280 Scandinavian boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Scandinavian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 280 ) Scandinavian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Scandinavian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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280 Scandinavian boy names with meanings

Scandinavian boy names that start with A:

1. Aage: representative of ancestors
2. Aksel: leopard
3. Algot: noble geat
4. Alvis: wise
5. Anders: strong; courageous; manly
6. Anund: one who is protected by the sword
7. Argus: watchful; vigilant
8. Arkin: son of the eternal King
9. Arve: heir
10. Ask: ash tree
11. Atle: father
12. Audun: deserted
13. Aulay: family descendant
14. Axl: father of peace

Scandinavian boy names that start with B:

1. Beck: small brook
2. Bengt: blessed
3. Bergren: mountain stream
4. Bertil: bright
5. Bjorn: bear
6. Boden: messenger
7. Bodil: strong ruler
8. Boe: admirer; sweetheart
9. Booth: temporary shelter
10. Borg: castle; from the settlement
11. Borghild: protection in battle
12. Bori: the father of the warrior
13. Bragi: poet
14. Brede: iceberg
15. Britt: the exalted one
16. Burnaby: warrior’s estate
17. Burr: young

Scandinavian boy names that start with C:

1. Cai: to rejoice; sea
2. Cajetan: a rejoiced man
3. Calixtus: most beautiful
4. Calle: thin
5. Canute: knot
6. Canutus: thin
7. Carr: from the marsh
8. Carson: mossy place
9. Colman: charcoal burner
10. Crosbie: at the Cross
11. Crospy: dweller near the town crossing
12. Cnut: knot

Scandinavian boy names that start with D:

1. Dag: born during the daylight
2. Danely: a man from Denmark
3. Darby: a deer estate
4. Davin: bright; happy one
5. Denby: of the Danish settlement
6. Derby: a deer estate
7. Digby: from the town near the ditch
8. Donar: thunder God
9. Durin: one of the fathers of the dwarves in mythology
10. Dyre: dear heart

Scandinavian boy names that start with E:

1. Ebbe: brave and strong boar
2. Eero: ruler
3. Egil: awe-inspiring; edge of the sword
4. Eilert: of the hard point
5. Einar: a leading warrior
6. Eivin: victory
7. Elof: the only heir
8. Elvis: one who is wise
9. Enar: a great warrior
10. Ensio: first
11. Eric: ever the ruler
12. Erling: nobleman
13. Esben: of God

Scandinavian boy names that start with F:

1. Faas: wise counsellor
2. Farman: traveller
3. Faste: firm
4. Fenris: a mythical monster
5. Finnbogi: merchant
6. Fjall: from the rough hill
7. Floki: a heroic viking
8. Flosi: chieftain
9. Frey: noble
10. Frode: a wise man
11. Frye: independent kernels or stones

Scandinavian boy names that start with G:

1. Gamlyn: little elder
2. Garth: the keeper of the garden
3. Gaute: great
4. Geirleif: a descendant of the spear
5. Geirstein: one who wields a rock-hard spear
6. Gilby: hostage’s estate
7. Goran: farmer
8. Gunner: a bold warrior
9. Gunnolf: a warrior wolf
10. Gunther: battle army; bold warrior
11. Gus: a form of Angus, Augustine, Gustave
12. Gustav: of the staff of the gods
13. Gylfi: a king

Scandinavian boy names that start with H:

1. Haakon: useful
2. Hadrian: dark one
3. Hakan: one who is noble
4. Hakon: of Nordic ancestry
5. Halden: half-Dane
6. Haley: hero
7. Hallberg: from the rocky mountains
8. Halle: as solid as a rock
9. Halvor: rock; protector
10. Hans: God is gracious
11. Hansel: God is gracious
12. Harold: the ruler of an army
13. Hauk: hawk
14. Havelock: battle at sea
15. Hilmar: noble; famous
16. Hugin: a thoughtful man

Scandinavian boy names that start with I:

1. Igor: Ing’s soldier
2. Im: a mythical giant
3. Ingemar: the son of Ing
4. Ingemur: famous son
5. Inger: one who is fertile
6. Ingjald: son of Helga
7. Ingmar: famous son
8. Ingo: A lord
9. Ingolf: Ing’s wolf
10. Ingram: a raven of peace
11. Isleif: brother of Isrod
12. Isolf: son of Hrani
13. Isrod: brother of Isleif
14. Ivar: archer
15. Ives: the archer’s bow; of the yew wood
16. Ivor: lord

Scandinavian boy names that start with J:

1. Jalmar: warrior with a helmet
2. Jankin: God is gracious
3. Jann: a genie
4. Jannik: love of God
5. Jannis: God’s grace
6. Jansen: son of Jan
7. Jarell: spear carrier
8. Jarl: noble
9. Jarn: lake
10. Jarno: assigned by God
11. Jens: the lord is gracious
12. Jesaja: God will help you
13. Joar: the one with horse; strong

Scandinavian boy names that start with K:

1. Kalevi: hero
2. Kalle: strong; courageous; manly
3. Kalmin: manly
4. Kare: large; enormous
5. Kelham: Ridge
6. Kell: from the well
7. Kelsey: Island of ships
8. Kerr: from the marsh
9. Kirk: a man of the Church
10. Kjell: strong; courageous
11. Kleng: claw
12. Knute: knot
13. Kristian: an annointed Christian
14. Kristopher: a follower of Christ

