350 French boy names with meanings

If you are looking for French male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 350 ) French boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of French baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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350 French boy names with meanings

French boy names that start with A:

1. Acel: noble
2. Aimon: house
3. Alaire: joyful
4. Algernon: one with a moustache
5. Amato: loved
6. Ames: friend
7. Ansel: wearer of a helmet; with God’s protection
8. Antoine: priceless
9. Archard: powerful
10. Arnaud: powerful like an eagle
11. Aubin: fair; white
12. Aubrey: elf ruler
13. Audon: old; rich
14. Avenall: dweller of the oat field
15. Aymon: mighty; wise; protector

French boy names that start with B:

1. Bailey: Bailiff; one who keeps guard
2. Barrington: fenced town
3. Bay: chestnut Brown colour
4. Bayley: one who keeps guard
5. Beal: handsome one
6. Beau: handsome
7. Beaufort: handsome; Beautiful fort
8. Beaumont: beautiful mountain
9. Beauregard: handsome guard
10. Bebe: baby
11. Bela: handsome
12. Beldan: pretty valley
13. Bell: handsome
14. Bellamy: handsome friend
15. Benoit: blessed
16. Berger: shepherd
17. Boden: messenger
18. Bogart: strong as a bow
19. Bonamy: good friend
20. Boyce: woodland; forest
21. Briar: heather
22. Bruce: dense shrubs; forest
23. Burdett: small shield

French boy names that start with C:

1. Cable: maker of rope
2. Campbell: beautiful field
3. Cannon: Church official; gun
4. Carden: wool camber
5. Carel: strong
6. Cavell: little active one
7. Chandler: candle maker
8. Chaney: oak
9. Chante: singer
10. Chapin: clergyman
11. Chase: Hunter
12. Cheney: oak forest
13. Chevalier: knight
14. Chevy: knight
15. Clark: cleric; scholar
16. Corbin: raven
17. Cordell: rope-maker
18. Coty: slope
19. Courtney: short nose
20. Curt: courteous
21. Curtis: courteous
22. Cyprian: from Cyprus

French boy names that start with D:

1. Darcel: having dark features
2. Darcy: from the fortress
3. Darrell: beloved
4. Dartagnan: from Artagnan, France
5. Darvell: from the eagle town
6. Dax: from the French town Dax
7. Deiondre: Valley
8. Delaney: from the elder-tree Grove
9. Delano: of the night
10. Delroy: belonging to the king
11. Dennis: a follower of Dionysus
12. Deonte: an outgoing man
13. Destin: fate
14. Deverell: from the riverbank
15. Didier: desired one
16. Dior: the golden one
17. Donatien: gift
18. Dory: golden
19. Drury: dear one; a sweetheart
20. Duke: leader
21. Dumont: man of the mountain
22. Duvall: from the valley

French boy names that start with E:

1. Edgard: rich spear
2. Edmon: prosperous protector
3. Eliot: believes in God
4. Eloi: to choose
5. Elroy: the king
6. Emile: industrious
7. Eneas: praise
8. Esme: one who is esteemed
9. Etienne: crowned
10. Eudes: child

French boy names that start with F:

1. Faber: a person who is a smith
2. Fabrice: works with the hands
3. Fabron: little blacksmith
4. Faron: one who is like a ferret
5. Firman: strength; firm
6. Florent: in a flower form
7. Fontaine: from the water source
8. Forester: forest; woodland
9. Fraser: strawberry
10. Frayne: ash tree
11. Frazer: strawberry
12. Fremont: the protector of freedom

French boy names that start with G:

1. Gage: of the pledge
2. Garner: guard
3. Garrison: prepared
4. Gaston: a man from Gascony
5. Gautier: army ruler
6. Gaylord: merry nobleman
7. Gerard: one who is mighty with a spear
8. Geraud: spear carrier
9. Germain: a man from Germany
10. Gervaise: spear carrier
11. Gilbert: of the bright promise
12. Giles: goat-skin shield
13. Grant: great; grand
14. Granville: from the large village
15. Griswold: grey forest
16. Grosvenor: mighty huntsman
17. Guido: guide
18. Guillaume: the determined protector

