388 Arabic boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Islamic male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 1076 ) Arabic boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Arabic baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

388 Arabic boy names with meanings

Arabic boy names that start with A:

1. Aaron: messenger; the brother of Moses
2. Abadi: eternal
3. Abbas: stern
4. Abbud: devoted
5. Abdel: servant
6. Abdul: servant
7. Abdulaziz: servant of the mighty one
8. Abdullah: servant of Allah
9. Abdulrahman: servant of the merciful one
10. Abu: father
11. Adham: black
12. Adil: wise; just
13. Adlai: acting justly
14. Adnan: pleasant
15. Afif: chaste; modest
16. Ahmed: most highly praised; a form of Mohammed
17. Akbar: great
18. Akil: intelligent; thoughtful
19. Akmal: perfect
20. Akram: most generous
21. Ala: excellent
22. Aladdin: nobility; excellence of faith
23. Alam: universe
24. Alem: wise man
25. Ali: the highest; greatest
26. Alim: wise or learned scholar
27. Altair: the flying eagle
28. Amar: builder
29. Ameer: prince
30. Amin: trustworthy; loyal; honest
31. Amir: prince
32. Amit: highly praised
33. Amjad: glorious
34. Ammar: builder
35. Anan: clouds
36. Anis: close friend
37. Anwar: light ray
38. Arafat: the mountain of recognition
39. Arif: knowledgeable
40. Asad: lion
41. Asadel: most prosperous one
42. Ashraf: most honorable
43. Asif: forgiveness
44. Asim: protector; defender
45. Aswad: black
46. Atif: compassionate; sympathetic
47. Ayman: lucky; right-handed
48. Azeem: defender
49. Azhar: shinning; luminous
50. Azzam: determined; resolved

Arabic boy names that start with B:

1. Badr: full moon
2. Baha: brilliant; magnificent
3. Bahir: dazzling; brilliant
4. Baqi: enduring
5. Basam: smiling
6. Bashar: bringer of glad tidings
7. Basheer: the one who brings good news
8. Basil: brave; fearless
9. Basir: seer
10. Bilal: chosen one
11. Borak: lightening
12. Boulus: small
13. Butrus: rock

Arabic boy names that start with D:

1. Daaim: lasting
2. Dakheel: foreigner
3. Daoud: the beloved one
4. Darwesh: mystic
5. Dhakir: one who remembers God frequently
6. Diya: brightness; splendor
7. Doraid: toothless
8. Dost: a beloved friend

Arabic boy names that start with E:

1. Ebadah: prayer
2. Edhem: dark-skinned; black
3. Eessa: Jesus in Arabic
4. Ehab: gift
5. Ehan: the glowing full moon
6. Ejlaal: to honour
7. Emad: support; pillar; confidence
8. Emin: trustworthy
9. Emir: prince
10. Emran: progress or achievement
11. Enes: one who is sociable
12. Enis: friendly
13. Ensar: helpers
14. Eqbal: prosperity; success
15. Esam: a safeguard
16. Esmael: a prophet’s name
17. Etemad: reliance; trust; confidence
18. Etizaaz: mighty; honored
19. Eyad: one who possesses power and might
20. Ezaz: a man to whom honour comes first

Arabic boy names that start with F:

1. Fadi: redeemer
2. Fadil: generous
3. Fahim: intelligent
4. Fahd: lynx
5. Faisal: one who is decisive; resolute
6. Fakhir: a proud man
7. Fakih: a legal expert
8. Falak: star
9. Farhan: happy
10. Farid: Unique
11. Fariq: one who holds rank as lieutenant general
12. Faris: horseman
13. Farran: a baker
14. Faruq: one who distinguishes truth from falsehood
15. Fatih: victorious
16. Fawwaz: a successful man
17. Fawzi:
18. Firas: persistent
19. Firdus: paradise
20. Firoz: successful
21. Fouad: one who has heart
22. Fudail: of high moral character

Arabic boy names that start with G:

1. Gadiel: God is my fortune
2. Galal: a majestic man
3. Gamal: beautiful camel
4. Gameel: a handsome man
5. Gassur: a courageous man
6. Ghalib: victor
7. Ghassan: young
8. Ghazi: an invader; a conqueror
9. Gilad: camel hump
10. Ginton: from the garden

Arabic boy names that start with H:

