545 boy names that start with M and meanings 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with M, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with M contains ( 545 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with letter M:

According to name echo, people whose names start with M want to have a good position in society and a very stable future.

M people are great spiritual leaders and workaholics. They have a lot of energy, are healthy and don’t like sleeping.

When it comes to the people they love, they don’t care about their faults and appreciate them for who they are.

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545 boy names that start with M and meanings 2022

Scottish boy names that start with M:

1. Mac: the son of Mac ( Macarthur, Mackinley)
2. Macadam: the son of Adam
3. Macallister: the son of Alistair
4. Macaedle: the son of great courage
5. Macartan: the son of Artan
6. Macarthur: the son of Arthur
7. Macauslan: the son of Absalon
8. Macauley: son of the righteousness
9. Macbeth: son of Beth
10. Macbride: son of the follower of st Brigid
11. Maccoll: the son of Coll
12. Maccrea: the son of grace
13. MacDonald: son of Donald
14. Macgowan: the son of a blacksmith
15. Machenry: the son of Henry
16. Macintosh: the son of the thane
17. Mackay: the son of fire
18. Mackinley: the son of the white warrior
19. Macklin: the son of Flann
20. Maclaine: the son of John’s servant
21. Macleod: the son of the ugly one
22. Macmurray: the son of Murray
23. Macnab: the son of the abbot
24. Macqueen: the son of the good man
25. Macrae: the son of Ray
26. Magee: the son of Hugh
27. Maguire: the son of the beige one
28. Malcolm: follower of st. Columbus
29. Manius: great
30. Mayo: from the yew tree plain
31. Mccoy: the son of Coy
32. McKenna: the son of Kenna; to ascend
33. Monroe: from the mouth of the river Roe
34. Morven: mariner
35. Muir: moor; marsh
36. Mungo: friendly; loveable
37. Murdock: from the sea
38. Muriel: of the shinning sea
39. Murphy: a warrior of the sea
40. Murray: the lord of the sea

Greek boy names that start with M:

1. Macaire: happy
2. Macedonio: a man from Macedonia
3. Macharios: happy; plessed
4. Makarios: happy; plessed
5. Makis: like God
6. Maximos: greatest
7. Melancton: resembling a black flower
8. Meletius: a cautious man
9. Mikhail: like God
10. Milos: pleasant
11. Mimis: lover of the earth
12. Morpheus: in mythology, the god of dreams
13. Myron: refers to myrrh, a fragrant oil

Hebrew boy names that start with M:

1. Macabee: hammer
2. Machau: a gift from God
3. Magen: protector
4. Mahir: excellent; industrious
5. Makis: a gift from God
6. Malachi: a messenger of God
7. Marnin: one who sings and brings joy
8. Matai: gift of God
9. Mataniah: a gift from God
10. Matthew: a gift from God
11. Mayer: one who is shinning and bright; light 
12. Medad: a beloved friend
13. Meged: one who has been blessed with goddess
14. Mehetabel: one who is favoured by God
15. Meir: he who shines; brightens
16. Menachem: one who provides comfort
17. Menassah: a forgetful man
18. Meshach: an induring man; artist
19. Methuselah: man of the ages
20. Micah: who is like God?
21. Michael: who is like God?
22. Mordecai: martial; warlike
23. Moses: drawn out of the water; saved
24. Myer: light

Native American boy names that start with M:

1. Machk: resembling a bear
2. Mahkah: of the earth
3. Makya: eagle Hunter
4. Mandan: a tribal name
5. Manius: great
6. Maona: creator
7. Marar: dust
8. Maska: powerful
9. Mato: brave
10. Matu: brave warrior
11. Matwau: the enemy
12. Meli: one who is bitter
13. Melvern: great chief
14. Mika: raccoon
15. Mikasi: coyote
16. Milap: giving
17. Mingan: resembling a gray wolf
18. Missouri: from the town of large canoes; from the state of Missouri
19. Misu: rippling water
20. Mochni: resembling a talking bird
21. Mohave: a tribal name
22. Mojag: one who is never quiet
23. Mongwau: resembling an owl
24. Motega: new arrow
25. Muraco: white moon

