276 native American boy names with meanings


If you are looking for native American male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 276 ) native American boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of native American baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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276 native American boy names with meanings

Native American boy names starting with A:

1. Adahy: in the woods
2. Adriel: symbol of skill
3. Ahanu: he who laughs
4. Ahdik: deer; caribou
5. Akando: ambush
6. Akule: he looks up
7. Alo: one who is spiritual guide
8. Anakin: solider
9. Anchali: painter
10. Anoke: actor
11. Apiatan: wooden lance
12. Awan: person of significance

Native American boy names starting with B:

1. Behitha: eagle child
2. Bemidii: river by a lake
3. Bidaban: beginning of the dawn
4. Bidziil: he is strong
5. Bisahalani: speaker
6. Bly: high; tall
7. Bodaway: fire maker
8. Byue: a man who is like a slow, small stream of water

Native American boy names starting with C:

1. Caiya: to be near something
2. Calin: warrior of life
3. Catahecassa: black hoof
4. Chantesuta: has a firm heart
5. Chardon: bar of sand
6. Chaytan: a patient, diplomat individual; like a hawk
7. Chayton: the mighty falcon
8. Cherokee: dawn 
9. Chesmu: abrasive; rough
10. Chetanzi: a yellow hawk
11. Cheveyo: warrior
12. Cheyenne: tribal name
13. Chimalus: a bluebird
14. Chogan: a blackbird
15. Citana: a star
16. Citlali: a star; an object of the space or universe
17. Cuauhtemoc: a falling eagle
18. Cuba: the centre of an island

Native American boy names starting with D:

1. Dakota: a friend of all
2. Dasan: a chief
3. Degotoga: standing together
4. Delsin: he is so
5. Demothi: talks while walking
6. Dichali: one who talks a lot
7. Dustu: spring frog
8. Dyami: eagle

Native American boy names starting with E, F:

1. Eagle: resembling the bird
2. Elan: the friendly one
3. Elki: hanging over
4. Elsu: soaring swooping falcon
5. Eluwilussit: a holy man
6. Enapay: a brave man
7. Enyeto: one who walks like a bear
8. Etlelooaat: one who shouts
9. Etu: sunny
10. Eyota: great one
11. Fone: snow child

Native American boy names starting with G:

1. Gad: from the juniper tree
2. Gomda: wind
3. Gosheven: great leaper
4. Goyahkla: a person who yawns
5. Goyathlay: a person who yawns
6. Guyapi: truthful

Native American boy names starting with H:

1. Hahnee: a beggar
2. Hakan: a fiery man
3. Halian: young
4. Hassun: as solid as a stone
5. Hastiin: a man
6. Hawiovi: one who is descends on a ladder
7. Helaku: sunny day
8. Helki: touch
9. Hiamovi: high Chief
10. Hiawatha: he who makes rivers
11. Hinto: blue
12. Hinun: spirit of the storm
13. Honaw: a bear
14. Honon: resembling a bear
15. Honovi: having great strength
16. Hotah: white
17. Hoto: whistler
18. Hototo: one who whistles; a warrior spirit that sings
19. Howi: a turtle dove
20. Hula: eagle
21. Huslu: resembling a hairy bear
22. Hute: star

Native American boy names starting with I:

1. Igasho: a wanderer
2. Iiniwa: bison or buffalo
3. Illanipi: an amazing man
4. Inali: black fox
5. Iniabi: the sun on which all life depends
6. Inoa: namesake
7. Insula: red features
8. Inteus: no shame
9. Ioviano: yellow hawk
10. Ishedus: on top
11. Isi: deer like
12. Istaqa: coyote man
13. Istu: sugar pine
14. Ituha: sturdy oak
15. Itzcoatl: obsidian snake
16. Iye: smoke
17. Ize: sun

Native American boy names starting with J, K:

1. Jacy: moon
2. Japa: to chant
3. Jolon: valley of the dead oaks
4. Jopa: to chant
5. Kachada: a white-skinned man
6. Kaga: writer
7. Kibbe: a nocturnal bird
8. Kijika: walks quietly
9. Kitchi: a brave young man
10. Knoton: wind
11. Kohana: one who is swift
12. Kono: squirrel
13. Kuckunniwi: resembling a little wolf
14. Kuruk: bear
15. Kwam: God is gracious

Native American boy names starting with L:

1. Langundo: a peaceful man
2. Lanu: running around a pole
3. Len: one who plays the flute
4. Lenno: man
5. Lesharo: chief
6. Leyati: shaped like an abalone shell
7. Lise: salmon’s head out of the water
8. Liwanu: growling bear
9. Lokni: rain dripping through the roof
10. Lonan: cloud
11. Lonato: flint stone
12. Lootah: refers to the colour red
13. Luyu: head shaker

Native American boy names starting with M:

1. Machk: resembling a bear
2. Mahkah: of the earth
3. Makya: eagle Hunter
4. Mandan: a tribal name
5. Manius: great
6. Maona: creator
7. Marar: dust
8. Maska: powerful
9. Mato: brave
10. Matu: brave warrior
11. Matwau: the enemy
12. Meli: one who is bitter
13. Melvern: great chief
14. Mika: raccoon
15. Mikasi: coyote
16. Milap: giving
17. Mingan: resembling a gray wolf
18. Missouri: from the town of large canoes; from the state of Missouri
19. Misu: rippling water
20. Mochni: resembling a talking bird
21. Mohave: a tribal name
22. Mojag: one who is never quiet
23. Mongwau: resembling an owl
24. Motega: new arrow
25. Muraco: white moon

Native American boy names starting with N:

1. Nahma: sturgeon fish
2. Nakos: wise sage
3. Namid: star dancer
4. Nantai: chief
5. Nantan: spokesman
6. Napashni: he is courageous and does not flee
7. Nashashuk: loud thunder
8. Nashoba: wolf
9. Nayati: wrestler
10. Nebraska: from the flat water land
11. Nibaw: one who stands tall
12. Nikiti: round; smooth like the abalone shell
13. Nitis: friend
14. Niyol: of the wind
15. Nodin: of the wind
16. Noshi: a fatherly man
17. Notaku: resembling a growling bear
18. Nukpana: en evil man

Native American boy names starting with O:

1. Odakota: friendly
2. Ogaleesha: a man wearing a red shirt
3. Ogima: chief
4. Ohanko: a restless man
5. Oklahoma: of the red people
6. Oqwapi: resembling a red cloud
7. Otadan: plentiful
8. Otoahhastis: resembling a tall bull
9. Otu: one who collects seashells in a basket
10. Ouray: the arrow

Native American boy names starting with P:

1. Pachu’a: resembling a water snake
2. Paco: bald eagle
3. Pallaton: fighter
4. Patamon: resembling a tempest; raging
5. Patwin: a manly man
6. Payat: the boy is on his journey
7. Pilan: supreme essence
8. Pinon: Hunter who become the constellation of Orion
9. Powa: wealthy
10. Powhatan: from the chief’s hill

Native American boy names starting with Q, R:

1. Qaletaqa: guardian of the people
2. Qochata: white man
3. Quan: fragrant
4. Quanah: fragrant; sweet-smelling
5. Qued: wearing a decorated robe 
6. Quirtsquib: chewing elk
7. Raini: God who created the world
8. Regitze: a mighty and distinguished person
9. Roca: principal; radiant
10. Rowtag: fire

Native American boy names starting with S:

1. Sahale: falcon bird
2. Sakima: king
3. Seminole: a tribal name
4. Sewati: resembling a bear claw
5. Shaman: holy man
6. Sik’is: a friendly man
7. Sipatu: pulled out
8. Siwili: a long tail fox
9. Son: star
10. Songaa: having great strength

Native American boy names starting with T:

1. Tadan: plentiful
2. Tadi: wind
3. Taghee: a chief
4. Taheton: resembling a hawk
5. Tahoe: from the big water
6. Tahoma: from the stowy Mountain peak
7. Taima: loud crash of thunder; born during a thunder storm
8. Tain: new moon
9. Takoda: friend of all
10. Talasi: corn-tassel flower
11. Tammany: a friendly chief
12. Taregan: resembling a crane
13. Tasunke: horse
14. Tate: long-winded talker
15. Tawa: born beneath the sun
16. Teetonka: one who talks too much
17. Teneanhopte: resembling a high-flying bird
18. Tennessee: mighty warrior
19. Tiba: grey
20. Tohon: cougar; one who loves the water
21. Tokala: fox
22. Tse: as solid as a rock
23. Tuketu: resembling a running bear
24. Tupi: pull up

Native American boy names starting with U, V:

1. Ukiah: deep Valley
2. Uncas: resembling a fox
3. Utachi: bear with strong claws
4. Utah: people of the mountains
5. Uzumati: bear
6. Viho: cheif
7. Vipponah: slim face
8. Vohkinne: Roman nose

Native American boy names starting with W:

1. Waban: east wind
2. Wahkan: sacred
3. Wakiza: determined warrior
4. Wamblee: eagle
5. Waneta: charger
6. Wanikiya: saviour
7. Wapi: lucky
8. Wemilo: everyone speaks to him
9. Wene: wagon maker
10. Wenutu: clear sky
11. Wicasa: man
12. Wichado: willing; eager
13. Wilanu: to pour water onto flour
14. Wilny: eagle singing while flying
15. Wingi: willing
16. Wuliton: to do well
17. Wunand: God is good
18. Wynono: first-born son
19. Wyome: plain

Native American boy names starting with Y:

1. Yahto: blue; having blue eyes 
2. Yakecen: song from the sky
3. Yakez: heaven
4. Yancy: Englishman
5. Yas: child of the snow
6. Yelutci: bear moving quietly
7. Yiska: the night has gone
8. Yona: bear
9. Yotimo: bee flying into hive
10. Yottoko: mud
11. Yuma: son of the chief
12. Yutu: coyote out hunting

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