A list of 474 boy names that start with A with meanings 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with A, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with A contains ( 474 ) names from different origins, whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one

symbolism and personality for names start with letter A:

According to name echo, people whose names start with letter A need to be self-confident, ambitious and driven to succeed.

These people are also courageous but have to make sure they are flexible enough to take other people’s opinions into consideration.

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Boy names that start with A 2022

Indian boy names that start with A:

1. Aabha: one who shines
2. Aabharan: one who is treasured; jewel
3. Aakarshan: attraction
4. Abhay: no fear
5. Aditya: sun
6. Ajit: one who is invincible
7. Akash: sky
8. Akshay: sky
9. Amil: one who is  invaluable
10. Amit: without limit; endless
11. Anand: happiness; bliss
12. Arun: sun rising
13. Ashwin: star
14. Asoka: without sorrow; the name of a flower

Hebrew boy names that start with A:

1. Aaron: enlightened
2. Abba: God
3. Abbott: father of the abbey
4. Abdiel: servant of God
5. Abe: father of the multitudes
6. Abel: breath of a fresh air; son of Adam and Eve in bible
7. Abiah: the lord is my father
8. Abidan: father of judgement
9. Abie: father of the multitudes
10. Abiel: the lord is my father
11. Abijah: the lord is my father
12. Abir: strong
13. Abisha: God’s gift
14. Abner: father of light
15. Abraham: father of the multitudes; founder of the Hebrew people
16. Abram: father of the multitudes; founder of the hebrew people.
17. Absalom: father of peace
18. Adam: man of the red earth; the first man according to bible
19. Adamson: son of Adam
20. Adar: noble
21. Adiel: adorned by the lord
22. Adir: noble; majestic
23. Adiv: gentle; pleasant
24. Adlai: my witness
25. Adley: just
26. Admon: peony
27. Adon: sacred name for the lord
28. Adonis: lord
29. Adriel: from God’s congregation
30. Ahab: uncle
31. Almon: widower
32. Alon: oak
33. Amal: hopeful
34. Amasa: burden bearer
35. Amiel: God of my people
36. Amin: trustworthy
37. Amon: trustworthy; faithful
38. Amos: burdened
39. Amran: mighty nation
40. Anan: clouds
41. Anson: Ann’s son
42. Ardon: bronzed
43. Arnon: rushing river
44. Arvad: wanderer
45. Aryeh: lion
46. Asa: healer
47. Ash: from the ash tree
48. Asher: happy; fortunate
49. Ashur: black
50. Asiel: created by God
51. Avi: my father
52. Aviv: youth
53. Avshalom: father of peace
54. Azel: noble
55. Azriel: God is my aid
56. Azuriah: aided by God

Arabic boy names that start with A:

1. Aaron: messenger; the brother of Moses
2. Abadi: eternal
3. Abbas: stern
4. Abbud: devoted
5. Abdel: servant
6. Abdul: servant
7. Abdulaziz: servant of the mighty one
8. Abdullah: servant of Allah
9. Abdulrahman: servant of the merciful one
10. Abu: father
11. Adham: black
12. Adil: wise; just
13. Adlai: acting justly
14. Adnan: pleasant
15. Afif: chaste; modest
16. Ahmed: most highly praised; a form of Mohammed
17. Akbar: great
18. Akil: intelligent; thoughtful
19. Akmal: perfect
20. Akram: most generous
21. Ala: excellent
22. Aladdin: nobility; excellence of faith
23. Alam: universe
24. Alem: wise man
25. Ali: the highest; greatest
26. Alim: wise or learned scholar
27. Altair: the flying eagle
28. Amar: builder
29. Ameer: prince
30. Amin: trustworthy; loyal; honest
31. Amir: prince
32. Amit: highly praised
33. Amjad: glorious
34. Ammar: builder
35. Anan: clouds
36. Anis: close friend
37. Anwar: light ray
38. Arafat: the mountain of recognition
39. Arif: knowledgeable
40. Asad: lion
41. Asadel: most prosperous one
42. Ashraf: most honorable
43. Asif: forgiveness
44. Asim: protector; defender
45. Aswad: black
46. Atif: compassionate; sympathetic
47. Ayman: lucky; right-handed
48. Azeem: defender
49. Azhar: shinning; luminous
50. Azzam: determined; resolved