Scandinavian boy names that start with L:

1. Lambert: the light of the land
2. Lambi: in mythology, the son of Thorbjorn
3. Lamont: lawyer
4. Langer: tall one
5. Lars: one who has been crowned with a laurel
6. Larson: the son of Lawrence
7. Latham: barn
8. Leif: dearly loved
9. Leifr: heir
10. Leifur: heir; successor
11. Lif: an energetic man; lively
12. Loki: flame
13. Lunt: from the grove

Scandinavian boy names that start with M:

1. Madi: sharp; moon
2. Magnar: strong; warrior
3. Magnus: greatest; great; large
4. Malin: little strong warrior
5. Manfred: man of peace
6. Meino: hard strength
7. Melker: a king
8. Mikkel: like God
9. Mimir: in mythology, a giant who guarded the well of wisdom
10. Mogens: great; greatest

Scandinavian boy names that start with N:

1. Nanne: brave; darling
2. Nansen: son of Nancy
3. Niels: champion
4. Niklaas: victory of the people
5. Nils: everyone is victorious
6. Njord: a man from the north
7. Nollie: kind
8. Norbert: brilliant hero

Scandinavian boy names that start with O:

1. Odd: point
2. Odin: in mythology, the supreme deity
3. Odo: rich
4. Ola: sun mount; high
5. Olaf: the remaining of the ancestors
6. Oliwa: kind
7. Ollie: kind
8. Osborn: divine bear
9. Oscar: divine spearman
10. Ove: the spear’s tip

Scandinavian boy names that start with P:

1. Pal: small
2. Paley: one with the pale eyes
3. Pavel: small; little one
4. Peder: Stone
5. Peer: rock
6. Pekka: rock
7. Per: rock
8. Piper: flute player; a pipe player
9. Pontus: sea; bridge

Scandinavian boy names that start with R:

1. Ragnar: a warrior who places judgement
2. Rainer: warrior from gods
3. Ralph: wolf counsellor
4. Raskogr: from the deer forest
5. Rauthuell: dwells near the red spring
6. Regin: a mythical blacksmith
7. Reidar: nest warrior
8. Roald: a famous ruler
9. Roar: fighter of praise
10. Rognvald: Earl of Orkney
11. Ronald: the king’s advisor
12. Roscoe: deer forest
13. Rutger: famous with the spear
14. Rutland: red land

Scandinavian boy names that start with S:

1. Sakary: God remembers
2. Serlo: armour
3. Sigurd: victorious guardian
4. Sigwald: victorious ruler
5. Skerry: from the rocky island
6. Skipper: ship master
7. Somerled: summer wanderer
8. Steffan: crowned
9. Steinar: Stone warrior
10. Stian: a voyager; one who is swift
11. Sutherland: Southern land
12. Sven: boy; youthful

Scandinavian boy names that start with T:

1. Tage: day
2. Tamson: son of Thomas
3. Tarn: from the mountain pool
4. Tedorik: gift from God
5. Thor: in mythology, god of thunder
6. Thorbert: the brilliance of Thor
7. Thorbjorn: Thor’s bear
8. Thorburn: Thor’s bear
9. Thorleif: Thor’s beloved
10. Thormond: defended by Thor
11. Tor: thunder
12. Torger: the power of Thor’s spear
13. Tory: Thor; god of thunder
14. Trigg: trustworthy; truthful
15. Trygve: one who wins with bravery
16. Turfeinar: in mythology, the son of Rognvald
17. Turpin: Thor; thunder god

Scandinavian boy names that start with U:

1. Ulf: wolf
2. Ulfred: peaceful wolf
3. Ulick: rewarding mind
4. Ull: having glory
5. Ullock: sporting wolf
6. Ulmer: famous wolf
7. Ulrick: ruling wolf
8. Uolevi: the remaining of the ancestors

Scandinavian boy names that start with V:

1. Vagn: a carriage in Icelandic language
2. Valborg: protection from the slaughter
3. Valdimar: ruler of the ocean
4. Valfrid: strong peace
5. Valgard: foreign spear
6. Vanir: of the ancient gods
7. Varg: resembling a wolf
8. Vegard: protected place
9. Veit: wide
10. Vestmaòr: a Western man
11. Vidar: warrior of the forest
12. Vigharthur: one who is fearless in war
13. Viking: Vikings
14. Vollker: people’s guard
15. Vontell: hope

Scandinavian boy names that start with W:

1. Wade: traveller
2. Waylan: in mythology, a blacksmith with supernatural power
3. Wayland: from the land by the highway
4. Waylon: in mythology, a blacksmith with supernatural power
5. Welby: from the farm by the spring
6. Whitby: from the white farm
7. Wray: corner house
8. Wyborn: war bear
9. Wyck: village

Scandinavian boy names that start with Y, Z:

1. Yngraham: raven of peace; raven of Anglia
2. Yngve: refers to the god Ing
3. Yngwie: first man
4. Yorick: farmer
5. Yosyp: God will add
6. Yvor: yew; bow army
7. Zealand: from the sea land

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