English boy names that start with M:

1. Macfarlane: son of Farlane
2. Macon: to make
3. Madison: good; child of Maude or Matthew
4. Maitland: from the meadow land
5. Maldon: covered meeting place in the wood
6. Malin: little warrior
7. Manchester: from the city in England
8. Manford: small ford; river crossing
9. Manley: from the hero’s meadow
10. Manly: manly
11. Manning: son of Mann
12. Mansel: from the clergyman’s house
13. Mansfield: from the field near the small river
14. Manton: from the man’s town
15. Manville: hero’s village
16. March: boundary dweller
17. Marlin: deep sea fish
18. Marlow: from the lake by the hill
19. Marsden: marsh valley; warrior’s Valley
20. Marsh: from the marshland
21. Marshall: a steward
22. Marston: from the town near the marsh
23. Martell: one who wields the hammer
24. Marvin: famous friend; friend of the sea
25. Maryland: honouring queen Mary
26. Mason: one who works with stone
27. Massey: twin
28. Maverick: an independent man
29. Max: from Mack’s spring
30. Maxfield: from Mack’s field
31. Maxwell : from Mack’s spring; great spring
32. Mayes: field
33. Mayfield: from the strong one’s field
34. Mayhew: gift of God
35. Mead: from the meadow
36. Medric: flourishing meadow
37. Medwin: good and worthy friend
38. Mel: counsel friend
39. Melbourne: from the mill stream
40. Meldon: mill close to the hill
41. Meldrick: strong; powerful mill
42. Melton: from the mill town
43. Melville: from the mill town
44. Melvin: a friend who offers counsel
45. Merewood: from the forest with the lake
46. Merit: a great value
47. Merlin: hawk; falcon
48. Merrill: of the shinning sea
49. Merton: from the town near the lake
50. Merv: famous friend
51. Marvin: famous friend
52. Mick: who is like God?
53. Mike: like God
54. Milford: from the mill’s Ford
55. Miller: one who works at the mill; miller
56. Mills: mill keeper 
57. Milson: the son of Miles
58. Milward: mill keeper
59. Miner: a youth
60. Minster: of the Church
61. Mitchell: who is like God?
62. Mitford: river crossing
63. Monty: from Gomeric’s Mountain
64. Moreland: from the moors; marshland
65. Morley: from the meadow on the moor
66. Morrison: son of Morris

French boy names that start with M:

1. Mace: club
2. Macon: from the city in France
3. Mailhairer: an ill-fated man
4. Mallory: wild duck
5. Manville: worker’s Village
6. Marc: warrior; warlike
7. Marcel: the little warrior
8. Marin: sailor
9. Marion: wished for; star of the sea
10. Markese: nobleman
11. Marlon: little falcon
12. Marmion: our little one
13. Marquis: nobleman
14. Marshall: a caretaker of horses
15. Maslin: little town; little Thomas
16. Masselin: a young Thomas
17. Mathieu: gift of God
18. Matisse: one who is gifted
19. Merle: blackbird
20. Michel: like God
21. Minet: delightful
22. Mirage: an illusion
23. Montgomery: from Gomeric’s Mountain
24. Montague: pointed Mountain
25. Montre: show
26. Montreal: royal Mountain
27. Morel: mushroom
28. Mortimer: of the still water; of the dead sea
29. Mystique: a man with an air of mystery

Welsh boy names that start with M:

1. Mabon: son
2. Maddock: lucky; generous; fortunate
3. Maddox: the son of the benefactor
4. Malvern: bare Hill
5. Marvin: the friend of the sea 
6. Meilyr: a regal ruler
7. Merlin: of the sea fortress
8. Mervin: a friend of the sea
9. Morgan: from the sea
10. Mostyn: from the mossy settlement; field of the fortress

Indian boy names that start with M:

