445 African boy names with meanings


If you are looking for African male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 445 ) African boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of African baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names

445 African boy names with meanings

African boy names that start with A:

1. Abasi: stern
2. Abedi: one who worships God
3. Ade: royal
4. Adom: God will help
5. Adwin: creative
6. Afram: a river in Ghana
7. Agu: leopard
8. Ajala: potter
9. Akins: brave
10. Ande: pillar
11. Arziki: prosperity
12. Ashon: seventh-born child
13. Ata: twin
14. Ayinde: praise
15. Ayo: happy
16. Azi: young
17. Aziz: precious

African boy names that start with B:

1. Baako: first-born child
2. Babu: grandfather
3. Badru: born at the full moon
4. Bakari: noble promise
5. Barasa: meeting place
6. Baruti: teacher
7. Bello: helpful one
8. Bem: peace
9. Beniam: son of the right hand
10. Bobo: born on a Tuesday
11. Bodua: animal tail
12. Bomani: strong warrior
13. Boseda: born on a Sunday

African boy names that start with C:

1. Camar: teacher
2. Camarsa: born to teach
3. Carrizoa: a wetland of life
4. Cayman: like an alligator
5. Chacha: strong man
6. Chidike: the one guided by God
7. Chike: power of God
8. Chima: God knows everything
9. Chioke: gift of God
10. Chipo: gift
11. Chitundu: bird nest
12. Chiumbo: little
13. Chui: leopard
14. Clevon: one who livesin the cliff
15. Coffie: born on a Friday

African boy names that start with D:

1. Dakarai: filled with happiness
2. Daniachew: a mediator
3. Danso: a reliable man
4. Daren: born at night
5. Davu: of the beginning
6. Dembe: a peaceful man
7. Diji: a farmer
8. Domevlo: one who doesn’t judge others
9. Dumi: one who inspires others
10. Dzigbode: one who is patient

African boy names that start with E:

1. Ebelechukwu: mercy of God
2. Ebo: born on a Tuesday
3. Ede: royal
4. Edem: God has saved me
5. Effiom: resembling a crocodile
6. Ehioze: above the envy of others
7. Ekevu: intelligent
8. Ekon: strong; bold
9. Ekon: strong
10. Elimu: having knowledge of science
11. Enzi: powerful
12. Essien: sixth-born son
13. Eze: a king
14. Ezeji: the king of yams

African boy names that start with F:

1. Fadil: generous
2. Fahmeeb: one who understands
3. Farai: rejoice
4. Faraji: one who provides consolation
5. Farayioluwa: I rely on God
6. Farijika: will comfort
7. Fasilidas: historic King of Ethiopia
8. Feechi: one who worships God
9. Fenuku: born late
10. Fenyang: conqueror
11. Feye: the beginning
12. Fifi: born on Friday
13. Folu: a shy and timid man
14. Foluke: given by God
15. Fram: of the Ofram tree
16. Fudu: tortoise
17. Fulumirani: a journey
18. Funsan: request
19. Funsoni: requested
20. Fynn: river name in Ghana

African boy names that start with G:

1. Gabra: an offering
2. Gahuj: a hunter
3. Gamba: warrior
4. Gazali: a mystic
5. Genet: from Eden
6. Getachew: their master 
7. Gogo: a grandfatherly man
8. Gonza: to love
9. Guban: one who has been burnt
10. Guedado: one who is unwanted
11. Gwandoya: suffering a miserable fate
12. Gyasi: baby

African boy names that start with H:

1. Habimama: one who believes in God
2. Hagos: filled with happiness
3. Hajari: one who takes flight
4. Haji: born during the hajj
5. Hakeem: doctor
6. Halla: an unexpected gift
7. Hamisi: born on a Thursday
8. Hanisi: born on a Friday
9. Hasani: handsome
10. Hirsi: an amulet
11. Hondo: a warring man
12. Hungan: a spirit master; a priest

African boy names that start with I:

1. Iben: harmony
2. Ibrahim: father of the multitudes
3. Ida: born during the holiday of Idd
4. Iggi: only son
5. Idi: born during the festival
6. Idin: unity
7. Ikeno: joy
8. Ilom: he has many enemies
9. Imaran: strong one
10. Imarogbe: child born to a good and caring family
11. Iniko: born during troubled times
12. Ipyana: graceful
13. Irumba: first-born after twins
14. Ishaq: laughter
15. Issa: God is our salvation
16. Itembe: trust; confidence
17. Iyapo: many trails

African boy names that start with J:

1. Ja: one who is magnetic
2. Jaali: powerful
3. Jabari: a valiant man; brave; fearless
4. Jabilo: medicine man
5. Jabulani: happy
6. Jahi: man of dignity
7. Jaja: a gift from God
8. Jelani: one who is mighty; strong
9. Jimiyu: born in the dry season
10. Jimoh: born on a Friday
11. Jojo: born on a Monday
12. Joshi: to gallop
13. Jubah: ant Hill
14. Juma: born on a Friday
15. Jumaane: born on a Tuesday
16. Jumbe: having great strength
17. Jumoke: one who is dearly loved

African boy names that start with K:

