386 Baby boy names that start with C 2022

Today we are going to introduce you to some of the best boy names that start with C, from different origins with meanings.

Every region of the world comes with its own collection of girl namesboy names and gender neural names.

With so many boy name options out there, choosing the right one can be a difficult decision. The name you choose for your baby boy will be a defining piece of her throughout her life.

Some people love popular boy names and want to choose one that is trending, while others prefer uncommon baby names.

So if you are expecting a baby boy, or you know a pregnant woman with a boy, this is a guide for you.

This guide of male names that start with C contains ( 386 ) baby boy names from different origins with meanings whether you go for a strong and powerful boy names, or a rare and unique one.

Key features for girl names starting with letter C:

Creativeness, communicative, courageous, optimistic, and enthusiastic. These are the simple key features for the girl names starting with letter C.

C is the letter of community and C is the letter of care. If you give your child a name starting with letter C, it means that he/she is a community person and are easy to get along with.

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Baby boy names that start with C 2022

English boy names that start with C:

1. Cable: maker of rope
2. Cadby: warrior’s settlement
3. Cairbre: strong man
4. Calder: river of stones
5. Caldwell: cold well
6. Calvert: herder of calves
7. Camden: winding; windy Valley
8. Carl: strong; courageous
9. Carleton: Carl’s town
10. Carlton: Carl’s town
11. Carrington: town where goods are loaded; rocky town; town of the marsh
12. Carson: son of Carr
13. Carter: cart maker
14. Cartwright: cart maker; cart builder
15. Carver: sculptor; wood carver
16. Cater: supplier of household goods
17. Cecil: blind
18. Cedar: evergreen tree
19. Chad: warlike; warrior
20. Chadwick: town of the warrior
21. Chance: luck; fortune; chance
22. Channing: wise
23. Chapman: merchant
24. Charles: strong; courageous; manly
25. Charlie: strong; courageous; manly
26. Charlton: Charles’s town
27. Chatham: warrior’s cottage; house
28. Chaz: strong; courageous
29. Cherub: little angel
30. Chester: fortified camp
31. Chilton: children’s farm by the spring
32. Churchill: Church Hill
33. Clay: clay; earth
35. Clayborne: made from clay
36. Clayton: town established on clay
37. Cleveland: land close to cliffs
38. Clifford: cliff at the river ford
39. Clifton: town by the cliff
40. Clinton: hill town
41. Clive: cliff
42. Coburn: meeting place of two streams
43. Coby: replacer
44. Cody: cushion; pillow
45. Colby: coal town; dark-haired
46. Cole: black; dark; swarthy
47. Collier: miner
48. Colt: young horse
49. Colter: colt herder
50. Colton: black-coat town
51. Cook: chef; cook
52. Cooper: barrel maker
53. Courtland: dweller in court
54. Courtnry: from the court
55. Cramer: full
56. Crandall: Valley of the cranes
57. Crane: crane bird
58. Crawford: Ford of the crows
59. Creighton: town near rocks
60. Cromwell: winding spring
61. Crosby: dweller near the town crossing
62. Crosley: meadow with the cross
63. Culver: gentle dove
64. Cuthbert: famous; brilliant
65. Cyan: blue colour

Welsh boy names that start with C:

1. Caddock: keen in battle
2. Cadeyrn: battle king
3. Cadfan: battle peak
4. Cadogan: honour in battle
5. Cairn: landmark containing a pile of stones
6. Caradoc: beloved; amiable
7. Cardew: black fort
8. Carey: from the castle
9. Carwyn: blessed love
10. Cary: from the castle
11. Cerdic: beloved
12. Cerek: lord
13. Cledwyn: rough; blessed
14. Conway: holy water
15. Craddock: love; beloved
16. Cranog: a heron
17. Crisiant: crystal
18. Cynan: chief

Irish boy names that start with C:

1. Cade: battle
2. Cadell: battle
3. Cadmon: warrior
4. Cadmar: brave warrior
5. Calbhack: bald
6. Calhoun: warrior of the forest
7. Callum: dove; peacemaker
8. Carden: from the black fortress
9. Carlin: little champion
10. Carney: brave; victorious; warrior
11. Carrick: rock
12. Carroll: champion
13. Case: brave
14. Casey: brave
15. Cashlin: little castle
16. Cassidy: clever; curly-haired
17. Cathal: wise; mighty
18. Cathmor: great warrior
19. Cavan: handsome
20. Cian: ancient
21. Clancy: red-headed soliders
22. Cleary: scholar
23. Cluny: meadow; resting place
24. Clyde: heard from afar
25. Cola: victory of the people
26. Cole: promise; victory of the people
27. Colin: dove; young child
28. Colm: dove
29. Columba: dove
30. Coman: bent
31. Conan: praised
32. Conlan: hero
33. Conn: high
34. Conner: praised
35. Connor: praised
36. Conroy: wise man
37. Conway: hound of the plains
38. Corcoran: of reddish complexion
39. Corey: hollow
40. Cormac: chariot boy
41. Corrigan: spear carrier
42. Coyle: leader in battle
43. Crevan: fox
44. Cronan: dark-haired
45. Cullen: handsome
46. Culley: forest
47. Curran: hero

