277 boy names that start with O and meanings 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with O, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with O contains ( 277 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key symbolism and personality for names start with O:

According to name echo, the letter O has an energy that represents being patient, responsible and curious.

People whose names start with letter O have high ideals and strong morals.

Thoss people have strong spiritual beliefs and will, but at the same time they are very sensitive and have a problem with being too jealous.

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277 boy names that start with O 2022

German boy names that start with O:

1. Oberon: a royal bear; having the heart of a bear
2. Obert: a wealthy and bright man
3. Odolf: prosperous wolf
4. Odwin: noble friend
5. Onofrio: peaceful protector of the home
6. Orlando: famous; renowned in the land
7. Orman: mariner
8. Otis: son of Otto
9. Otto: prosperous
10. Ottokar: a spirited warrior

African boy names that start with O:

1. Oba: king
2. Ocan: hard times
3. Ochi: filled with laughter
4. Ode: born on the road during travel
5. Odion: the firstborn of twins
6. Odissan: a wanderer; a traveller
7. Odom: oak tree
8. Ogbonna: the child looks like his father
9. Ogun: god of war
10. Ohanzee: shadowy one who brings comfort
11. Ohin: chief
12. Ohitekah: brave
13. Ojo: difficult delivery
14. Okal: to cross
15. Okapi: resembling an animal with long neck
16. Okechuku: blessed by God; God’s gift
17. Okeke: born on market day
18. Oko: god of war
19. Okpara: first-born son
20. Oktawian: the eighth-born child
21. Ola: wealthy
22. Olafemi: a lucky young man
23. Olamina: this child is my wealth
24. Olisholo: God has blessed me with this child
25. Olubayo: this child gives the highest joy
26. Olufemi: wealth and honour is mine
27. Olujimi: one who is close to God; God gave me this child
28. Olumide: God has arrived
29. Omari: firstborn son
30. Omolara: child who is born at the expected time
31. Onani: looking quickly
32. Onyebuchi: God is in everything
33. Opio: first born of twin boys
34. Orji: mighty tree
35. Orunjan: born under the midday sun
36. Osahar: God has heard me
37. Oraze: a child that God loves
38. Osei: noble
39. Otem: born away from home
40. Ottah: thin baby
41. Ottar: warrior who instils fear

English boy names that start with O:

1. Oake: oak tree
2. Oakley: field of oak trees
3. Obie: servant of the lord
4. Ocean: ocean; sea
5. Odam: a sons-in-law
6. Oder: from the river
7. Ogden: lives beside the oak tree
8. Ollie: olive tree
9. Olney: from the loner’s field
10. Oram: from the enclosure near the riverbank
11. Ormond: one who defends with a spear; from the mountain of bears
12. Orrick: at the old oak tree
13. Orrin: river
14. Orth: an honest man
15. Orton: from the settlement by the shore
16. Orvin: spear friend
17. Os: the divine
18. Osbert: divine; bright
19. Osborn: warrior of God
20. Oscar: a spear of the gods
21. Osgood: divinely good
22. Osman: servant of God
23. Osmar: wonderful; divine
24. Osmond: godly defence; divine protector
25. Osric: divine ruler
26. Oswald: the power of God
27. Oswin: a friend of God
28. Owen: well-born; noble
29. Oxford: where oxen cross the river
30. Oxley: meadow of the oxen
31. Oxton: from the oxen town

Greek boy names that start with O:

1. Oceanus: god of the sea
2. Ode: a lyric poem
3. Odel: ode; melody
4. Odysseus: full of wrath
5. Omega: the last great one; the last letter of the Greek alphabet
6. Orane: rising
7. Orestes: mountain climber
8. Orion: a great hunter; son of fire
9. Osias: salvation
10. Otis: one who hears well

Hebrew boy names that start with O:

1. Obadiah: servant of the lord
2. Obed: working; servant
3. Oded: supportive and encouraging
4. Ofer: young deer
5. Ofir: the golden son
6. Omeet: my light
7. Ophir: faithful
8. Oren: from the pine tree
9. Ori: light; my light
10. Orly: surrounded by light
11. Ornice: from the cedar tree
12. Osher: a man of good fortune
13. Othniel: God’s lion
14. Oved: one who worships
15. Oz: having great strength
16. Ozias: the lord’s strength
17. Ozni: one who knows God

Scandinavian boy names that start with O:

1. Odd: point
2. Odin: in mythology, the supreme deity
3. Odo: rich
4. Ola: sun mount; high
5. Olaf: the remaining of the ancestors
6. Oliwa: kind
7. Ollie: kind
8. Osborn: divine bear
9. Oscar: divine spearman
10. Ove: the spear’s tip

Hungarian boy names that start with O:

1. Odinan: wealthy and powerful
2. Odon: wealthy protector
3. Oguz: an arrow
4. Ond: the tenth-born child
5. Orban: urbon; from the city
6. Orkény: frightening man
7. Ormos: like a cliff
8. Ozseb: pious

Native American boy names that start with O:

1. Odakota: friendly
2. Ogaleesha: a man wearing a red shirt
3. Ogima: chief
4. Ohanko: a restless man
5. Oklahoma: of the red people
6. Oqwapi: resembling a red cloud
7. Otadan: plentiful
8. Otoahhastis: resembling a tall bull
9. Otu: one who collects seashells in a basket
10. Ouray: the arrow

