100 beautiful Ukrainian boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Ukrainian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 100 ) Ukrainian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Ukrainian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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100 Ukrainian boy names with meanings

Ukrainian boy names starting with A:

1. Adam: made of red clay
2. Adriyan: one who comes from the Adriatic
3. Albert: brilliant; noble
4. Amvrosiy: immortal
5. Anatoliy: Sunrise
6. Andriy: courageous
7. Antin: praiseworthy
8. Arkady: resident of Arcadia
9. Arsen: manly; strong
10. Artem: healthy
11. Artur: bear

Ukrainian boy names starting with B:

1. Bodashka: gift from God
2. Bohdan: ruler of the world; proud leader
3. Bohuslav: glorifying God
4. Bohyan: singer; narrator
5. Borys: successful
6. Borysko: warrior
7. Bula: potato
8. Burian: lives close to weeds

Ukrainian boy names starting with D, E:

1. Danylo: God is my judge
2. Davyd: favourite
3. Demyan: dedicated to Damia
4. Denys: dedicated to Dionysus
5. Dmytro: loves the earth
6. Evgen: noble

Ukrainian boy names starting with F, G:

1. Faddei: brave
2. Fadeyka: brave
3. Fedir: gift from God
4. Gavrylo: my power is God
5. Georgiy: farmer
6. Glib: hair of God
7. Gnat: fire
8. Gordiy: my lord; the king
9. Grygoriy: watchful

Ukrainian boy names starting with H, I:

1. Hadeon: destroyer
2. Hryhoriy: watcher
3. Ihor: God is gracious
4. Ilay: light
5. Illya: my God is He
6. Ivan: God’s gift

Ukrainian boy names starting with K, L:

1. Kornyliy: horn or dogwood berries
2. Kostiantyn: permanent
3. Kyrylo: master; lord
4. Leaksandro: defender of mankind
5. Lyaksandro: defender of mankind
6. Lyubomyr: love and peace

Ukrainian boy names starting with M, N:

1. Maksym: one who is great
2. Marko: warlike; hammer
3. Matviy: God-given
4. Mykhailo: who is like God
5. Mykola: victory
6. Mykyta: winner
7. Nazariy: from Nazareth

Ukrainian boy names starting with O:

1. Ohrim: fruitful
2. Oleg: holy
3. Oleh: saint; holy
4. Olek: defender of mankind
5. Oleksiy: defender; warrior
6. Oles: man’s defender
7. Orest: he who stands on a mountain
8. Osip: God shall add
9. Ostap: resistant and fruitful

Ukrainian boy names starting with P:

1. Panas: immortal
2. Panteleimon: perfection or excellence
3. Pavlo: cute; small
4. Petro: Ukrainian variant of Peter
5. Petruso: rock; Stone
6. Pylyp: fond of horses

Ukrainian boy names starting with R, S, T:

1. Rodomyr: the joy of peace
2. Rostyslav: to increase glory
3. Ruslan: lion
4. Semen: God has heared
5. Sergiy: from Roman clan name Sergius
6. Stanislav: who became glorious
7. Stepan: crown
8. Svyatoslav: saint of glory
9. Symon: listener
10. Taras: son of God Poseidon
11. Tomko: son
12. Tymofiy: worshipping God
13. Tymur: iron

Ukrainian boy names starting with V, W:

1. Vadym: attractive
2. Valentyn: healthy; strong; calm
3. Valeriy: healthy and strong
4. Vasyklo: noble
5. Vasyl: kingly
6. Vitaliy: long living
7. Volodymyr: famous ruler
8. Wasyl: a king
9. Wolodymyr: to rule with peace

Ukrainian boy names starting with Y:

1. Yakiv: he who supplants
2. Yan: God has mercy
3. Yelysaveta: supplanter
4. Yeva: life
5. Yevgeny: well-born
6. Yevhen: noble
7. Yevheniy: noble
8. Yosyp: God will add
9. Yuhym: pious
10. Yure: a farmer

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