120 Armenian boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Armenian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 120 ) Armenian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Armenian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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120 Armenian boy names with meanings

Armenian boy names that start with A:

1. Abaven: protector
2. Alex: protector of mankind
3. Anousha: sweet; joy; fortunate
4. Aram: son of the sun
5. Arek: mountain of strength
6. Ari: brave
7. Arman: God’s man
8. Arpiar: sunny
9. Artashes: founder of Artaxiad dynasty
10. Avak: the first one who has a great personality
11. Avedis: one who brings good news

Armenian boy names that start with B, C, D:

1. Barkev: gift
2. Boghos: small; humble
3. Carnig: small lamb
4. Daniel: God is my judge
5. Daron: great
6. Deron: belongs to God
7. Dikran: a born king who is always independent

Armenian boy names that start with E, F, G:

1. Emin: trustworthy
2. Eshkhan: prince
3. Farukh: happy; fortunate
4. Garabed: forerunner
5. Garbis: spear
6. Garen: guardian
7. Garo: one who appreciates and is sensitive

Armenian boy names that start with H:

1. Hagop: he who supplants
2. Haig: from the enclosed field
3. Hakop: supplanter
4. Harutyun: resurrection
5. Hayk: the name of the founder of Armenia
6. Hayrig: father
7. Hovan: gift from God
8. Hrag: fire
9. Hrant: fiery field
7. Hrayr: fairy man

Armenian boy names that start with I, J:

1. Izmirlian: someone from Izmir
1. Janik: God is gracious
2. Jesper: treasure holder
3. Jew: the praise f the lord confession
4. Jirair: hard-working; strong
5. Jorg: farmer
6. Jovan: God is with us
7. Jud: praised
8. Justus: righteous

Armenian boy names that start with K, L:

1. Kachig: brave and young
2. Kaloosh: blessed event
3. Karayan: dark
4. Kasabian: son of the butcher
5. Kegham: beauty
6. Keghon: glory; dedication
7. Kevork: farmer
8. Khajag: blue-eyed
9. Kirkan: watchful
10. Kolb: from kolb
11. Korian: a historian
12. Krikor: a vigilant watchman
13. Kristopher: christ-bearer
14. Lernig: small mountain
15. Levon: lion

Armenian boy names that start with M:

1. Magar: attendant of the groom
2. Manough: infant; child
3. Maraal: deer
4. Mardig: warrior
5. Masis: from the city Masis in Armenia
6. Matous: God’s gift
7. Meghrig: honey
8. Mekhag: clove
9. Mihr: pledge; promise
10. Mihran: sunny
11. Minas: tower
12. Mkhitar: comforter
13. Moming: small candle
14. Mourad: desire
15. Movses: moses

Armenian boy names that start with N, O:

1. Nairi: from Armenia
2. Narek: name of an Armenian saint
3. Nayiri: land of canyons and rivers
4. Nbad: sweet
5. Nigol: talent; care taker; more attractive
6. Nishan: a sign
7. Norayr: a divine and glittering light
8. Oshin: little fawn or deer

Armenian boy names that start with P, R:

1. Panos: rock
2. Parounag: one who is thankful; grape vine
3. Paylag: lightening
4. Pertag: small castle
5. Philipp: friend of horses
6. Phineas: Oracle
7. Phyre: one who can burn bright and shine away
8. Raffi: famous warrior
9. Razmik: fighter; defender

Armenian boy names that start with S:

1. Sacha: defender; helper of humankind
2. Samson: bright as the sun
3. Sargis: one who protects
4. Sarkis: protector; shepherd
5. Saro: good one
6. Sebouh: noble
7. Sevag: one who has black eyes
8. Shahan: profit maker
9. Shnorhk: grace
10. Sion: from the fortified hill
11. Sufjan: he who comes with a sword
12. Syon: gentle

Armenian boy names that start with T:

1. Takvor: one who is destined to wear the crown
2. Taniel: God is my judge
3. Tevan: a pleasure garden
4. Tigran: shooting or fighting with arrows
5. Tiridates: name of a king
6. Tornig: grandson
7. Tsakig: youngster

Armenian boy names that start with V, Y:

1. Vahan: shield
2. Vahe: strong; best; shield
3. Vartan: giver of roses
4. Varujan: bird of prey
5. Yervant: king; ruler

Armenian boy names that start with Z:

1. Zadig: born on Easter
2. Zareh: tears; protector
3. Zeroun: one who is respected for his wisdom
4. Zlatko: gold 
5. Zoravar: powerful

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