265 Italian boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Italian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 265 ) Italian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Italian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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265 Italian boy names with meanings

Italian boy names that start with A:

1. Abramo: the Italian version of Abraham
2. Adalberto: noble; bright
3. Ademaro: wealth; fortune; fame
4. Agapito: beloved
5. Agostino: to increase
6. Alessio: defend; help
7. Alfonso: prepared for battle; eager and ready
8. Amedeo: to love God
9. Amerigo: hardworking ruler; ruler of the home
10. Andino: manly; warrior
11. Antonio: priceless
12. Armando: army man
13. Aureliano: golden

Italian boy names that start with B:

1. Baldovino: brave friend
2. Basilio: royal; like a king
3. Bastiano: venerable
4. Battista: to baptise
5. Belveder: beautiful
6. Benedetto: blessed
7. Benito: blessed
8. Beppe: God shall increase
9. Bonaro: good friend
10. Bonaventure: good adventure
11. Bruno: brown-haired

Italian boy names that start with C:

1. Cabrini: one who sails
2. Caelian: a man from heaven
3. Calogero: a beautiful elderly man
4. Calvino: bald
5. Calogiru: beautiful elder
6. Cario: a caring man
7. Carlo: strong; courageous; manly
8. Carmelo: an orchard that is fruitful
9. Caspari: treasure bearer
10. Catarino: a genuine man
11. Celso: active; majestic
12. Cesare: a long-haired man
13. Cherubino: little cherub; angel
14. Claudio: lame

Italian boy names that start with D:

1. Damiano: tamer
2. Dante: lasting; enduring
3. Dario: rich; wealthy
4. Davide: beloved
5. Deangelo: angel
6. Demetrio: lover of the earth
7. Dino: one who wields a little sword; from the valley
8. Donato: a gift from God
9. Draco: dragon
10. Drago: dragon

Italian boy names that start with E:

1. Edmondo: rich; happy; prosperous protector
2. Edoardo: prosperous guardian
3. Egidio: resembling a young goat
4. Emiliano: rival
5. Emilio: rival; competition
6. Enzo: the ruler of the estate
7. Epifanio: revelation to God
8. Erasto: beloved
9. Ercole: wonderful gift
10. Erminio: warrior
11. Este: from the east
12. Ettore: reliable; steadfast

Italian boy names that start with F:

1. Fabiano: bean grower
2. Fabrizio: one with skillfull hands; craftman
3. Fabio: he who owns a bean farm
4. Fabricio: very crafty
5. Fantino: baby boy
6. Farro: of the grain
7. Fazio: good worker
8. Federico: peaceful ruler
9. Felice: fortunate; happy; lucky
10. Ferdinando: courageous; adventurous
11. Ferrari: blacksmith
12. Fico: like a fig
13. Fiorello: resembling a little flower
14. Fortino: fortunate; lucky
15. Francesco: free; from France

Italian boy names that start with G:

1. Gabbana: a creative man
2. Gabriele: devoted to God
3. Gennaro: born in January
4. Genoah: from the city of Genoa
5. Geraldo: spear carrier
6. Gerardo: spear carrier
7. Geremia: one who is exalted by the lord
8. Geronimo: sacred name; holy
9. Gervasio: spear carrier
10. Giacomo: replacer; supplanter
11. Gian: God is gracious
12. Giancarlo: one who is gracious and mighty
13. Gianni: God is gracious
14. Giano: God is gracious
15. Gianpaolo: combination of Gian and Paolo
16. Gilberto: brilliant pledge
17. Gino: well-born; noble
18. Gioacchino: God will establish
19. Giona: dove
20. Giordano: flowing down; descending
21. Giorgio: farmer
22. Giosia: God is my salvation
23. Giotto: gentle; kind; God’s peace
24. Giovanni: God is gracious
25. Giuliano: youthful
26. Giulio: youthful
27. Giuseppe: God will add
28. Giustino: just
29. Goffredo: gentle; kind; God’s peace
30. Gregorio: watchful; vigilant
31. Gualtiero: army General
32. Guglielmo: determined guardian
33. Guido: one who acts as a guide
34. Guntero: battle army; bold warrior
35. Gustavo: staff of the goths

Italian boy names that start with H:

1. Henry: ruler of the estate
2. Hieronomo: holy name
3. Horace: the close friend of Hamlet in Shakespeare’s tragedy
4. Horatio: timekeeper
5. Horry: timekeeper

Italian boy names that start with I:

1. Ilario: a cheerful man
2. Ilirio: cheerful
3. Innocent: innocent
4. Innocenty: innocent
5. Innocenzio: innocent
6. Ippolito: freer of horses
7. Italo: from Italy

Italian boy names that start with J:

1. Jacopo: conqueror
2. Januario: of Janus
3. Jeovanni: God is gracious
4. Jeronimo: sacred name
5. Jino: from noble descent
6. Jovanno: God is gracious

Italian boy names starting with K:

1. Kara: dear; beloved
2. Kason: house; home
3. Kristian: follower of Christ
4. Krystallo: Christian

Italian boy names starting with L:

