80 Estonian boy names and meanings

If you are looking for Estonian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 80 ) Estonian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Estonian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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80 Estonian boy names and meanings

Estonian boy names that start with A:

1. Aabraham: father of multitudes
2. Ado: to make
3. Adrus: a diligent and sociable person
4. Aimur: generous amount
5. Aino: the only one
6. Alar: ruler
7. Alexei: defending men
8. Andrus: manly; brave
9. Anton: manly
10. Arri: powerful ruler
11. Artur: like a bear
12. Arved: eagle

Estonian boy names that start with E, H:

1. Eduk: a successful person
2. Eerik: always a ruler
3. Endrik: home ruler
4. Hillar: blissful

Estonian boy names that start with J:

1. Jaagup: supplanter
2. Jaak: heeler
3. Jaan: follower of the prophet Jesus; a Christian
4. Jevgeni: well-born; noble
5. Joosep: he will add
6. Juhan: God is gracious
7. Juhkam: established by God
8. Jukka: strong ruler
9. Juku: strong ruler
10. Juulius: youthfulness

Estonian boy names that start with K:

1. Kaapo: man of God
2. Kaarel: man
3. Kaarli: man
4. Kainus: sober
5. Kalev: land of Kalevi
6. Kalju: rock
7. Keert: bold ruler
8. Koit: dawn; day break

Estonian boy names that start with L:

1. Leenart: lion; as brave as a lion
2. Leks: helper or defender of humankind
3. Leksik: defender of men
4. Lekso: defending of mankind
5. Luigas: from Lucania
6. Luugus: from Lucania

Estonian boy names that start with M:

1. Maksim: a man who is more prominent than others
2. Marthin: of Mars
3. Martiinus: of Mars
4. Mathei: gift from God
5. Mihkel: who is like God?
6. Mikk: who is like God?
7. Mikkli: who is like God?

Estonian boy names that start with N, O:

1. Nigul: victory of people
2. Nikolais: victory of people
3. Nikoli: victory of people
4. Olev: ancestor’s descendant

Estonian boy names that start with P:

1. Pall: little; humble
2. Peet: Stone
3. Peeter: rock; Stone
4. Prants: Frenchman
5. Predrik: peaceful ruler
6. Priidik: peaceful ruler
7. Priit: peaceful ruler

Estonian boy names that start with R, S:

1. Rikkart: brave ruler
2. Rikkey: powerful and strong ruler
3. Riks: powerful and strong ruler
4. Ruubert: bright
5. Saamel: God has heard
6. Seppo: venerable
7. Siimo: listening

Estonian boy names that start with T:

1. Taavet: beloved
2. Taevas: sky
3. Taniel: God is my judge
4. Tannil: God is my judge
5. Tiitus: title of honour
6. Timmu: honouring God
7. Timus: honouring God
8. Toivo: faith; trust; promise
9. Tonis: praiseworthy
10. Toomas: a child of the twin
11. Toomis: twin
12. Tuudur: gift of God

Estonian boy names that start with V:

1. Valter: ruler of the army
2. Vicenc: to win
3. Villem: helmet; protection
4. Vitsent: to conquer

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