1. Haamid: grateful; thankful
2. Habib: beloved one
3. Hadad: blacksmith
4. Hadi: guiding to the right
5. Hafiz: a protector; the one who remembers
6. Haidar: lion
7. Hakim: wise; intelligent
8. Halim: mild; gentle; patient
9. Hamal: bright star in the constellation of Aries; lamb
10. Hamdan: the praised one
11. Hamid: a praiseworthy
12. Hamza: powerful
13. Hanbal: purity
14. Hani: happy; delighted
15. Hanif: true believer
16. Harb: warrior
17. Harim: a superior man
18. Harith: ploughman; cultivator
19. Haroun: lofty; exalted
20. Hasan: beautiful; good
21. Hashim: destroyer of evil
22. Hasim: one who is decisive
23. Hassan: beautiful; handsome
24. Hatim: judge
25. Haytham: proud
26. Hikmat: filled with wisdom
27. Hilal: new moon
28. Hisham: generosity
29. Hud: a prophet’s name
30. Humam: a generous and brave man
31. Husam: sword
32. Husni: beauty
33. Hussein: little handsome one

Arabic boy names that start with I:

1. Ibrahim: father of a multitude; father of nations
2. Ido: a mighty man
3. Idrees: one of the prophets
4. Ihsan: a charitable man
5. Imad: support; pillar
6. Imam: religious leader
7. Imran: host
8. Irfan: thankfulness
9. Isam: safeguard
10. Ishaq: he laughs
11. Iskander: a helper and defender of mankind
12. Ismail: the lord listens

Arabic boy names that start with J:

1. Jaafar: small river
2. Jabbar: mighty repairer
3. Jabir: consoler; comforter
4. Jabril: mighty archangel
5. Jakeem: uplifted
6. Jalal: glorious; majestic
7. Jamal: a handsome man
8. Jamil: handsome; beautiful
9. Jawad: generous
10. Jawhar: jewel
11. Jibril: refers to the archangel Gabriel
12. Jinan: garden
13. Junaid: a warrior

Arabic boy names that start with K:

1. Kadar: powerful
2. Kadin: friend; companion
3. Kadir: spring
4. Kahlil: young
5. Kalil: good friend
6. Kamal: perfect one
7. Kamil: perfect one
8. Kardal: mustard seed
9. Kareem: noble; exalted
10. Karif: autumn
11. Karim: generous; noble
12. Kasib: one who is fertile
13. Kasim: one who is divided
14. Kateb: writer
15. Kazim: an even tempered man
16. Kedar: a powerful man
17. Khaldun: forever
18. Khalid: eternal
19. Khalil: friend
20. Khayri: one who is charitable
21. Khouri: a spiritual man

Arabic boy names that start with L:

1. Labib: sensible; intelligent
2. Laith: lion
3. Laman: a bright and happy man
4. Lameh: a shinning man
5. Lateef: gentle; pleasant
6. Laziz: one who is pleasant
7. Leil: sunset; night
8. Luai: steady; strong
9. Lukman: a prophet’s name
10. Lutfi: kind; friendly

Arabic boy names that start with M:

1. Mahfouz: one who is protected
2. Mahir: excellent; industrious
3. Mahmud: praiseworthy
4. Maimon: one who is dependable; having good fortune; lucky 
5. Majdy: a glorious man
6. Majid: glorious
7. Makin: having great strength
8. Malik: king
9. Mansur: divinely helped
10. Marid: a rebellious man
11. Matin: having great strength
12. Marwan: history
13. Marzuq: blessed by God
14. Mazin: proper
15. Mehdi: one who is guided
16. Mohammed: one who is greatly praised; the name of prophet of Islam
17. Moubarak: one who is blessed
18. Mounafes: a rival
19. Muaad: protected
20. Mubarak: happy; plessed
21. Mufid: useful
22. Muhannad: sword
23. Muhsin: a charitable man
24. Mukhtar: the chosen one
25. Mundhir: one who cautions others
26. Munir: brilliant
27. Murtadi: one who is content
28. Musaad: one who is lucky
29. Muskan: one who smiles often
30. Muslim: an adherent to Islam
31. Mustapha: the chosen one
32. Muti: obedient

Arabic boy names that start with N:

1. Nabih: intelligent
2. Nabil: a high-born man
3. Nader: dear; rare
4. Nadim: a beloved friend
5. Naeem: kind; benevolent
6. Nail: one who succeeds
7. Naji: one who is safe
8. Najib: of noble descent; a high-born man
9. Najjar: carpenter
10. Naki: pure
11. Nasih: one who advises others
12. Nasim: fresh air; breeze
13. Nasser: victorious
14. Nazih: pure; chaste
15. Nazim: of a soft breeze
16. Negm: resembling a star
17. Nibal: arrows
18. Nuhad: a brave young man
19. Numair: panther
20. Nur al din: brightness; light of the faith
21. Nusair: bird of prey