1. Kabito: born while dignitaries are visiting
2. Kabonesa: one who is born during difficult times; difficult delivery of the baby
3. Kacancu: the first born child
4. Kafele: worth dying for
5. Kalameli: caramel
6. Kamau: quite warrior
7. Kamuzu: medicine
8. Kanu: wildcat
9. Kasiya: separate
10. Kato: second-born twin
11. Kayin: celebrated; longed-for child
12. Kayode: he brought joy
13. Keb: earth
14. Kehind: second-born twin
15. Kelile: protected
16. Kendi: one who is much loved
17. Kerel: young
18. Kesse: bonnie; chubby baby
19. Khairi: a kingly man
20. Kibo: from the highest mountain beak; wise
21. Kibuuka: brave warrior
22. Kifeda: boy among girls
23. Kiho: born on a foggy day
24. Kimoni: a great man
25. Kione: one who has come from nowhere
26. Kito: precious Child; precious jewel
27. Kitoko: a handsome man
28. Kizza: born after twins
29. Kobe: tortoise
30. Kofi: born on a Friday
31. Kojo: born on a Monday
32. Kokayi: gathered
33. Kondo: war
34. Kontar: only child
35. Koofrey: remember me
36. Kosey; lion
37. Kosumi: spear fisher
38. Kugonza: love
39. Kunle: home of honour
40. Kuron: one who gives thanks
41. Kwabena: born on a Tuesday
42. Kwach: morning
43. Kwaku: born on a Wednesday
44. Kwame: born on a Saturday
45. Kwasi: born on a Sunday
46. Kwayera: dawn
47. Kwende: call to go

African boy names that start with L:

1. Lado: second-born son
2. Lebna: spirit
3. Leeto: one who embarks on a journey
4. Lema: one who is cultivated
5. Lencho: resembling a lion
6. Ligongo: who is this?
7. Lisimba: lion
8. Lolonyo: the beauty of love
9. Lumo: born face down
10. Lusio: light
11. Lutalo: warrior

African boy names that start with M:

1. Madongo: uncircumcised
2. Madu: people
3. Magomu: younger of twins
4. Mahkah: earth
5. Mahpee: sky 
6. Makalani: writer
7. Malawa: a flourishing man
8. Mandala: flowers
9. Mani: from the mountain
10. Mansa: king
11. Manu: the second born child
12. Mapira: millet; grass
13. Mariatu: pure; chaste
14. Masamba: leaving
15. Mashama: surprising
16. Masud: fortunate one; lucky
17. Matata: one who causes trouble
18. Matope: our last-born child
19. Matunde: fruitful
20. Mawuli: God is real
21. Mazzi: gentlemen
22. Mbita: born on a cold night
23. Mbwana: master
24. Menelik: the son of a wise man
25. Mengesha: Kingdom
26. Mensah: third-born son
27. Mhina: delightful
28. Mirumbi: born during a period of rain
29. Minkah: just; fair
30. Mona: a jealous man
31. Mongo: a well-known man; famous
32. Montsho: black
33. Morathi: a wise man
34. Mosi: first-born child
35. Mowsen: a light-skinned man
36. Mulogo: wizard
37. Mukisa: having good fortune
38. Mundan: garden

African boy names that start with N:

1. Nadif: one who is born between seasons
2. Najji: second-born child
3. Nangila: child born while his parents travel
4. Nasir: helper; defender
5. Ndale: trick
6. Ngozi: blessed
7. Nika: ferocious
8. Nkunda: loves those who despise him
9. Nnamdi: the father lives on in the son
10. Nsoah: seventh-born child
11. Nuru: my light ; born during daylight
12. Nwa: my son
13. Nwake: born on market day
14. Nyack: one who is persistent

African boy names that start with O:

1. Oba: king
2. Ocan: hard times
3. Ochi: filled with laughter
4. Ode: born on the road during travel
5. Odion: the firstborn of twins
6. Odissan: a wanderer; a traveller
7. Odom: oak tree
8. Ogbonna: the child looks like his father
9. Ogun: god of war
10. Ohanzee: shadowy one who brings comfort
11. Ohin: chief
12. Ohitekah: brave
13. Ojo: difficult delivery
14. Okal: to cross
15. Okapi: resembling an animal with long neck
16. Okechuku: blessed by God; God’s gift
17. Okeke: born on market day
18. Oko: god of war
19. Okpara: first-born son
20. Oktawian: the eighth-born child
21. Ola: wealthy
22. Olafemi: a lucky young man
23. Olamina: this child is my wealth
24. Olisholo: God has blessed me with this child
25. Olubayo: this child gives the highest joy
26. Olufemi: wealth and honour is mine
27. Olujimi: one who is close to God; God gave me this child
28. Olumide: God has arrived
29. Omari: firstborn son
30. Omolara: child who is born at the expected time
31. Onani: looking quickly
32. Onyebuchi: God is in everything
33. Opio: first born of twin boys
34. Orji: mighty tree
35. Orunjan: born under the midday sun
36. Osahar: God has heard me
37. Oraze: a child that God loves
38. Osei: noble
39. Otem: born away from home
40. Ottah: thin baby
41. Ottar: warrior who instils fear