French boy names that start with C:

1. Cable: maker of rope
2. Campbell: beautiful field
3. Cannon: Church official; gun
4. Carden: wool camber
5. Carel: strong
6. Cavell: little active one
7. Chandler: candle maker
8. Chaney: oak
9. Chante: singer
10. Chapin: clergyman
11. Chase: Hunter
12. Cheney: oak forest
13. Chevalier: knight
14. Chevy: knight
15. Clark: cleric; scholar
16. Corbin: raven
17. Cordell: rope-maker
18. Coty: slope
19. Courtney: short nose
20. Curt: courteous
21. Curtis: courteous
22. Cyprian: from Cyprus

Greek boy names that start with C:

1. Cadmus: eastern
2. Calisto: most beautiful
3. Calix: most beautiful
4. Carey: pure
5. Casta: purity
6. Castor: beaver
7. Christian: carrier of Christ; follows Christ
8. Christopher: christ-bearer; carrier of Christ
9. Christos: christ-bearer; carrier of Christ
10. Chrysander: golden
11. Cleon: famous
12. Cletus: illustrious
13. Corban: raven
14. Cosmo: universal order
15. Costa: constant; firm
16. Cyril: lordly ruler

Persian boy names that start with C:

1. Cas: an imperial man
2. Casper: treasure
3. Cem: born leader and a ruler
4. Chai: filled with joy and happiness
5. Chamali: one who serves water
6. Charlesh: cheif of the tribe
7. Chashida: an experienced man
8. Chawish: leader of the tribe
9. Chishti: a saint from Ajmer
10. Ciro: the sun
11. Cye: sun; majestic and charming
12. Cyrus: sun

Hebrew boy names that start with C:

1. Cain: spear; possession; first son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother
2. Cal: a devoted person
3. Cale: faithful
4. Caleb: bold dog; faithful
5. Calev: like a heart
6. Cane: a spear
7. Carmi: vineyard
8. Cephas: stone; rock
9. Chaim: life
10. Chananel: God is passionate
11. Chanon: cloud
12. Chaviv: he who is beloved
13. Chayim: life
14. Cherub: angel
15. Chesed: merciful
16. Chiram: noble; exalted
17. Coniah: gift sent from God
18. Cunacus: meant to be read

Latin boy names that start with C:

1. Caesar: long-haired; emperor
2. Callis: cup; chalice
3. Calvin: bald
4. Camilo: child born to freedom
5. Canute: white-haired
6. Canyon: grand craggy Valley
7. Carmine: song
8. Cash: vain
9. Cassius: vain
10. Cato: knowledgeable; wise
11. Caton: knowledgeable
12. Celerino: fast
13. Celestine: heavenly one; little moon
14. Cephas: rock
15. Cesar: emperor; long-haired
16. Chancellor: record keeper
17. Chauncey: chancellor; Church official
18. Cicero: chickpea
19. Clarence: clear; bright; illustrious
20. Claude: lame
21. Clement: gentle; merciful
22. Colbert: brilliant seafarer
23. Colon: dove
24. Columba: dove
25. Constantine: constant; firm
26. Corbett: raven
27. Cornelius: horn colour; cornel tree
28. Creed: I believe
29. Crispin: curly-haired
30. Cyrano: from Cyrene

Turkish boy names that start with C:

1. Cahil: young 
2. Can: full of spirit; life and heart
3. Candanin: he is sincere and honest
4. Candon: a sincere and honest man
5. Cenk: who wins a war
6. Cetin: strong; tough; hard

Scottish boy names that start with C:

1. Caley: slender
2. Cam: crooked nose
3. Cameron: crooked nose
4. Campbell: wry; crooked mouth
5. Carmichael: friend
6. Cawley: ancient
7. Chalmers: son of the lord
8. Conan: wise; intelligent
9. Conner: wise; intelligent
10. Connor: wise; intelligent

Australian aboriginal boy names that start with C:

1. Callan: sparrow-hawk bird
2. Canberra: a meeting place
3. Chippia: duck
4. Cobar: burnt soil
5. Coen: thunder

Indian boy names that start with C:

1. Cachari: moving quickly
2. Caha: desire; loving
3. Caksu: eye
4. Cakrin: a king
5. Chaaruchandra: beautiful moon
6. Chaaruhaas: beautiful smile
7. Chaarun: peaceful
8. Chahat: desire; love; affection
9. Chaman: garden
10. Champak: tree; flower
11. Chan: shinning
12. Chanchareek: bee
13. Chandan: sandalwood
14. Chander: moon
15. Chandrak: peacock feather
16. Chankit: rising star
17. Charish: grace
18. Chellan: precious
19. Chitrarath: the sun
20. Citten: thinker; intelligent; wise

Chinese boy names that start with C:

1. Chang ming: forever bright
2. Chang pu: forever simple
3. Chao: surpassing
4. Chen: great; vast
5. Cheng: correct; righteous
6. Chenglei: becoming great
7. Cheung: good luck
8. Chi: younger energy; relax
9. Chung: the wise one
10. Cong: intelligent; clever

Native American boy names that start with C:

1. Caiya: to be near something
2. Calin: warrior of life
3. Catahecassa: black hoof
4. Chantesuta: has a firm heart
5. Chardon: bar of sand
6. Chaytan: a patient, diplomat individual; like a hawk
7. Chayton: the mighty falcon
8. Cherokee: dawn 
9. Chesmu: abrasive; rough
10. Chetanzi: a yellow hawk
11. Cheveyo: warrior
12. Cheyenne: tribal name
13. Chimalus: a bluebird
14. Chogan: a blackbird
15. Citana: a star
16. Citlali: a star; an object of the space or universe
17. Cuauhtemoc: a falling eagle
18. Cuba: the centre of an island

African boy names that start with C:

1. Camar: teacher
2. Camarsa: born to teach
3. Carrizoa: a wetland of life
4. Cayman: like an alligator
5. Chacha: strong man
6. Chidike: the one guided by God
7. Chike: power of God
8. Chima: God knows everything
9. Chioke: gift of God
10. Chipo: gift
11. Chitundu: bird nest
12. Chiumbo: little
13. Chui: leopard
14. Clevon: one who livesin the cliff
15. Coffie: born on a Friday

Korean boy names that start with C:

1. Chin Hae: truth; depth of the ocean
2. Chin Hwa: the most prosperous and wealthiest one
3. Chin Mae: truth; truthful person
4. Chul: firm
5. Chul Moo: the weapon of iron
6. Chung Ae: noble
7. Chung Hee: righteous
8. Chung Ho: righteous lake

Vietnamese boy names that start with C:

1. Cais: rejoice
2. Canh: the endlessness of the environment
3. Chim: bird
4. Chung: common
5. Chuong: chapter

German boy names that start with C:

1. Carl: free man
2. Caspar: treasure
3. Carper: basket maker
4. Claus: victory of the people
5. Ceorl: a husband
6. Chuckie: free man
7. Coen: brave advisor
8. Conard: brave; counseller
9. Cord: maker or seller of rope
10. Cort: bold

Portuguese boy names that start with C:

1. Caetano: one from Caieta
2. Celestino: a heavenly person
3. Celio: a heavenly body
4. Celso: active and majestic
5. Cosme: order; pattern
6. Cruz: cross

Hungarian boy names that start with C:

1. Csaba: shepherd
2. Cseke: puller; carrier
3. Csepel: young forest
4. Csonger: hunting bird

Scandinavian boy names that start with C:

1. Cai: to rejoice; sea
2. Cajetan: a rejoiced man
3. Calixtus: most beautiful
4. Calle: thin
5. Canute: knot
6. Canutus: thin
7. Carr: from the marsh
8. Carson: mossy place
9. Colman: charcoal burner
10. Crosbie: at the Cross
11. Crospy: dweller near the town crossing
12. Cnut: knot

Italian boy names that start with C:

1. Cabrini: one who sails
2. Caelian: a man from heaven
3. Calogero: a beautiful elderly man
4. Calvino: bald
5. Calogiru: beautiful elder
6. Cario: a caring man
7. Carlo: strong; courageous; manly
8. Carmelo: an orchard that is fruitful
9. Caspari: treasure bearer
10. Catarino: a genuine man
11. Celso: active; majestic
12. Cesare: a long-haired man
13. Cherubino: little cherub; angel
14. Claudio: lame

Spanish boy names that start with C:

1. Carlos: strong; courageous; manly
2. Chago: replacer
3. Chale: strong; youthful
4. Charro: horse rider
5. Che: God shall add
6. Chencho: crown of laurel leaves; victory
7. Chepe: God shall add
8. Chico: boy
9. Chumo: twin
10. Cid: lord
11. Consuelo: consolation
12. Cordero: little lamb
13. Cristo: christ bearer; follows christ
14. Cruz: cross

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