228 Finnish boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Finnish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 228 ) Finnish boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Finnish baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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228 Finnish boy names with meanings

Finnish boy names starting with A:

1. Aapo: father of multitudes
2. Aaro: exalted; enlightened
3. Aatos: thought; idea
4. Aimo: generous amount
5. Aki: Yahweh establishes
6. Akseli: father of peace
7. Alvi: white
8. Anton: worthy of praise
9. Armas: beloved
10. Arto: bear
11. Arvo: value and worth
12. Auri: soft wind

Finnish boy names starting with B:

1. Bartolomeus: farmer
2. Basilius: imperial; kingly; royal
3. Beeni: blessed
4. Bengt: blessed; happy
5. Benny: born of the right hand
6. Benu: blessed
7. Bernhardus: brave like a bear
8. Bernt: hill; mount; brave like a bear
9. Bertel: bright; skillfull
10. Birger: one who helps; rescue
11. Bore: fight; battle
12. Bruno: brown skinned

Finnish boy names starting with C, D:

1. Claudius: feeble man; lame; limping
2. Clemens: gentle; merciful
3. Conny: brave advisor; strong; wild
4. Conrad: experienced; honest
5. Daavid: form of David
6. Deniss: follower of Dionysus
7. Dewitt: white complexioned; blond
8. Deyu: bright; morality preserver
9. Dominik: lord; child born on Sunday
10. Donatus: gift from God
11. Dwight: blond

Finnish boy names starting with E, F:

1. Edger: wealthy; spearman
2. Eelis: my God is Yahweh
3. Eemil: like the elves
4. Eero: an eternal ruler
5. Eetu: protector
6. Eevi: rich friend
7. Eikki: ever powerful
8. Eilo: bright; shinning light
9. Eino: one
10. Eiro: eternal ruler
11. Eki: they are the one who charges time
12. Ekke: peaceful ruler
13. Ensio: first
14. Erkki: ruler of all
15. Erno: serious; determined
16. Esa: God is my salvation
17. Esko: helmet of God
18. Fenno: Finnish tribe and language

Finnish boy names starting with H:

1. Haarald: army warrior
2. Hami: father of multitudes
3. Hannu: God is gracious
4. Haraldus: army ruler
5. Harto: army ruler
6. Heetrikki: peaceful ruler
7. Heikku: home ruler
8. Helmer: healthy; great; famous
9. Hemminki: shape
10. Henri: home ruler
11. Herkkoo: army man; soldier
12. Hietamaki: sand hill
13. Hilarion: happy; cheerful
14. Hilippu: lover of horses
15. Hillar: cheerful
16. Hinska: God’s strengthens
17. Holttu: advice
18. Hontso: home ruler

Finnish boy names starting with I, J:

1. Iiro: laughter
2. Ismo: God will heal
3. Isto: he who struggles with God
4. Jaako: supplanter
5. Jalmari: helmet protector
6. Jalo: noble; gracious
7. Janne: gift from God
8. Jarmo: appointed by God
9. Jaska: supplanter
10. Joa: Jehovah increases
11. Joonas: dove
12. Jorma: appointed by God
13. Joulu: Christmas
14. Juho: graced by God
15. Jussi: gift from God
16. Juuso: Jehovah increases

Finnish boy names starting with K:

1. Kaarlo: freeman
2. Kal: the strong one
3. Kalani: heavenly
4. Kalervo: gold
5. Kalevi: ancestor of the Finns
6. Kali: bud river
7. Kalkko: free man
8. Kalva: heroine
9. Karo: just
10. Kasi: shinning in life
11. Kaspo: Persian stone
12. Kauno: beautiful
13. Kauri: deer
14. Keijo: elf; fairy
15. Kelevi: hero
16. Kesa: summer
17. Kimmo: raised by God
18. Kivi: as solid as stone; stone 
19. Kosti: staff of the Goths

Finnish boy names starting with L:

