Finnegan: a fair-haired man
16. Fitz: son of
17. Fitzgerald: son of Gerald
18. Fitzhugh: son of Hugh
19. Flann: one who has a ruddy complexion; fair-haired
20. Flynn: one who has a ruddy complexion; son of the red-haired man
21. Fogarty: one who has been exiled

Irish boy names that start with G:

1. Gael: Gaelic
2. Gaffney: resembling a calf
3. Gair: short one
4. Galbraith: a foreigner
5. Gale: a foreigner
6. Galen: little; lively
7. Gildas: one who serves God
8. Gallagher: eager helper
9. Galvin: sparrow
10. Gannon: of fair complexion
11. Garrett: spear carrier
12. Garvey: peace
13. Gaynor: fair; child of fair one
14. Gilby: blond boy
15. Gilchrist: servant of Christ
16. Gillespie: son of bishop’s servant
17. Gilmore: devoted servant of Mary
18. Gilroy: devoted to the king
19. Girvin: little rough one
20. Glaisne: one who is calm
21. Glenn: from the valley
22. Glenrowan: valley with Rowan trees
23. Goraidh: gentle; kind; God’s peace; divinely peaceful
24. Gorman: little blue-eyed one
25. Gormley: the blue spearman
26. Grady: illustrious; noble
27. Guire: beige
28. Guthrie: from the windy place

Irish boy names that start with H:

1. Hagan: ruler of the home
2. Hagen: young
3. Haley: clever
4. Hanraoi: the ruler of the house
5. Harkin: having dark red hair
6. Hayes: valley with hedges
7. Heremon: handsome; fair
8. Hewney: green like the field
9. Hogan: young
10. Hungas: a vigorous man
11. Hurley: tide

Irish boy names that start with I:

1. Iain: God is gracious
2. Iarlugh: combination of Iar and Lug
3. Igneachan: strong man
4. Inis: island
5. Iobhar: yew tree
6. Iollan: in mythology, one who worships a different god

Japanese boy names that start with J:

1. Jacksepticeye: awesome you
2. James: supplanter
3. Jannon: fair haired
4. Jarlath: lord of the West
5. Jarvey: coach driver
6. Jeremy: appointed by God
7. Jeshan: clear
8. Joavan: majestic
9. Jonathan: gift from God
10. Joshua: Jehovah saves

Japanese boy names that start with K:

1. Kacey: a vigilant man; one who is alert; eagle-eyed
2. Kael: mighty warrior
3. Kaelan: mighty warrior
4. Kagen: a fiery man; a thinker
5. Kallen: mighty warrior
6. Kane: tribute
7. Kasey: brave and honorable
8. Kavan: handsome
9. Kearn: dark-haired
10. Kearney: brave; victorious
11. Keefe: handsome
12. Keegan: small; fairy one
13. Keelan: small; slender
14. Keenan: small; ancient one
15. Keiran: little; dark
16. Keith: forest
17. Kellach: one who suffers strife during battle
18. Kellen: mighty warrior
19. Keller: little companion 
20. Kelley: a warrior
21. Kelvin: narrow stream
22. Kendall: ruler of the valley
23. Kendrick: royal ruler
24. Kennedy: helmeted chief
25. Kenneth: born of the fire; an attractive man; handsome
26. Kentigern: lord
27. Kenyon: blond-haired
28. Keon: young warrior
29. Kermit: free
30. Kerry: dark-haired
31. Kerwin: dark-haired friend
32. Kevin: handsome
33. Kienan: small; ancient one
34. Kieran: little; dark
35. Kincaid: the leader during battle
36. Kinnard: from the tall hill
37. Knox: from the hills
38. Kory: from the hollow; of the churning water
39. Ky: from the strait; from the narrow land
40. Kyan: little king

Irish boy names that start with L:

1. Labhrainn: one who has been crowned with a laurel
2. Lann: sword
3. Larkin: fierce
4. Lawler: one who matters
5. Lennon: cloak
6. Lennox: field of elm trees
7. Liam: wilful
8. Lian: protector
9. Lochan: one who is lively
10. Lochlain: land of lakes
11. Logan: from the hollow
12. Loman: bare
13. Loni: strong; fierce
14. Lorcan: the small fierce one
15. Lucas: bringer of light
16. Lunn: warlike
17. Lynch: mariner

Irish boy names that start with M:

1. Macalister: son of Allister
2. Macarthur: son of Arthur
3. MacCoy: son of Coy
4. Maccrae: son of grace
5. Magee: son of Hugh
6. Maguire: son of Guire
7. Mahon: strong bear
8. Molan: the servant of the storm
9. Malone: servant of st John
10. Maloney: devoted to attending church
11. Mannix: monk
12. Marcas: warrior; warlike
13. Marmaduke: servant of Madoc
14. Marmion: sea bright
15. Mayo: plain of the yew trees
16. McKay: son of Kay
17. McKenzie: son of Kenzie
18. Mel: Mel’s friend
19. Melvin: Mel’s friend
20. Meredith: protector of the sea
21. Merrill: bright sea
22. Micheal: like God
23. Moffant: long plain
24. Monahan: monk
25. Mooney: a wealthy man
26. Moran: a great man
27. Mulcahy: a war chief
28. Murron: a bitter man