French boy names that start with H:

1. Hamlet: small village; little home
2. Hamlin: little home lover
3. Harbin: celebrated soldier
4. Harcourt: fortified; armed dwelling
5. Harland: meadow of the hares
6. Harlequin: mute pantomime clown
7. Harvey: a strong man
8. Haye: hedge
9. Henri: ruler of the house

French boy names that start with J:

1. Jacinth: hyacinth flowers
2. Jacques: God is gracious
3. Jaimin: one who is loved
4. Jamaine: from Germain
5. Janvier: one who born in January
6. Jay: blue jaybird
7. Jean: God is gracious
8. Jean luc: a person comes from Lucania
9. Jehan: God is gracious
10. Jemond: worldly
11. Jermaine: a man from Germany
12. Jules: youthful

French boy names that start with K:

1. Kaarlo: strong and manly
2. Kado: gateway
3. Kalle: strong and manly
4. Kalman: strong and Masculine
5. Karcsi: strong and manly
6. Karlis: strong; Masculine
7. Korbin: bird raven
8. Kota: river bank

French boy names that start with L:

1. Lacey: man from Normandy
2. Lafayette: faith
3. Lamar: of the sea
4. Lamond: the world
5. Lamont: mountain
6. Lance: knight’s attendant
7. Lamcelot: knight’s attendant
8. Landry: ruler of the land
9. Lanier: one who works with wool
10. Laramie: crying tears of love
11. Larrimore: armorer
12. Larron: thief 
13. Lasalle: from the hall
14. Latimer: language teacher; interpreter
15. Lavalle: valley
16. Leggett: delegate
17. Legrand: the great one
18. Leron: the circle
19. Leroy: the king
20. Leverett: young hare
21. Lionel: young lion
22. Lorimer: saddler; maker of sprus
23. Lourdes: from Lourdes in France
24. Lowell: wolf
25. Loyal: faithful
26. Luc: bringer of light
27. Lyle: Island

French boy names that start with M:

1. Mace: club
2. Macon: from the city in France
3. Mailhairer: an ill-fated man
4. Mallory: wild duck
5. Manville: worker’s Village
6. Marc: warrior; warlike
7. Marcel: the little warrior
8. Marin: sailor
9. Marion: wished for; star of the sea
10. Markese: nobleman
11. Marlon: little falcon
12. Marmion: our little one
13. Marquis: nobleman
14. Marshall: a caretaker of horses
15. Maslin: little town; little Thomas
16. Masselin: a young Thomas
17. Mathieu: gift of God
18. Matisse: one who is gifted
19. Merle: blackbird
20. Michel: like God
21. Minet: delightful
22. Mirage: an illusion
23. Montgomery: from Gomeric’s Mountain
24. Montague: pointed Mountain
25. Montre: show
26. Montreal: royal Mountain
27. Morel: mushroom
28. Mortimer: of the still water; of the dead sea
29. Mystique: a man with an air of mystery

French boy names that start with N:

1. Napier: a mover
2. Natale: born on Christmas day
3. Navarre: the land of Plains
4. Nellee: the ultimate fact; extraordinary
5. Neville: from the new village
6. Nirvikara: born on Christmas day
7. Noe: long rest; peaceful
8. Noel: born at Christmas
9. Nohl: Christmas eve; celebration of Christmas
10. Nollie: olive tree  
11. Norman: man from the north
12. Norris: northerner
13. Nowel: born on Christmas day

French boy names that start with O:

1. Oates: charming love; charming friend
2. Octave: gentleman; one who helps others
3. Odil: who is always on the right bath
4. Olever: olive tree; represents peace
5. Ordric: wise ruler
6. Oriel: golden
7. Orry: the cub of the bear
8. Orval: a town of gold
9. Orvel: the golden and shinning person
10. Orville: from the gold town
11. Otave: eighth-born child
12. Othon: a fortunate and wealthy person
13. Ottewell: the prosperous son of Otewel
14. Outacite: man-killer
15. Ourson: resembling a little bear