1. Ladislav: a glorious ruler
2. Lars: crowned with laurel
3. Lasse: victory of the people
4. Launo: people of victory
5. Lavi: lion
6. Leevi: joined or attached
7. Lemmity: beloved
8. Lenni: brave lion
9. Leos: lion
10. Libor: free
11. Lobo: wolf
12. Lubor: great love
13. Ludvik: famous warrior
14. Lukas: masculinity

Finnish boy names that start with M, N, O:

1. Manu: God is with us
2. Markus: warlike
3. Mathias: gift of Yahweh
4. Matti: gift of God
5. Mauri: dark-skinned
6. Mikael: who is like God
7. Niko: victory of the people
8. Nilo: God is my judge
9. Olavi: family descendant
10. Onni: happiness; luck
11. Osmo: young man
12. Otso: bear

Finnish boy names that start with P:

1. Paanus: from the city
2. Paaso: small; little
3. Paatsa: little; smallb
4. Paavo: a small or humble man
5. Panu: fire; flame
6. Pasi: king
7. Pate: peacock town
8. Pati: lord; ruler
9. Patro: noble man
10. Patu: wise
11. Paukku: little; small
12. Paulus: small; little
13. Pave: permanent
14. Peenhartti: brave like a bear
15. Pehr: rock; Stone
16. Pekka: rock
17. Pentti: blessed
18. Pertti: bright flame
19. Pertu: loving; kindness; charity
20. Pini: from the pine trees
21. Pirje: to save; to help
22. Pirkka: Stone
23. Pontte: bridge
24. Pontti: sea
25. Potte: sea
26. Prami: sea
27. Pranse: free man
28. Pratu: tall; high
29. Preeti: love; delight
30. Prekti: bright; shinning
31. Pruuno: Brown
32. Puovila: little; small
33. Pyry: snowstorm

Finnish boy names that start with R:

1. Raimo: wise protector
2. Rami: protector
3. Rasmus: beloved; desired
4. Rauno: warrior; judgement
5. Reijo: vigilant watchman
6. Reino: council power
7. Reko: watchman
8. Risto: bearer of Christ
9. Roope: bright
10. Runo: poem

Finnish boy names that start with S:

1. Saka: hunter; brave; smart
2. Sakari: the lord has remembered
3. Sakki: the God remembers all
4. Salakko: peace
5. Salttu: peace
6. Sampaa: sun
7. Sampo: a God’s temple
8. Semoi: God has listened
9. Samu: told by God
10. Sebulon: exaltation
11. Sepi: blacksmith
12. Seppanen: a blacksmith
13. Seppo: from the ancient city of Sebastia
14. Severi: serious and stern
15. Sippo: victorious peace
16. Sulo: graceful; charming

Finnish boy names that start with T:

1. Taaveti: beloved
2. Tahvo: crown or garland
3. Talo: from the homestead
4. Taneli: God is my judge
5. Tapani: crowned
6. Tapio: one who rules the forest
7. Tarmo: one who has a good energy
8. Tarvo: wild aurochs; energy
9. Tauno: a modest man
10. Teemu: people of victory
11. Tero: strong and manly
12. Timo: honouring God
13. Topias: a precious jewel
14. Tuomo: twin

Finnish boy names that start with U, V:

1. Ukko: old man
2. Vaina: river’s mouth
3. Valo: light
4. Veeti: peace and protection
5. Veiju: brother
6. Veiko: brother
7. Veksa: brother
8. Vesa: young tree
9. Vesti: wooded; forest
10. Vesukka: young plant
11. Victorinus: victory
12. Vieno: gentle
13. Vihtori: victorious
14. Viiti: eagle tree
15. Vikko: famous in war; famous
16. Villem: will helmet; protection
17. Vilppu: friend of horses
18. Voitto: victory

Finnish boy names that start with Y:

1. Yjo: Finnish form of George
2. Ylijumala: supreme God
3. Yrjana: farmer
4. Yrjo: farmer
5. Yrkki: earth worker; farmer

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