Irish boy names that start with N:

1. Naal: birth
2. Nally: a poor man
3. Neal: champion
4. Neil: a champion; a cloud
5. Neirin: surrounded by light
6. Nevan: the little saint
7. Niall: champion; passionate
8. Niklas: victory of the people
9. Nolan: famous; descended from nobility
10. Norman: men from the north

Irish boy names that start with O:

1. Odran: pale green
2. Oghe: one who rides horses
3. Ogilvy: from the high peak
4. Oisin: little deer
5. Oistin: venerable; the exalted one
6. O’Neil: son of Neil
7. Oran: green
8. Oren: pale-skinned
9. Ornice: a pale-skinned man
10. O’shea: son of Shea

Irish boy names that start with P:

1. Paddy: noble
2. Padrig: noble
3. Patterson: Pat’s son
4. Peadar: rock
5. Pembroke: from the headland
6. Perth: from the thorny thicket
7. Pharis: a heroic man
8. Phelan: wolf
9. Phelim: good
10. Piran: prayerful
11. Pol: small
12. Powel: son of Howell
13. Pryderi: son of the sea

Irish boy names that start with Q:

1. Quaid: the commander of the army
2. Queran: dark
3. Quigley: strong; powerful
4. Quillan: cub
5. Quillon: sword
6. Quinlan: very strong; well-formed; athletic
7. Quinn: advisor; counsellor
8. Quinton: from the queen’s town or settlement

Irish boy names that start with R:

1. Rafe: a tough man
2. Raghnall: wise; powerful
3. Rayan: little king
4. Reagan: little king
5. Regan: little king
6. Rhyan: little king
7. Riddock: from the smooth field
8. Riley: valiant
9. Riordain: a bright man
10. Riordan: the king’s poet
11. Roarke: famous ruler
12. Rogan: red-haired
13. Rohan: red-haired
14. Ronan: to make a promise; seal
15. Rooney: red-haired one
16. Rory: brilliant; famous ruler; ruddy one
17. Rowan: red-haired
18. Rowson: son of red-haired person
19. Ruadhan: a red-haired man
20. Ruarc: a famous ruler
21. Ryan: little king
22. Ryley: valiant
23. Ryne: little king

Irish boy names that start with S:

1. Seamus: God is gracious
2. Sean: God is gracious
3. Seanachan: one who is wise
4. Seanan: an old and wise man
5. Shamus: God is gracious
6. Shanahan: wise
7. Shane: God is gracious
8. Shannon: little wise one
9. Shea: hawk-like; majestic; fairy palace
10. Sheary: peaceful
11. Sheehan: peaceful; little
12. Sheridan: wild
13. Sholto: propagator; sower of seeds
14. Sim: he heard; listener
15. Skelly: story teller
16. Slevin: mountaineer
17. Sloan: warrior
18. Sorley: of the summer Vikings
19. Struthers: stream; brook
20. Sullivan: one with black eyes
21. Sweeney: little hero

Irish boy names that start with T:

1. Taggart: son of the priest
2. Tain: stream
3. Teagan: poet; bard
4. Teague: poet; bard
5. Tearlach: strong; courageous
6. Tegan: poet
7. Terron: Owen’s land
8. Teyrnon: a regal man
9. Tibbot: bold
10. Tiernan: lord
11. Tierney: lordly
12. Tobar: fountain
13. Tomey: twin
14. Torian: chief
15. Torin: chief
16. Tormaigh: having the spirit of Thor
17. Tormey: thunder spirit
18. Torrence: small; rocky hills
19. Torrey: small; rocky hills
20. Tracey: warrior
21. Trefor: prudent; cautious
22. Tremain: from the town built of stone
23. Trevor: prudent; cautious
24. Tristan: a sorrowful man
25. Troy: soldier
26. Tully: has the peace of God
27. Tynan: dark
28. Tyrone: Owen’s land

Irish boy names that start with U:

1. Uaid: army general
2. Uaine: well-born; young warrior
3. Uaithne: green
4. Uallach: proud
5. Ualter: army ruler; strong fighter
6. Uillec: brave
7. Uilliam: determined protector
8. Uistean: intelligent
9. Ulick: will desire
10. Ulster: wolf
11. Ungus: a vigorous man
12. Uri: light; the lord is my light
13. Usheen: little dear

Irish boy names that start with V:

1. Vaughn: little; small
2. Venn: fair-haired
3. Veon: sky
4. Ving: green river
5. Vinnie: sword friend
6. Virgil: staff bearer; strong
7. Vivienne: alive

Irish boy names that start with W, Y:

1. Wallach: Welshman
2. Ward: watchman
3. Whelan: joyful
4. Wiley: crafty
5. Williog: sprite; elf
6. Wise: wise; ardent
7. Wyllow: willow
8. Wyn: fair
9. Ywain: well-born; noble

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