15 Halloween dinner ideas 2022


It’s that Halloween time of year again! So I rounded up 15 posts about Halloween dinner ideas to help you make an unforgettable Halloween dinner.
These Halloween food ideas are a total scream, and are perfect for your Halloween party or simply for making a family meal a little more spooky.

Halloween dinner ideas 2022:

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

1- Halloween Buffalo chicken Jack-O-Lantern stuffed peppers:

These Halloween buffalo chicken jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers are super easy to make, fun to look at, and of course they’re delicious as well! This is a filling Halloween dinner recipe which will fill you up before the candies come out.

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

2- Spider Halloween pizza with black charcoal crust:

This pizza with black olive spiders uses charcoal powder for colouring. If you are looking for something for Halloween dinner menu for adults and kids, you need to give this a try!

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

3- monster sloppy Joes:

Monster sloppy Joes turn a weeknight meal into a sloppy Monster masterpiece! Easy to make for a crowd, and budget friendly to boot!

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

4- Halloween meatloaf:

Halloween meatloaf is a fun Halloween dinner recipe that is both spooky and tasty! Kids love that as it looks like a zombie!

5- Halloween pasta:

This Halloween pasta recipe is spooky fun and a perfect meal to serve before Trick-O-Treating! Spooky black pasta is served with a quick beef ragu and pretend eyeballs made of mozzarella and olives.

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

6- Halloween spider web dip:

Halloween spider web dip is a spooktacular layered dip that will have all the Ghouls and Booys dipping away to their heart’s content. This Tex-Mex style appetizer is quick to assemble and so much fun to decorate!

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

7- Puking pumpkin Halloween taco bread:

Turn taco night into a spooky Halloween themed dinner with a trio of puking pumpkins! Great idea for a fun family dinner that both kids and adults will love! Learn this recipe from here.

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

8- Creamy pumpkin cauliflower Alfredo:

Both kids and grown ups will go bonkers for this fun ( and sneakily healthy) version of pumpkin cauliflower Alfredo. Appropriately named the smashed spider, this pasta is all about healthy veggies and power packed super foods!

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

9- Spooky Halloween Chili:

Hearty chilly is mixed with worm-like noodles, hot dog fingers and toes, and spooky egg eyeballs for a Halloween themed dinner to remember! Learn this recipe from here.

10- Toxic waste Mac and Cheese:

Your kids will love eating this disgustingly delicious toxic waste Mac and cheese. It is easy to make and healthy too!

11- Halloween stuffed peppers with ground beef:

Turn heads for Halloween with Jack O’Lantern shepherd’s pie stuffed peppers with a savoury meat and veggie filling and cheesy mashed potatoes on top!

12- Turkey meatballs and black bean pasta with Mexican flavour:

Favourite taco flavours in a spooky Halloween dinner recipe! Black bean pasta with taco Turkey eyeball meatballs are delicious and the hit of the holiday! Learn this recipe from here.

Halloween dinner ideas 2022

13- Frankenstein Fettuccine:

This Frankenstein fettuccine is a fun and easy Halloween pasta recipe, using a simple fettuccine sauce, green fettuccine noodles, black olives and parmesan cheese. It’s the ideal Frankenstein food and Halloween dinner idea for kids and adults!

14- Mummy dogs:

These fun Halloween mummy dogs are not only cute and kind of hilarious, they are super easy to make. The homemade dough makes them tasty, too!

15- Mommy in a coffin pizza:

Mummy in a coffin pizza is so quick, simple and tasty as well as being the perfect Halloween meal! Great for kids to make!


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