240 Persian boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Iranian boy names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 240 ) Persian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Persian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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240 Persian boy names with meanings

Persian boy names that start with A:

1. Aadel: reasonable
2. Aban: water figure
3. Abbas: lion
4. Abolfazl: father of virtue
5. Ahmad: most praiseworthy
6. Ajnas: kind
7. Akbar: powerful; greatest; bigger
8. Albean: mountain
9. Alburz: mountain
10. Alhan: good voice
11. Ali: noble and exalted
12. Almas: diamond
13. Aman: one who is peaceful
14. Amin: trustworthy; honest
15. Amir: prince; leader
16. Amzi: strong and mighty
17. Anayatullah: favour; grace
18. Arash: a Persian archer; truthfulness; bright
19. Aref: learned; knowing
20. Aria: Aryan
21. Armani: one who is desired; wish; hope
22. Arsha: venerable
23. Asghar: smallest
24. Ashkan: an ancient Persian king
25. Ashraf: most honorable one
26. Azad: free
27. Azar: fire
28. Aziz: powerful; respected; beloved

Persian boy names that start with B:

1. Babak: beloved father
2. Bahador: hero; warrior
3. Bahman: good mind
4. Bakhtiar: lucky; fortunate
5. Baraz: exalted
6. Barbad: guitar
7. Barbod: God of the king’s castle
8. Bardia: lofty; elevated
9. Barid: messenger
10. Bast: place of shelter
11. Behnam: good reputation; good name
12. Behrouz: prosperous
13. Behzad: best-born
14. Bijan: ancient hero
15. Borzou: high in status

Persian boy names that start with C:

1. Cas: an imperial man
2. Casper: treasure
3. Cem: born leader and a ruler
4. Chai: filled with joy and happiness
5. Chamali: one who serves water
6. Charlesh: cheif of the tribe
7. Chashida: an experienced man
8. Chawish: leader of the tribe
9. Chishti: a saint from Ajmer
10. Ciro: the sun
11. Cye: sun; majestic and charming
12. Cyrus: sun; young

Persian boy names that start with D, E:

1. Dana: wise
2. Darab: glory; power; wealth
3. Darius: rich and kingly
4. Dariush: holding firm the good
5. Davud: Persian form of David
6. Delshad: happy heart
7. Erfan: knowledge; awareness
8. Esfandiar: pure creation
9. Eskandar: Alexander the great

Persian boy names that start with F:

1. Faireh: the bringer of happiness
2. Faramarz: one who forgives
3. Farbod: one who protects glory
4. Farhad: great happiness; helper
5. Farhang: one of good-breeding
6. Fariborz: mighty; honorable
7. Farid: the one
8. Faridoon: the third
9. Farrokh: happy; fortunate
10. Farshid: bright as the sun
11. Fartash: an existence
12. Farzad: one of splendid birth
13. Fereydoon: the third man
14. Feroz: fortunate; successful person
15. Firouz: victorious

Persian boy names that start with G:

1. Gaspar: treasure
2. Gauzar: golden ox
3. Ghasem: one who divides good among his people
4. Ghazal: a deer
5. Ghobad: a character in shahnameh
6. Gholam: lad; youth
7. Giv: a character in shahnameh
8. Goshtasb: a character in shahnameh
9. Guebers: who loves adventures and freedom
10. Gulbahar: spring rose
11. Gulfam: his face like a rose

Persian boy names that start with H, I:

1. Habib: beloved; darling
2. Hafez: guardian; keeper
3. Hassan: handsome and good
4. Heydar: lion; warrior
5. Homayoun: blessed; sacred; fortunate
6. Hooman: good thoughts; good deeds
7. Hormoz: lord of wisdom
8. Hossein: beautiful
9. Hushang: good choice; a wise choice
10. Iraj: an Iranian; noble

Persian boy names that start with J:

1. Jaaved: one who is eternal
2. Jadu: magical
3. Jaghan: everything in the world
4. Jahan: world
5. Jahandar: he possesses the world
6. Jahangir: world conqueror
7. Jahanshah: an emperor of the world
8. Jalil: important; exalted
9. Jamsheed: mythological king of Persia
10. Jasper: one who holds the treasure
11. Javeed: living forever; eternity
12. Jehangir: the companion of the world
13. Jubin: honourable; righteous

Persian boy names that start with K:

1. Kadun: real
2. Kai-Khosrow: legendary King of the Kayanian dynasty
3. Kaleem: speaker
4. Kambaujiya: handsome king
5. Kambiz: ancient king
6. Kamran: successful; fortunate
7. Kamshad: desire; happy wish
8. Kamyar: successful
9. Karim: generous; noble
10. Kaspar: treasurer
11. Kasra: lion; wise king
12. Kaveh: a mythical hero
13. Kayhan: world
14. Kayvon: saturn; a star
15. Kazem: one who shares something among people
16. Keyvan: Saturn
17. Khodadad: given by God
18. Khorshed: sun; sun shinning
19. Khoshdel: happy heart
20. Khosrow: king
21. Kian: king
22. Kurush: like the sun

Persian boy names that start with M:

1. Mahdi: rightly guided
2. Mahmoud: praised
3. Mansour: he who is victorious
4. Manuchehr: heaven’s face
5. Masoud: fortunate; prosperous; happy
6. Mazdak: wise man
7. Mehrab: water of Mithra
8. Mehran: kindness; love; sun
9. Mehrdad: gift of the sun
10. Milad: son of the sun
11. Mirza: prince in Farsi
12. Mohsen: excellence in worship; charitable
13. Mojtaba: the chosen one
14. Morteza: the one pleasing God

Persian boy names that start with N:

1. Nader: rare and exceptional
2. Namdar: famous
3. Nard: chess player
4. Naseen: the fresh morning wind
5. Nasser: victorious
6. Naveed: our best wishes
7. Navil: wise one; peacock; winner
8. Navud: good news
9. Nazmul: star
10. Niaz: a gift
11. Nijhum: silent; small island
12. Nikan: one who brings good things
13. Noushzad: happily born

Persian boy names that start with O, P:

1. Omid: hope
2. Parvis: fortunate; happy
3. Payam: message
4. Pedram: good news; successful
5. Peyman: Oath; pledge; promise
6. Pirouz: victorious

Persian boy names that start with R:

1. Raana: king’s beautiful eyes
2. Rafat: elevated
3. Raffik: friend
4. Rafique: friend
5. Rafsal: happy
6. Rahbar: leader guide coach
7. Rahman: gracious and merciful
8. Rahmat: God gift mercy
9. Rambod: obedient
10. Ramin: rescuer from hanger and pain
11. Parvis: fortunate and happy
12. Rashne: judge
13. Rayan: watered; luxuriant
14. Razan: adorned
15. Reza: contentment
16. Rostam: a legendary hero in Persian mythology

Persian boy names that start with S:

1. Saeid: happy; lucky
2. Salar: leader; commander
3. Salman: safe and secure
4. Saman: calm; solace; the rising morning sun
5. Sardar: possessor of authority; chief
6. Sargon: sun prince
7. Sarir: rainbow
8. Sarosh: one who prays
9. Sasan: alone; seeker of solitude
10. Sepehr: sky; the heave
11. Shabaviz: owl
12. Shadi: one who brings happiness and joy
13. Shadrokh: cheerful face
14. Shah: the king
15. Shahab: shooting star; meteor
16. Shahin: falcon
17. Shahrokh: king of Rukh
18. Shapour: son of the King, the name of three sassanid emperors
19. Sharyar: king of the kings
20. Shervin: lion; eternal soul
21. Siamak: a bringer of joy
22. Siyavash: one who owns black horses
23. Solayman: peaceful
24. Soroush: happiness

Persian boy names that start with T:

1. Taher: pure; clean
2. Tahmaseb: a character in Shahnameh
3. Tahsin: pure; improvement
4. Taieb: kind; sweet
5. Talat: prayer
6. Tallis: wise
7. Tamim: complete; strong; brave
8. Tamjeed: praise; glorification
9. Taslim: accept; submission
10. Taymour: iron; self controller
11. Taz: decorative cub; goblet
12. Tooraj: a character in shahnameh
13. Tuhin: snow; cold

Persian boy names that start with V, X, Y:

1. Vafa: loyalty; Faithfulness
2. Vahid: Unique
3. Xerxes: king
4. Xhifzul: family friend; good luck
5. Xobeen: spear
6. Yahya: Yahweh is gracious
7. Yazdan: angel

Persian boy names that start with Z:

1. Zaheer: supporter
2. Zaim: leader
3. Zakeer: faithful; one who remembers
4. Zal: hero and protector of ancient Persia
5. Zameer: heart
6. Zand: gold medal
7. Zarif: elegant; graceful
8. Zartosht: golden star
9. Zelgai: heart
10. Zoaib: king
11. Zoro: star

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