1. Lave: of the burning rock
2. Leo; mighty lion
3. Leonardo: brave like a lion
4. Leone: brave like a lion
5. Lodovico: famous warrior
6. Lorenzo: one who has been crowned with a laurel
7. Loretto: one who has been crowned with a laurel
8. Luca: bringer of light
9. Luciano: light
10. Lucio: bringer of light
11. Luigi: famous warrior
12. Luka: bringer of light

Italian boy names starting with M:

1. Marcelino: warrior; warlike
2. Mario: warrior; warlike
3. Marsalis: warrior; warlike
4. Martino: warrior; warlike
5. Masaccio: twin
6. Massimiliano: greatest
7. Massimo: greatest
8. Matteo: a gift from God
9. Maurilio: dark-skinned man from the moor
10. Mauro: dark-skinned man from the moor
11. Michelangelo: Michael the angel
12. Michele: like God
13. Mozart: breathless

Italian boy names starting with N:

1. Napoleon: a man from Naples
2. Narciso: daffodil
3. Nazario: the one from Nazareth
4. Neroli: resembling an orange blossom
5. Nevio: mole; one with birthmark
6. Nico: victory of the people
7. Nino: God is gracious
8. Nuncio: messenger

Italian boy names starting with O:

1. Odoacer: the goddess person
2. Oliviero: the usage from Oliver
3. Omkar: holy sound and letter
4. Omparkash: the light of God
5. Onofre: the one who fights for peace and harmony
6. Onofrio: a defender of peace
7. Orazio: the person who is steadfast in prayers
8. Orsino: bear
9. Ottavio: eighth
10. Ovidio: an individual who is like a sheep

Italian boy names starting with P:

1. Paco: pack
2. Palmiro: palm tree
3. Pancrazio: all powerful
4. Paolo: small
5. Papa: father
6. Pasquale: born at Easter
7. Patrizio: kind-hearted; noble
8. Piccolo: small; sweet flute
9. Pietro: rock
10. Pino: God shall add
11. Pio: a dutiful person
12. Placido: calm; quiet
13. Plinio: skillfull person
14. Plucca: full of light
15. Pompeo: to show off; showy
16. Proinsias: Frenchman; free one

Italian boy names starting with Q:

1. Quintillu: fifth
2. Quintino: fifth-born son
3. Quinto: fifth-born son
4. Quirino: spear

Italian boy names starting with R:

1. Rafaello: healed by God
2. Raimondo: a mighty protector
3. Remigio: a person who is a rower
4. Remo: an oarsman
5. Renz: a laurel; an award
6. Rico: ruler of the home
7. Rizzo: curly-haired
8. Rocco: to be resting; rock; Stone 
9. Romano: born in Rome
10. Romario: a person from Rome
11. Romeo: traveler to Rome
12. Romolo: one who founded Rome
13. Romy: person from Rome
14. Rufino: a man who is of red hair
15. Ruggerio: famous with a spear

Italian boy names starting with S:

1. Sabin: man of ancient Italian culture
2. Salamon: man of peace
3. Salvatore: saviour; saved
4. Samuele: God has heared
5. Sandro: helper or defender of humankind
6. Santo: a holy man; saint
7. Sebastiano: venerable
8. Sergio: attendant; servant
9. Scirocco: of the warm wind
10. Sigfrido: peaceful victory
11. Silvestro: of the forest
12. Stefano: crowned

Italian boy names that start with T:

1. Taddeo: courageous 
2. Taivan: foreigner
3. Teodosio: given by God
4. Terenzio: smooth; earthly
5. Terzo: third
6. Thomaso: he has a twin
7. Tiberio: the river Tiber in Italy
8. Tino: a man of small stature
9. Tito: lord; honorable title
10. Tolliver: one who cut metals
11. Tonio: priceless
12. Tony: priceless
13. Toti: a gift from God
14. Trilby: singer
15. Tulliu: famous King

Italian boy names that start with U:

1. Uberto: having a shinning intellect; bright mind; bright spirit
2. Ucello: bird
3. Ugo: a great thinker
4. Ullivieri: olive tree
5. Umberto: famous warrior; dark yellow colour of earth
6. Urbano: city dweller
7. Uso: intelligent

Italian boy names that start with V:

1. Valentino: strong; powerful; brave
2. Valerio: brave or strong
3. Vanni: God is gracious
4. Vasilios: royal; kingly
5. Vincenzo: victorious conqueror
6. Vinci: victorious conqueror
7. Vitale: alive; lively
8. Vito: victorious conqueror
9. Vittore: victorious conqueror
10. Vittorio: victor

Italian boy names that start with X, Y:

1. Xanto: golden
2. Xiomar: famous in battle
3. Yovanni: God is gracious
4. Yuri: God is my light

Italian boy names starting with Z:

1. Zacarias: God remembers
2. Zan: clown
3. Zefiro: a gentle wind
4. Zenone: consecrated to Zeus
5. Zenzo: crowned with laurels
6. Zetico: call; demand
7. Zosimo: he who fights

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