240 beautiful welsh boy names with meanings


If you are looking for welsh male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 240 ) Welsh boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Welsh baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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240 welsh boy names with meanings

Welsh boy names that start with A:

1. Aled: offspring
2. Alun: handsome; noble; peaceful
3. Aneurin: truly golden; honorable
4. Angwyn: handsome
5. Anwell: beloved; dearest
6. Art: strong as a bear
7. Arthfael: bear; strength
8. Arthur: strong as a bear
9. Arvel: wept over
10. Auryn: gold

Welsh boy names that start with B:

1. Baez: boar
2. Barric: grain farm
3. Berwyn: white head
4. Bevan: son of Evan
5. Bledig: like a wolf
6. Bowen: son of Owen
7. Brac: free
8. Brecon: a group of mountains in south Wales
9. Broderick: son of Roderick
10. Brychan: freckled
11. Bryn: mountain
12. Brynmor: large mountain
13. Bryson: Bryce’s son

Welsh boy names that start with C:

1. Caddock: keen in battle
2. Cadeyrn: battle king
3. Cadfan: battle peak
4. Cadogan: honour in battle
5. Cairn: landmark containing a pile of stones
6. Caradoc: beloved; amiable
7. Cardew: black fort
8. Carey: from the castle
9. Carwyn: blessed love
10. Cary: from the castle
11. Cerdic: beloved
12. Cerek: lord
13. Cledwyn: rough; blessed
14. Conway: holy water
15. Craddock: love; beloved
16. Cranog: a heron
17. Crisiant: crystal
18. Cynan: chief

Welsh boy names that start with D:

1. Dafydd: beloved
2. Dai: beloved
3. Davidson: son of David; beloved
4. Davis: son of David
5. Delwyn: friend from the valley
6. Dewey: beloved
7. Dillon: from the sea
8. Dinsdale: born on Sunday
9. Drew: one who is wise
10. Dylan: son of the sea

Welsh boy names that start with E:

1. Ecgwynn: blessed and fair being
2. Edern: the legendary son of Nudd
3. Ednowain: a well-born person
4. Efrog: York
5. Eilwyn: an old friend with a white brow
6. Eirwyn: white snow
7. Elgan: bright circle
8. Emlyn: waterfall
9. Emry: honourable
10. Emrys: an immortal man
11. Enan: hammer
12. Eneas: praise
13. Eudel: from the yew tree Valley
14. Eudelme: a Grove of yew trees
15. Evan: God is gracious

Welsh boy names that start with F:

1. Fercos: legendary son of Poch
2. Ffionn: foxglove flower
3. Fflergant: legendary King of Brittany
4. Ffodor: legendary son of Ervyll
5. Ffowc: of the people
6. Floyd: grey one with grey hair
7. Fnam: legendary son of Nwyvre
8. Folant: strong; powerful; brave
9. Fychan: small
10. Fyrsil: bears the staff

Welsh boy names that start with G:

1. Gareth: gentle
2. Garnock: dweller by the elder tree River
3. Garwain: white hawk
4. Gavin: a little while falcon
5. Geraint: old man
6. Gerwyn: fair love
7. Gethin: dark-skinned
8. Glyn: from the valley
9. Goronwy: figure from celtic mythology
10. Gough: red-haired
11. Gower: pure; chaste
12. Griffith: powerful lord
13. Gwalchmai: a battle hawk
14. Gwilym: determined guardian
15. Gwydion: in mythology; a magician
16. Gwyn: fair-headed; blond
17. Gwynfor: fair lord

Welsh boy names that start with H:

1. Harby: son of Owen
2. Hayden: fire
3. Heddwyn: friend of blessed peace
4. Helyan: hard working
5. Hethin: dark-skinned; swarthy
6. Hew: bright mind; bright spirit
7. Hillyerd: from a Yard on a hill
8. Hlink: from the Bank
9. Howell: eminent; bright
10. Hywel: eminent; bright; alert

Welsh boy names that start with I, J:

1. Idris: an eager lord
2. Idwal: lord of the wall or rampart
3. Iefan: God is gracious
4. Iestin: just; fair
5. Ievan: God is gracious
6. Ifor: an archer
7. Ilar: cheerful
8. Inek: handsome
9. Inir: honourable
10. Iolo: worthy lord
11. Iolyn: handsome lord
12. Jabrion: one who has a bow made of yew wood
13. Jareth: a gentle boy
14. Jeston: a just and upright person

Welsh boy names that start with K:

1. Kai: the keeper of the keys
2. Kane: beautiful
3. Keith: dweller in the wood
4. Kelli: from the wood
5. Kenn: of the bright waters
6. Kenrick: chief hero
7. Kent: white; bright
8. Kevyn: from the Ridge
9. Kilydd: legendary son of Kelyddon
10. Kimball: warrior chief
11. Kynan: chief
12. Kynlas: legendary son of kynan

Welsh boy names that start with L:

1.  Lau: life
2. Leoline: leader; lion-like
3. Lew: leader; like a lion
4. Llacheu: legendary son of Aahur
5. Llewellyn: resembling a lion
6. Lloyd: grey; grey-haired
7. Lludd: from London
8. Llundein: from London
9. Llyn: from the lake
10. Llyweilun: lion
11. Loan: God’s gift
12. Lug: light

Welsh boy names that start with M:

1. Mabon: son
2. Maddock: lucky; generous; fortunate
3. Maddox: the son of the benefactor
4. Malvern: bare Hill
5. Marvin: the friend of the sea 
6. Meilyr: a regal ruler
7. Merlin: of the sea fortress
8. Mervin: a friend of the sea
9. Morgan: from the sea
10. Mostyn: from the mossy settlement; field of the fortress

Welsh boy names that start with N:

1. Neb: legendary son of Caw
2. Neifion: god of the seas
3. Nerth: legendary son of Cadam
4. Newlin: from the new pond
5. Newlyn: dweller near the new pool
6. Newyddllyn: dwells near the new pool
7. Nissyen: legendary son of Eurosswydd
8. Nynnyaw: legendary son of Beli

Welsh boy names that start with O:

1. Ofydd: Roman poet
2. Olwydd: tracker
3. Ondyaw: legendary son of French Duke
4. Orwel: of the horizon
5. Oswallt: strength from God
6. Owain: young warrior
7. Owen: a well-born man
8. Owynn: well-born

Welsh boy names that start with P:

1. Parry: the son of Harry
2. Pedr: rock
3. Pembroke: one who lives in headland
4. Penrith: chief Ford
5. Perceval: knight; a hero
6. Peredur: pierce the valley
7. Petroc: rock
8. Pryce: son of the ardent one
9. Pryderi: care for
10. Prydwen: a handsome man

Welsh boy names starting with R:

1. Reece: ardent; enthusiastic
2. Rees: ardent; enthusiastic
3. Rhett: ardent; enthusiastic
4. Rhisiart: powerful ruler
5. Rhodri: ruler of the wheel
6. Rhun: grand
7. Rhydian: red
8. Rhydwyn: friend by the white Ford
9. Rhys: having great enthusiasm for life
10. Romney: curving river

Welsh boy names starting with S:

1. Sawyl: asked for or prayed for
2. Sayers: carpenter
3. Seisill: sixth-born child
4. Seith: seven
5. Selwynne: a fair one
6. Selyfe: peace
7. Siarl: manly
8. Sion: God is gracious
9. Sonnagh: mound; rampart
10. Sulwyn: fair-haired; sunny

Welsh boy names starting with T:

1. Tadd: father
2. Taffy: beloved
3. Talfryn: top of the hill
4. Taliesin: radiant brow
5. Tangwyn: blessed peace
6. Tappen: from the top of the cliff 
7. Tarrant: thunder
8. Teagan: beautiful
9. Tecwyn: fair; white-haired friend
10. Teilo: a saintly man
11. Tomos: twin
12. Trahern: strong as iron
13. Trefor: Village home
14. Trevor: Village home
15. Tristan: riot
16. Tristran: riot
17. Tudor: gift from God
18. Twrgadarn: from the strong tower

Welsh boy names starting with U:

1. Uchdryd: legendary son of Erim
2. Upjohn: son of John
3. Urian: city born
4. Urien: born in town
5. Uther: Arthur’s father
6. Uwain: youth

Welsh boy names starting with V:

1. Vaddon: from Bath
2. Vaughan: small
3. Vonn: little
4. Vontell: little
5. Vorath: worthy lord
6. Vychan: small

Welsh boy names starting with W:

1. Wadu: legendary son of seithved
2. Waljan: the chosen one
3. Wenlock: lake at the holy monastery
4. Wmffre: peaceful strength
5. Wren: ruler; chief
6. Wyn: fair or white
7. Wynford: white ford

Welsh boy names starting with Y:

1. Yale: fertile
2. Yestin: just
3. Yorath: worthy lord
4. Ysberin: legendary son of Fflergant
5. Ysgawyn: legendary son of Panon

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