Irish boy names that start with O:

1. Odran: pale green
2. Oghe: one who rides horses
3. Ogilvy: from the high peak
4. Oisin: little deer
5. Oistin: venerable; the exalted one
6. O’Neil: son of Neil
7. Oran: green
8. Oren: pale-skinned
9. Ornice: a pale-skinned man
10. O’shea: son of Shea

Indian boy names that start with O:

1. Ogan: wave
2. Oha: meditation; true knowledge
3. Oisin: divine
4. Ojas: body strength
5. Ojaswit: a powerful and radiant man
6. Ojayit: courageous
7. Oliveanthan: king of light
8. Omeed: hope
9. Omna: pious; pure
10. Onain: vision
11. Onik: soldier
12. Onir: shinning
13. Onkar: the purest one
14. Ooviyen: artist
15. Osho: dear
16. Ovian: artist

Turkish boy names that start with O:

1. Oguz: priceless; treasurable person
2. Ohannes: God is gracious
3. Okan: resembling a horse
4. Olcay: champion; conqueror; leader
5. Onan: prosperous
6. Onur: honour
7. Orhan: meek in spirit; manner
8. Osman: ruler
9. Osmanek: one with an expressive and vibrant nature; chief
10. Ozge: Unique and different individual

Japanese boy names that start with O:

1. Oda: small rice paddy
2. Ohta: free from dirt
3. Oki: from the center of the ocean
4. Okimoto: one who comes from the open sea
5. Okura: large warehouse
6. Omaro: he who shouts
7. Osamu: discipline; logic
8. Oshin: flower
9. Ozuru: resembling a stork

Russian boy names that start with O:

1. Okb: a confident man
2. Oleg: one who is holy
3. Olezka: holy
4. Ony: eagle
5. Oral: eagle
6. Orel: eagle
7. Oriel: eagle

Latin boy names that start with O:

1. Octavius: eighth-born child
2. Oliver: from the olive tree
3. Oratio: timekeeper
4. Ordell: of the beginning
5. Orel: listener
6. Orien: visitor from the east
7. Orleans: the golden child
8. Orris: one who is inventive
9. Orry: oriental
10. Orsino: bear
11. Orson: resembling a bear; raised by a bear
12. Ossian: fawn 
13. Ostin: venerable
14. Ovid: a shepherd

Arabic boy names that start with O:

1. Obaid: small slave
2. Omair: firstborn son; eloquent speaker
3. Omar: long-lived
4. Omer: a flourishing man; one who is well-spoken
5. Omran: solid structure
6. Onslow: from the hill of the enthusiast
7. Osama: lion
8. Othman: wise; most powerful

Hawaiian boy names that start with O:

1. Oke: divine spearman
2. Olakeakua: the living god
3. Olina: joyful
4. Oliwa: olive tree
5. Onaona: having a pleasant scent

Czech boy names that start with O:

1. Oehoo: watchful; vigilant
2. Oeznik: butcher
3. Oldoich: prosperity power
4. Oldrich: rich heritage
5. Ondrej: a manly man
6. Ondoej: man; warrior
7. Ondrej: manly
8. Ota: prosperous
9. Otakar: watchful of wealth
10. Otokar: watchful of wealth

Italian boy names that start with O:

1. Odoacer: the goddess person
2. Oliviero: the usage from Oliver
3. Omkar: holy sound and letter
4. Omparkash: the light of God
5. Onofre: the one who fights for peace and harmony
6. Onofrio: a defender of peace
7. Orazio: the person who is steadfast in prayers
8. Orsino: bear
9. Ottavio: eighth
10. Ovidio: an individual who is like a sheep

Scottish boy names that start with O:

1. Oban: an enchanting brave person
2. Ogilvy: compassionate
3. Oglesby: not widely known
4. Oidhche: night
5. Ord: a hammer; a point
6. Oren: a pale-skinned man
7. Oscar: a friend of deer
8. Owen: a youthful man

French boy names that start with O:

1. Oates: charming love; charming friend
2. Octave: gentleman; one who helps others
3. Odil: who is always on the right bath
4. Olever: olive tree; represents peace
5. Ordric: wise ruler
6. Oriel: golden
7. Orry: the cub of the bear
8. Orval: a town of gold
9. Orvel: the golden and shinning person
10. Orville: from the gold town
11. Otave: eighth-born child
12. Othon: a fortunate and wealthy person
13. Ottewell: the prosperous son of Otewel
14. Outacite: man-killer
15. Ourson: resembling a little bear

Welsh boy names that start with O:

1. Ofydd: Roman poet
2. Olwydd: tracker
3. Ondyaw: legendary son of French Duke
4. Orwel: of the horizon
5. Oswallt: strength from God
6. Owain: young warrior
7. Owen: a well-born man
8. Owynn: well-born

Spanish boy names that start with O:

1. Oalo: small
2. Octaviano: eighth-born child
3. Oleos: the holy oil used in church
4. Olo: famous; renowned in the land
5. Orlando: rainy season; showers from heaven
6. Oro: golden
7. Ossie: a form of Osborn, Oswald
8. Osvaldo: divine power
9. Othello: prosperous
10. Ozzie: a form of Osborn; Oswald

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