1. Madhur: a sweet man
2. Mahant: having a great soul
3. Mahatma: of great spiritual development
4. Mahesa: great god
5. Malajitm: Garland of victory
6. Mali: a ruler; the first born child
7. Mandhatri: a prince; born to royalty
8. Manohar: a delightful and captivating man
9. Manoj: cupid
10. Manjit: a conqueror of the mind; having great knowledge
11. Manmohan: a handsome and pleasing man
12. Manu: maker of laws
13. Manya: a respected man
14. Mehtar: prince
15. Mohajit: a charming man
16. Mohan: delightful
17. Mukul: bud; blossom; the soul
18. Murali: flute player

Latin boy names that start with M:

1. Magnus: great
2. Magus: a sorcerer
3. Major: great
4. Marcel: warrior; warlike
5. Marcellus: warrior; warlike
6. Marcus: dedicated to Mars
7. Mario: a manly man
8. Marius: warrior; warlike
9. Mark: dedicated to Mars
10. Martin: dedicated to Mars
11. Marvell: miracle; wondrous
12. Mason: Stone worker
13. Mauli: dark skinned man from the moor
14. Maurice: a dark-skinned man
15. Maximilian: the greatest
16. Mayer: a great man
17. Mercer: merchant
18. Milan: an eager and hardworking man
19. Miles: a soldier
20. Milo: soldier
21. Miner: one who works in the mines
22. Minor: youngest; smallest
23. Modesto: modest
24. Modesty: one who is without conceit
25. Modred: to consume
26. Monte: mountain
27. Mordred: pain; painful
28. Myles: soldier

Arabic boy names that start with M:

1. Mahfouz: one who is protected
2. Mahir: excellent; industrious
3. Mahmud: praiseworthy
4. Maimon: one who is dependable; having good fortune; lucky 
5. Majdy: a glorious man
6. Majid: glorious
7. Makin: having great strength
8. Malik: king
9. Mansur: divinely helped
10. Marid: a rebellious man
11. Matin: having great strength
12. Marwan: history
13. Marzuq: blessed by God
14. Mazin: proper
15. Mehdi: one who is guided
16. Mohammed: one who is greatly praised; the name of prophet of Islam
17. Moubarak: one who is blessed
18. Mounafes: a rival
19. Muaad: protected
20. Mubarak: happy; plessed
21. Mufid: useful
22. Muhannad: sword
23. Muhsin: a charitable man
24. Mukhtar: the chosen one
25. Mundhir: one who cautions others
26. Munir: brilliant
27. Murtadi: one who is content
28. Musaad: one who is lucky
29. Muskan: one who smiles often
30. Muslim: an adherent to Islam
31. Mustapha: the chosen one
32. Muti: obedient

Hawaiian boy names that start with M:

1. Mahiai: farmer
2. Makaio: a gift from God
3. Makani: wind
4. Makena: man of abundance
5. Maleko: warrior; warlike
6. Mamo: yellow bird; saffron flower
7. Mano: resembling a shark
8. Manu: bird
9. Marcilka: warrior; warlike
10. Mauli: dark-skinned man from the moor
11. Meka: the eyes
12. Mele: one who is happy
13. Mililani: heavenly caress

German boy names that start with M:

1. Macon: creater; maker
2. Mallory: army counsellor
3. Mandel: almond
4. Manheim: servant
5. Manly: manly
6. Mann: man; Masculine
7. Mannheim: from the halmet in the swamp
8. Manny: God is with us
9. Mathe: gift of God
10. Mathias: gift of God
11. Mayer: a farmer
12. Medgar: having great strength
13. Medwin: a strong friend
14. Meinrad: a strong counsellor
15. Meyer: farmer
16. Miles: one who is merciful
17. Milko: industrious
18. Milo: one who is merciful

African boy names that start with M:

1. Madongo: uncircumcised
2. Madu: people
3. Magomu: younger of twins
4. Mahkah: earth
5. Mahpee: sky 
6. Makalani: writer
7. Malawa: a flourishing man
8. Mandala: flowers
9. Mani: from the mountain
10. Mansa: king
11. Manu: the second born child
12. Mapira: millet; grass
13. Mariatu: pure; chaste
14. Masamba: leaving
15. Mashama: surprising
16. Masud: fortunate one; lucky
17. Matata: one who causes trouble
18. Matope: our last-born child
19. Matunde: fruitful
20. Mawuli: God is real
21. Mazzi: gentlemen
22. Mbita: born on a cold night
23. Mbwana: master
24. Menelik: the son of a wise man
25. Mengesha: Kingdom
26. Mensah: third-born son
27. Mhina: delightful
28. Mirumbi: born during a period of rain
29. Minkah: just; fair
30. Mona: a jealous man
31. Mongo: a well-known man; famous
32. Montsho: black
33. Morathi: a wise man
34. Mosi: first-born child
35. Mowsen: a light-skinned man
36. Mulogo: wizard
37. Mukisa: having good fortune
38. Mundan: garden

Japanese boy names that start with M:

1. Makoto: sincere
2. Mamoru: of the earth
3. Manzo: the third son with ten-thousand-fold strength
4. Mareo: uncommon
5. Maro: myself
6. Masahiro: broad-minded
7. Masanao: a good man
8. Masao: a righteous man
9. Masura: a good destiny
10. Michio: one with the strength of three thousand
11. Mieko: a bright man
12. Miki: tree
13. Minoru: fruitful
14. Mitsu: of the light
15. Morio: woods; forest

Spanish boy names that start with M:

1. Macario: happy; plessed
2. Mango: God is with us
3. Manny: God is with us
4. Manuel: God is with us
5. Mar: of the sea
6. Marco: warrior; warlike
7. Marr: divine
8. Martez: warrior; warlike
9. Mateo: gift of God
10. Melesio: an attractive man; one who is careful
11. Menico: belonging to God
12. Miguel: who is like God?
13. Montana: mountain
14. Montez: one who lives at the mountain
15. Montgomery: from the black Mountain

Italian boy names that start with M:

1. Marcelino: warrior; warlike
2. Mario: warrior; warlike
3. Marsalis: warrior; warlike
4. Martino: warrior; warlike
5. Masaccio: twin
6. Massimiliano: greatest
7. Massimo: greatest
8. Matteo: a gift from God
9. Maurilio: dark-skinned man from the moor
10. Mauro: dark-skinned man from the moor
11. Michelangelo: Michael the angel
12. Michele: like God
13. Mozart: breathless

Scandinavian boy names that start with M:

1. Madi: sharp; moon
2. Magnar: strong; warrior
3. Magnus: greatest; great; large
4. Malin: little strong warrior
5. Manfred: man of peace
6. Meino: hard strength
7. Melker: a king
8. Mikkel: like God
9. Mimir: in mythology, a giant who guarded the well of wisdom
10. Mogens: great; greatest

Portuguese boy names that start with M:

1. Macerio: a blessed soul
2. Mariano: a hostile warlike man
3. Marques: nobleman
4. Mateus: gift of God
5. Maureo: dark-skinned; a moor
6. Mauricio: dark-skinned; a moor
7. Miguel: who is like God?

Czech boy names that start with M:

1. Maarten: of the Roman god Mars
2. Maikel: who is like God?
3. Mart: from Mars; battle
4. Marten: warrior; war
5. Matthijs: gift from God
6. Maykel: who is like God?
7. Meer: lake; water
8. Menno: brave; strong
9. Midas: fresh; soft
10. Mogens: a powerful man

Irish boy names that start with M:

1. Macalister: son of Allister
2. Macarthur: son of Arthur
3. MacCoy: son of Coy
4. Maccrae: son of grace
5. Magee: son of Hugh
6. Maguire: son of Guire
7. Mahon: strong bear
8. Molan: the servant of the storm
9. Malone: servant of st John
10. Maloney: devoted to attending church
11. Mannix: monk
12. Marcas: warrior; warlike
13. Marmaduke: servant of Madoc
14. Marmion: sea bright
15. Mayo: plain of the yew trees
16. McKay: son of Kay
17. McKenzie: son of Kenzie
18. Mel: Mel’s friend
19. Melvin: Mel’s friend
20. Meredith: protector of the sea
21. Merrill: bright sea
22. Micheal: like God
23. Moffant: long plain
24. Monahan: monk
25. Mooney: a wealthy man
26. Moran: a great man
27. Mulcahy: a war chief
28. Murron: a bitter man

Aboriginal boy names that start with M:

1. Macalla: full moon
2. Mandu: sun
3. Mani: equal
4. Mekari: new
5. Moki: cloudy
6. Myall: drooping acacia
7. Myee: native born

Polish boy names that start with M:

1. Machas: like God
2. Marcin: warrior; warlike
3. Marek: warlike
4. Mateusz: gift of God
5. Michal: like God
6. Milek: victory of the people
7. Mirco: great; famous
8. Miron: peace

Hungarian boy names that start with M:

1. Maco: God is with us
2. Maks: form of Max; Maxwell
3. Marot: Moravian
4. Marton: dedicated to Mars
5. Mate: gift from God
6. Matyas: gift from God
7. Medárd: great; strong
8. Menyhért: royal light
9. Miklos: victorious
10. Mor: Moorish

Armenian boy names that start with M:

1. Magar: attendant of the groom
2. Manough: infant
3. Mardig: warrior
4. Matous: God’s gift
5. Meghrig: honey
6. Mekhag: clove
7. Mihran: sunny
8. Minas: tower
9. Mkhitar: comforter
10. Moming: small candle
11. Mourad: desire
12. Movses: moses

Russian boy names that start with M:

1. Maksim: greatest
2. Markov: of Mars
3. Matvey: gift from God
4. Maxim: the greatest
5. Mikhail: who is like God?
6. Michail: like God
7. Mika: like God
8. Misha: like God
9. Moriz: Moorish
10. Motka: God’s gift

Chinese boy names that start with M:

1. Manchu: pure
2. Ming: named after a dynasty
3. Ming húa: brilliant; elite
4. Mingli: bright propriety
5. Minsheng: voice of the people
6. Minzhe: sensitive; wise

Peruvian boy names that start with M:

1. Maaz: wooden
2. Mace: weapon
3. Machakw: horny toad
4. Machk: resembling a bear
5. Madden: puppy
6. Maelwine: strong friend; gift of God
7. Mahkah: earth
8. Makya: one who hunts eagles
9. Mamani: falcon
10. Manco: leader
11. Manipi: amazing
12. Montano: mountain
13. Monti: cute; a stork
14. Montrell: mountain
15. Morey: dark-skinned

Czech boy names that start with M:

1. Marecek: warlike
2. Marek: warrior; warlike
3. Mares: warlike
4. Marik: warlike; martial
5. Marousek: warlike
6. Martinek: warlike
7. Merek: great glory
8. Mikulas: Victory of people
9. Milosalv: lover of glory
10. Miroslav: peace; glory
11. Molner: miller
12. Mstislav: glory

Turkish boy names that start with M:

1. Mart: born in march
2. Mehmet: praiseworthy
3. Mert: manly
4. Mesich: a form of Mohammed means praiseworthy
5. Mesut: happy
6. Mete: strong
7. Metehan: strong
8. Metin: having or wielding force or authority
9. Milas: ancient city in Turkey
10. Murat: wish come true

Burmese boy names that start with M:

1. Maung: brother
2. Min: king
3. Myaing: forest
4. Myat: better
5. Myint: high
6. Myo: relative

Cambodian boy names that start with M:

1. Makara: January
2. Many: precious stone gem
3. Mao: dark skin
4. Meaker: greatest
5. Mittapheap: friendship between the nations
6. Montha: charming
7. Munny: wise; smart

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