Persian boy names that start with A:

1. Aadel: reasonable
2. Aban: water figure
3. Ajnas: kind
4. Akbar: powerful; greatest; bigger
5. Albean: mountain
6. Alburz: mountain
7. Alhan: good voice
8. Aman: one who is peaceful
9. Amin: trustworthy; honest
10. Amir: prince; leader
11. Amzi: strong and mighty
12. Anayatullah: favour; grace
13. Armani: one who is desired
14. Arsha: venerable

African boy names that start with A:

1. Abasi: stern
2. Abedi: one who worships God
3. Ade: royal
4. Adom: God will help
5. Adwin: creative
6. Afram: a river in Ghana
7. Agu: leopard
8. Ajala: potter
9. Akins: brave
10. Ande: pillar
11. Arziki: prosperity
12. Ashon: seventh-born child
13. Ata: twin
14. Ayinde: praise
15. Ayo: happy
16. Azi: young
17. Aziz: precious

Latin boy names that start with A:

1. Abban: white
2. Ace: at one with humankind; unity
3. Acucio: sharp
4. Adeodatus: given by God
5. Adiran: of the adriatic sea
6. Adrian: dark one
7. Agrippa: born feet first
8. Alban: white 
9. Albion: white
10. Aleron: with wings
11. Alvern: spring
12. Amadeus: loved by God
13. Amory: love
14. Ancel: servant
15. Angel: heavenly messenger
16. Anthony: priceless; praiseworthy
17. Aquila: eagle
18. Ardell: eager
19. Arden: fiery
20. Aries: ram; the first sign of the zodiac
21. Armand: warrior
22. August: venerable; the exalted one
23. Augustine: venerable; the exalted one
24. Augustus: venerable; the exalted one
25. Aurelius: golden
26. Austin: venerable; the exalted one
27. Axel: axe

German boy names that start with A:

1. Abelard: born of high nobility; resolute; ambitious
2. Adalrico: noble chief
3. Adelard: noble; brave
4. Adelbert: bright; noble
5. Adelino: noble
6. Adelmo: noble; protector
7. Ademaro: glorious in battle
8. Adolph: noble wolf
9. Ahren: eagle
10. Alan: one who is precious
11. Alaric: ruler of all
12. Alberic: wise; intelligent; ruler
13. Albern: noble; courageous
14. Albert: noble; bright and illustrious
15. Algis: spear 
16. Aloysius: famous warrior
17. Alphonse: noble; ready
18. Altman: old; wise man
19. Ancel: god
20. Ansel: wearer of a helmet; with God’s protection
21. Anselm: wearer of a helmet
22. Archibald: very bold; brave
23. Armand: warrior
24. Arvin: friend of the people
25. Aubrey: noble; bright
26. Aurick: protector; ruler
27. Axel: source of all life

Scottish boy names that start with A:

1. Abernethy: mouth of a river
2. Adair: from the oak tree near the ford
3. Aibne: river
4. Ailein: a person from green pastures
5. Ailling: a person from rocky location
6. Ainsley: my meadow; my own place
7. Alan: rock
8. Alastair: helper or defender of humankind
9. Angus: exceptional qualities
10. Archie: truly brave
11. Armstrong: a person with strong arms
12. Arran: island dweller

Turkish boy names that start with A:

1. Abi: elder brother
2. Acar: bright
3. Ahmet: greatly praised
4. Akar: stream
5. Alp: heroic
6. Asker: warrior; soldier
7. Aslan: lion
8. Ayaz: cool breeze
9. Aydin: intelligent
10. Azad: free

French boy names that start with A:

1. Acel: noble
2. Aimon: house
3. Alaire: joyful
4. Algernon: one with a moustache
5. Amato: loved
6. Ames: friend
7. Ansel: wearer of a helmet; with God’s protection
8. Antoine: priceless
9. Archard: powerful
10. Arnaud: powerful like an eagle
11. Aubin: fair; white
12. Aubrey: elf ruler
13. Audon: old; rich
14. Avenall: dweller of the oat field
15. Aymon: mighty; wise; protector

Greek boy names that start with A:

1. Achilles: without lips
2. Adelphos: brother
3. Adonis: the handsome youth loved by venus according to myth
4. Adrian: rich; black; mysterious
5. Aeneas: the praised one
6. Aeolus: the ruler of the wind according to myth
7. Agamemnon: resolute
8. Ajax: eagle
9. Alex: helper or defender of humankind
10. Alexander: helper or defender of humankind
11. Ambrose: divine; immortal
12. Anastasius: resurrection
13. Anatole: from the east
14. Andrew: strong; courageous; manly
15. Angel: heavenly messenger
16. Anstice: resurrected one
17. Antares: star
18. Anthony: flourishing
19. Apollo: the ancient Greek God of sun
20. Argus: giant with 100 eye according to myth
21. Aristotle: best thinker
22. Arsenio: manly; virile
23. Artemas: gift of Artemis the goddess
24. Astley: starry field
25. Athan: immortal
26. Attis: handsome boy
27. Aundre: strong; courageous; manly
28. Aure: breeze
29. Avel: breath

English boy names that start with A:

1. Ackerley: dweller in the oak tree meadow
2. Acton: from the settlement with oak trees
3. Addison: son of Adam
4. Adney: dweller of the island
5. Afton: from Afton, England
6. Aiken: made of oak
7. Al: a form of Alan; Albert; Alexander
8. Alcott: old Stone house
9. Alden: old and wise friend
10. Alder: alder tree
11. Aldis: old house
12. Aldwin: old and wise friend
13. Alec: helper or defender of humankind
14. Alfred: wise judge; elf counselor
15. Allard: noble; brave
16. Allison: Alice’s son; noble birth
17. Alston: from the old village; from the noble town
18. Alton: of the old town
19. Ansley: from the meadow
20. Anson: Ann’s son
21. Archer: bowman
22. Arden: dwelling place; valley of the eagles
23. Ardley: ardent meadow
24. Aric: brave ruler
25. Arley: of the hare’s meadow
26. Arnett: little eagle
27. Arundel: eagle valley
28. Ascot: of the eastern cottage
29. Ash: from the ash tree
30. Ashford: ash tree ford
31. Ashley: from the meadow; from the grove of ash trees
32. Ashton: of the ash tree town
33. Aspen: flower from Brittany; aspen tree
34. Atherton: town by the stream; spring
35. Atley: at the meadow
36. Atwell: at the spring; well
37. Atwood: at the wood
38. Atworth: at the farm
39. Aubrey: elf ruler
40. Auburn: reddish-brown colour
41. Auden: old friend
42. Audric: wise ruler
43. Averill: slayer of the boar; boar like
44. Avery: elf ruler
45. Axton: sword sharpener’s stone
46. Ayers: heir to a fortune
47. Aylmer: noble; famous
48. Aylwin: noble friend

Native American boy names that start with A:

1. Adahy: in the woods
2. Adriel: symbol of skill
3. Ahanu: he who laughs
4. Ahdik: deer; caribou
5. Akando: ambush
6. Akule: he looks up
7. Alo: one who is spiritual guide
8. Anakin: solider
9. Anchali: painter
10. Anoke: actor
11. Apiatan: wooden lance
12. Awan: person of significance

Irish boy names that start with A:

1. Aden: fairy one
2. Adhamh: man of the red earth; the first man according to the bible
3. Ahearn: owner or lord of many horses
4. Aidan: little fairy one
5. Aindrea: strong; brave
6. Alan: handsome; noble; peaceful
7. Allen: handsome; noble; peaceful
8. Annan: from the stream
9. Argyle: from Ireland
10. Arlen: pledge; promise
11. Artie: strong as a rock
12. Arthur: strong as a rock
13. Athol: from Ireland

Pakistani boy names that start with A:

1. Adri: rock
2. Ali: elevated; superior
3. Aryan: beyond anyone’s strength
4. Atfat: affection; compassion
5. Atheel: high in status and nobility
6. Awadil: justice and fairness
7. Awamiri: long-lived
8. Awani: helper; supporter
9. Ayaan: they are inclined towards God
10. Ayamin: one who is plessed

Spanish boy names that start with A:

1. Abejundio: resembling a bee
2. Abundio: a man of plenty
3. Agustin: venerable; the exalted one
4. Alejandro: helper or defender of humankind
5. Alfonse: noble; ready
6. Alonso: noble; ready
7. Alroy: the king
8. Antenor: one who antagonizes
9. Araldo: great leader of the army
10. Arrio: warlike
11. Arturo: strong as a bear; strong as a rock

Japanese boy names that start with A:

1. Ai: love; affection
2. Akemi: dawn
3. Akihiko: bright prince
4. Akihito: bright; compassionate
5. Akiko: surrounded by bright light
6. Akimitsu: bright light
7. Akio: bright; luminous
8. Akira: bright; intelligent; wisdom
9. Aoi: blueish green
10. Aoki: blue tree
11. Arata: fresh; new
12. Asa: morning
13. Asahi: sunlight
14. Asuka: tomorrow; fragrance; bird
15. Ayumu: walking dream

Welsh boy names that start with A:

1. Aled: offspring
2. Alun: handsome; noble; peaceful
3. Aneurin: truly golden; honorable
4. Angwyn: handsome
5. Anwell: beloved; dearest
6. Art: strong as a bear
7. Arthfael: bear; strength
8. Arthur: strong as a bear
9. Arvel: wept over
10. Auryn: gold

Scandinavian boy names that start with A:

1. Aage: representative of ancestors
2. Aksel: leopard
3. Algot: noble geat
4. Alvis: wise
5. Anders: strong; courageous; manly
6. Anund: one who is protected by the sword
7. Argus: watchful; vigilant
8. Arkin: son of the eternal King
9. Arve: heir
10. Ask: ash tree
11. Atle: father
12. Audun: deserted
13. Aulay: family descendant
14. Axl: father of peace

Maori boy names that start with A:

1. Aata: bear; stone
2. Aiali’i: chief of a village
3. Akahata: supreme
4. Amahau: to gather
5. Amiri: east wind
6. Anewa: to fall
7. Ari: a majestic eagle
8. Atama: soul; expensive
9. Atawhai: kind; caring

Italian boy names that start with A:

1. Abramo: the Italian version of Abraham
2. Adalberto: noble; bright
3. Ademaro: wealth; fortune; fame
4. Agapito: beloved
5. Agostino: to increase
6. Alessio: defend; help
7. Alfonso: prepared for battle; eager and ready
8. Amedeo: to love God
9. Amerigo: hardworking ruler; ruler of the home
10. Andino: manly; warrior
11. Antonio: priceless
12. Armando: army man
13. Aureliano: golden

Chinese boy names that start with A :

1. Abahai: the man of fire
2. Ah Cy: lovely
3. Aiguo: love of country
4. An: peaceful
5. An Shi: peaceful; tranquil; quit
6. An Yi: easy and comfortable

Russian boy names that start with A:

1. Alexei: defender of mankind
2. Alexis: to protect; to defend
3. Anatoliy: Sunrise
4. Andrei: strong; courageous; manly
5. Andrey: strong; courageous; manly
6. Anfisa: flowering
7. Anja: resurrection
8. Antonina: priceless
9. Anya: resurrection
10. Arkady: bold; happy land 
11. Artyom: unharmed; of pure birth

Thai boy names that start with A :

1. Aat: brave
2. Ananda: wealthy
3. Anuman: impatient
4. Anurak: the name of an angel in Thai myth
5. Apinya: magical
6. Aran: forest
7. Aroon: dawn
8. Arthit: of the sun
9. Asnee: lightening
10. Atid: sun

Danish boy names that start with A:

1. Aksel: my father is peace
2. Amberson: power; vigor
3. Ansgar: spear of god
4. Aren: eagle; ruler
5. Asbjorn: God of bears
6. Asger: spear of god
7. Asmund: divine protection

Hawaiian boy names that start with A:

1. Aalona: exalted; high mountain
2. Ahe: gentle breeze
3. Aheahe: gentle breeze
4. Ailani: high chief; ruler
5. Akamai: intelligent; clever
6. Akamu: earth; formed by God
7. Akela: grateful; noble
8. Akoni: praiseworthy
9. Alika: guardian
10. Aloha: loving person
11. Anankoni: praiseworthy
12. Ano: immaculate
13. Aolani: heavenly cloud
14. Aukai: seafarer

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