French boy names that start with P:

1. Padgett: one who strives to better himself
2. Paine: country person
3. Paris: from Paris, capital of France
4. Pascal: born at Easter
5. Percival: one who can pierce the vale
6. Peverell: one who plays the pipes
7. Pierre: rock
8. Plantagenet: resembling the broom flower
9. Platte: flat land
10. Pomeroy: apple or orchard
11. Prewitt: a brave young one

French boy names that start with Q:

1. Quain: clever
2. Quen: fifth-born son; small oak
3. Quennel: small oak tree
4. Quent: fifth
5. Quesnel: from the little oak tree
6. Quincy: fifth-born child; the fifth-son estate
7. Quintiliano: born in the fifth month

French boy names starting with R:

1. Ranger: protector; keeper
2. Raoul: wolf counsel
3. Rapier: sharp like a blade
4. Raul: wolf counsellor
5. Rawlins: from the renowned land
6. Ray: king
7. Regine: one who is artistic
8. Rene: born again
9. Reynard: fox
10. Richmond: from the wealthy hill
11. Rondel: short poem
12. Ross: red-haired
13. Rousseau: a little red-haired boy
14. Roy: a king
15. Royal: regal one
16. Royce: son of the King
17. Ruff: red-haired
18. Rush: red-haired
19. Ruskin: red-haired
20. Russ: red-haired
21. Russell: a little red-haired boy
22. Rusty: red-haired

French boy names starting with S:

1. Saber: man of the sword; sword
2. Sacheverell: without leather gloves
3. Sage: herb; wise person
4. Salaun: man of peace
5. Sargent: military man
6. Satchel: small bag
7. Satordi: the planet Saturn
8. Saville: from the willow town
9. Sebastien: venerable
10. Seignour: lord of the house 
11. Sennett: wise one
12. Serge: attendant; servant
13. Sergius: attendant; servant
14. Seymour: from the French town of Saint Maur
15. Sinclair: saint clair
16. Solange: an angel of the son
17. Somer: born during the summer
18. Sorrell: bitter; red-brown colour

French boy names starting with T:

1. Tabberner: drummer
2. Taft: from the homestead
3. Talbot: boot maker
4. Talen: claw
5. Talon: claw
6. Tanguy: warrior
7. Telford: iron cutter
8. Tempest: storm
9. Teppo: crowned
10. Thayer: nation’s army
11. Thierry: ruler of the people
12. Thies: gift of God
13. Tiennan: crowned
14. Travers: crossroads
15. Travis: crossroads
16. Tremont: from the three mountains
17. Trent: thirty
18. Troy: curly-haired
19. Tyrone: from Owen’s land
20. Tyson: firebrand; high-spirited; fiery

French boy names starting with U, V:

1. Ulrich: world ruler
2. Urbain: city dweller
3. Vachel: one who tends cows; little cow
4. Vallis: from Wales
5. Valri: one who is strong
6. Varden: green hill
7. Verdun: fort on the hill
8. Vere: alder tree
9. Vern: alder tree Grove
10. Verney: alder tree Grove
11. Vernon: alder tree Grove
12. Verrill: loyal
13. Vine: vineyard worker
14. Vitale: alive; lively

French boy names starting with W:

1. Wacian: alert
2. Walsh: from Wales
3. Waltier: army ruler
4. Warrane: warden of the game
5. Warren: a game preserve
6. Wiatt: guide
7. Winoc: white; fair; blessed
8. Wyatt: little warrior

French boy names starting with X, Y:

1. Xarles: manly in nature
2. Xenofon: ruler of all
3. Xenon: foreign; stranger
4. Xever: owns a new house
5. Yann: God is gracious
6. Yannick: the lord is gracious
7. Yezekael: generous lord
8. Yves: little archer
9. Yvet: archer
10. Yvon: little archer

French boy names starting with Z:

1. Zakarie: God remembers
2. Zdenek: follower of Saint denys
3. Zebulon: exalted
4. Zed: justice of God
5. Zeno: guest; host
Zosime: full of life

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