African boy names that start with P:

1. Paki: witness
2. Panya: resembling a mouse
3. Panyin: the first born of twins
4. Paytah: fire
5. Penda: one who is dearly loved
6. Petiri: here
7. Phomello: a successful man
8. Pili: second-born child
9. Polo: resembling the alligator
10. Poni: the second-born son

African boy names that start with Q:

1. Qalhata: name of ancient Egyptian queen
2. Qawe: brave
3. Qaweyn: brave
4. Qousain: in between two eyes
5. Quaashie: born on a Sunday
6. Quinton: fifth; queen’s settlement

African boy names that start with R:

1. Rabbaanee: an easy-going man
2. Rach: resembling a frog
3. Radames: a hero
4. Rafiki: a gentle friend
5. Rafiya: a dignified man
6. Rago: ram
7. Raimi: a compassionate man
8. Rajab: a glorified man
9. Ramses: born of the sun
10. Rehema: second-born child
11. Rudo: love
12. Ruhakana: one who likes to debate
13. Runako: handsome
14. Russom: the chief; the poss

African boy names that start with S:

1. Sabiti: born on a Sunday
2. Sabola: pepper
3. Sadiki: faithful
4. Saeed: happy
5. Safari: born while travelling
6. Salaam: resembling a peach
7. Salehe: a good man
8. Saka: Hunter
9. Sakuruta: Sunrise
10. Salene: good
11. Salim: peaceful; safe; healthy
12. Sanyu: happy
13. Sef: son of yesterday
14. Sefu: sword
15. Segun: conqueror
16. Sekaye: laughter
17. Selas: refers to the Trinity
18. Semanda: cow
19. Semer: farmer
20. Sempala: born in prosperous time
21. Senwe: dry grain stalk
22. Setimba: lives by the river
23. Shaka: a tribal leader
24. Simba: lion
25. Simbarashe: the power of God
26. Sisi: born on a Sunday
27. Soja: soldier
28. Sono: elephant
29. Sowande: a wise healer looked for me
30. Sudi: lucky
31. Suhuba: friendly
32. Sultan: a ruler
33. Sundiata: resembling a hungry lion

African boy names that start with T:

1. Tacari: as strong as a warrior
2. Taiwo: first born of twins
3. Tale: green
4. Taliki: fellow
5. Tambo: vigorous
6. Tano: from the river
7. Tapko: antelope
8. Tau: lion
9. Tefere: seed
10. Tegene: my protector
11. Teka: he has replaced
12. Tekle: plant
13. Tempo: elephant
14. Teremun: with his father’s acceptance
15. Teshi: one who is full of laughter
16. Tessema: one to whom people listen
17. Thabo: filled with happiness
18. Thandiwe: one who is dearly loved
19. Thenga: bringing him
20. Tiassale: it has been forgotten
21. Tiimu: caterpillar living in the ground
22. Tiktu: bird digging for potatoes
23. Tisa: the ninth-born child
24. Tobi: great
25. Tokoni: helper
26. Tombe: northerner
27. Tomi: of the people
28. Tor: royalty
29. Tse: younger twin
30. Tuaco: eleventh-born child
31. Tuari: young eagle
32. Tumaini: one who brings hope; an optimistic
33. Tumu: deer thinking about his food
34. Tunde: one who returns
35. Tupac: a messenger warrior
36. Twia: born after twins

African boy names that start with U:

1. Ualsi: walrus
2. Uba: one who is wealthy; lord of the house
3. Uche: thoughtful
4. Uhila: lightning
5. Ulan: first-born twin
6. Umi: new life
7. Unathi: God is with us
8. Unika: shinning; bright
9. Useni: tell me what you know
10. Usi: smoke 
11. Uzima: one who is full of life

African boy names that start with W:

1. Wachiru: son of a judge
2. Waithaka: of the land
3. Waitimu: born of spear
4. Wamai: one who came from the water
5. Wambua: born during the rain
6. Wanjala: born during a famine
7. Wasswa: the first-born of twins
8. Watende: there will be revenge
9. Worie: born on market day
10. Wuyi: flying vulture

African boy names that start with X:

1. Xavion: a warrior; smart
2. Xoese: belief; faith
3. Xola: stay in peace
4. Xuri: beautiful
5. Xxavier: the new house

African boy names that start with Y:

1. Yacob: substitute
2. Yafeu: bold
3. Yahcay: knowledge; wisdom
4. Yanapay: helpful one
5. Yao: born on a Thursday
6. Yenge: a hardworking man
7. Yobachi: pray to God
8. Yohance: God is gracious
9. Yonas: dove
10. Yoofi: born on a Friday
11. Yooku: born on a Wednesday
12. Yorkoo: born on a Thursday

African boy names that start with Z:

1. Zaci: in mythology, the god of fatherhood
2. Zaire: river
3. Zareb: the protector; guardian
4. Zene: a handsome man
5. Zesiro: older of twins
6. Zikomao: thank you
7. Zuberi: having great strength
8. Zula: brilliant; ahead
9. Zuri: good; beautiful


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