Arabic boy names that start with O:

1. Obaid: small slave
2. Omair: firstborn son; eloquent speaker
3. Omar: long-lived
4. Omer: a flourishing man; one who is well-spoken
5. Omran: solid structure
6. Onslow: from the hill of the enthusiast
7. Osama: lion
8. Othman: wise; most powerful

Arabic boy names that start with Q:

1. Qabic: able
2. Qabil: an able-bodied man
3. Qadim: from an ancient family
4. Qadir: powerful
5. Qasim: divider
6. Qaiser: a king; a ruler
7. Qamar: born beneath the moon; moon
8. Qays: firm; lover
9. Quadamah: courageous
10. Qusai: distant

Arabic boy names that start with R:

1. Rabi: fragrant breeze
2. Radwan: delightful
3. Rafi: praised; exalted
4. Rafiq: friend
5. Raghib: one who is desired
6. Rahim: merciful; compassionate
7. Rahul: traveller
8. Raid: leader; ruler
9. Ramadan: ninth month in Islamic calendar
10. Rami: a loving man
11. Raqib: a glorified man
12. Rashad: wise advisor
13. Rayhan: favoured by God
14. Reshad: wise advisor
15. Rida: satisfied

Arabic boy names that start with S:

1. Saad: lucky
2. Sabir: one who is patient
3. Sabur: patient
4. Saddam: the crusher
5. Sadiq: a beloved friend; a honest man
6. Saiyed: happy
7. Salah: righteousness; virtue
8. Salah al din: righteousness of the faith
9. Salih: right; just
10. Salim: peaceful; safe; healthy
11. Salman: peaceful; safe
12. Sameh: forgiving
13. Sami: one who has been exalted; high
14. Samir: entertaining companion
15. Samman: grocer; supplier of food
16. Saqr: falcon
17. Sariyah: clouds at night
18. Sayad: an accomplished hunter
19. Sayyid: master
20. Seif: sword
21. Shadi: a singer
22. Shafir: beautiful
23. Shafiq: compassionate
24. Shakir: grateful
25. Shakur: grateful
26. Sharif: honest; noble
27. Shihab: flame; blaze; fire
28. Shuraqui: a man from the east
29. Siraj: lamp; light
30. Sofian: devoted
31. Subhi: early morning hours
32. Sued: chief
33. Suhail: gentle
34. Sulaiman: man of peace
35. Suoud: one who has good luck

Arabic boy names that start with T:

1. Tabor: drum or drummer
2. Tadi: of the wind 
3. Taha: pure; mystic
4. Tahir: pure
5. Tahseen: improve; enhance
6. Talal: nice; admirable
7. Talib: seeking knowledge
8. Tamir: palm tree
9. Tarif: rare; uncommon
10. Tariq: conqueror
11. Tawfiq: successful
12. Tayseer: facilitating
13. Thabit: firm
14. Timin: born near the sea
15. Tyee: chief

Arabic boy names that start with U:

1. Ubadah: servant of God; one who serves God
2. Ubaid: faithful
3. Uday: runner; rising
4. Umar: blooming; flourishing; long-lived
5. Umran: prosperity
6. Usama: lion
7. Uthman: wise
8. Uzair: helpful

Arabic boy names that start with W:

1. Wadi: calm; peaceful; valley
2. Wafi: trustworthy
3. Wafiq: successful
4. Wahid: Unique person; lonely
5. Wajid: finder
6. Wakil: lawyer; advocate
7. Waleed: newborn child
8. Wali: servant of Allah
9. Wasim: good-looking; handsome
10. Wazire: minister
11. Witha: handsome

Arabic boy names that start with Y:

1. Yahyah: God is gracious
2. Yakout: as precious as a Ruby
3. Yaqub: he who supplants
4. Yardan: king
5. Yasar: left side
6. Yasin: a wealthy man
7. Yasir: wealthy
8. Yazid: increasing
9. Yunus: dove
10. Yushua: God is my salvation
11. Yusuf: God will increase

Arabic boy names that start with Z:

1. Zafar: triumphant; winner
2. Zafir: the conqueror; a victorious man
3. Zahid: a pious man; self-denying
4. Zahir: a radiant and flourishing man
5. Zaid: increase; growth
6. Zaki: intelligent; pure; bright
7. Zaydan: to become greater; to grow
8. Zereen: the golden one
9. Ziyad: one who betters himself; growth
10. Zubair: one who is pure


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