200 Turkish boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Turkish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 200 ) Turkish boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Turkish baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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200 Turkish boy names with meanings

Turkish boy names starting with A:

1. Abdullah: servant of God
2. Abi: elder brother
3. Acar: bright
4. Adem: som of the red earth
5. Adlee: just; fair
6. Ahmet: greatly praised
7. Akar: stream
8. Ali: lofty; elevated
9. Alp: heroic
10. Alpaslan: heroic lion
11. Altan: red dawn
12. Aras: equal; balanced
13. Asaf: gather; harvest
14. Asker: warrior; soldier
15. Aslan: lion
16. Ayaz: cool breeze
17. Aybars: there is the moon
18. Aydin: intelligent
19. Azad: free
20. Aziz: strong; powerful

Turkish boy names starting with B:

1. Bahadir: brave and valiant
2. Baki: quick and analytical mind
3. Balian: master; lord
4. Baran: rain
5. Baris: peaceful
6. Basir: discerning; clever
7. Bata: mate; friend
8. Batuhan: strong ruler
9. Bayar: a delightful person
10. Bayram: holiday
11. Bedir: full moon
12. Berk: solid; rugged
13. Bilal: wetting; moistening
14. Bugra: male camel
15. Bunyamin: son of the right hand
16. Buqat: a lightening bolt
17. Burak: fast as a lightning bolt; lightning

Turkish boy names starting with C:

1. Cahil: young 
2. Can: full of spirit; life and heart
3. Candanin: he is sincere and honest
4. Candon: a sincere and honest man
5. Cavit: immortal
6. Cem: twin
7. Cemil: handsome
8. Cenk: who wins a war
9. Cetin: strong; tough; hard
10. Cinar: plane tree

Turkish boy names starting with D:

1. Davut: beloved friend
2. Demir: made of iron
3. Deniz: sea of happiness
4. Deren: one who gathers, picks flowers
5. Dervis: needy
6. Devrim: revolution
7. Dilan: love
8. Dilruba: a beloved son
9. Dogan: peregrine falcon
10. Doruk: peak; mountain top
11. Duman: smoke of mist

Turkish boy names starting with E:

1. Ediz: of high position
2. Edric: vigorous; robust man
3. Efe: older brother
4. Egemen: the dominant one
5. Eldar: born to fight with fire
6. Emin: trustworthy; confident; honest
7. Emir: a prince
8. Emirhan: princely ruler
9. Emre: brother
10. Encarna: blessed
11. Ender: scarce
12. Enes: human; close friend
13. Ensar: helpers
14. Enver: bright; handsome
15. Erdem: virtue; knowledge
16. Eren: saint
17. Erhan: manly leader
18. Erol: brave
19. Ertugrul: brave man; bird of prey
20. Eshaq: prophet’s name
21. Esin: inspiration; morning breeze
22. Esmail: the name of a prophet
23. Euphrates: from the great river
24. Eyman: righteous

Turkish boy names starting with F:

1. Faruk: the discriminator
2. Fatih: conqueror
3. Ferman: edict; ferryman
4. Feyzi: graceful
5. Furkan: criterion; evidence

Turkish boy names starting with G:

1. Galip: a victorious man
2. Gazanfer: lion; brave; courageous
3. Gediz: puddle
4. Gencal: young and fresh
5. Giyas: to help
6. Goçak: strong and brave man
7. Göğen: blue sky
8. Gökmen: blue-eyed and blond
9. Guney: south
10. Güz: autumn; fall

Turkish boy names starting with H, I:

1. Habib: beloved one
2. Hadis: sayings of prophet Mohammed
3. Hakan: emperor; ruler
4. Halil: a beloved friend
5. Haluk: good nature
6. Hamit: praiseworthy
7. Hamza: lion; strong; steadfast
8. Hasad: harvester
9. Hasim: crusher; breaker
10. Hosmunt: clever person
11. Hayri: useful man
12. Hosmunt: clever person
13. Ihsan: perfection; excellence
14. Ismail: heard by God

Turkish boy names starting with k, L:

1. Kaan: king of kings
2. Kabil: spear gatherer
3. Kadir: powerful; almighty
4. Kahil: young
5. Kahraman: hero
6. Kemal: highest honour
7. Kerem: kind
8. Khan: prince
9. Kiral: supreme leader; king
10. Kuzey: north
11. Levent: levend

Turkish boy names that start with M:

1. Mahir: skillfull; talented
2. Mart: born in march
3. Mehmet: praiseworthy
4. Mert: manly
5. Mesich: a form of Mohammed means praiseworthy
6. Mesut: happy
7. Mete: strong
8. Metehan: strong
9. Metin: having or wielding force or authority
10. Milas: ancient city in Turkey
11. Mirac: ascent
12. Miran: prince
13. Murat: wish come true
14. Musa: to draw out ( of water )
15. Mustafa: the chosen one

Turkish boy names that start with N:

1. Nafiz: from the marks of God
2. Naim: happy; tranquil
3. Najat: safety
4. Nart: brave; heroic
5. Nasir: supporter; protector
6. Nedim: close friend; well-spoken
7. Neval: the new city
8. Nijaz: wish; need; want
9. Niroop: a bright shining appearance
10. Nouis: a bright shining appearance

Turkish boy names that start with O:

1. Oguz: priceless; treasurable person
2. Ohannes: God is gracious
3. Okan: resembling a horse
4. Olcay: champion; conqueror; leader
5. Omer Asaf: flourishing collector
6. Onan: prosperous
7. Onur: honour
8. Orhan: meek in spirit; manner
9. Osman: ruler
10. Osmanek: one with an expressive and vibrant nature; chief
11. Ozan: poet-singer
12. Ozge: Unique and different individual
13. Ozgur: independent

Turkish boy names that start with P, R, S:

1. Poyraz: north-eastern wind
2. Ramazan: the Ramathan month
3. Safet: pure
4. Salih: pious
5. Selim: secure; happy
6. Sener: bringer of joy
7. Serdar: commander
8. Sevilen: beloved
9. Soner: he who is the last man
10. Sukru: grateful; thankful
11. Suleyman: the man of peace

Turkish boy names that start with T:

1. Tabib: physician
2. Talha: fruit tree
3. Tamraz: a strong dog
4. Taner: dawn
5. Tanju: he who is blessed by Allah
6. Tarkan: bold; strong
7. Timur: iron
8. Tolga: war helmet
9. Truong: meadow
10. Tuncay: moon reflects in bronze colour

Turkish boy names that start with U:

1. Ufuk: horizon
2. Ugur: goodness; lucky; fortunate
3. Uluk: great; big; respected
4. Ulvi: high and lofty
5. Umit: hope
6. Umur: to care; to pay attention
7. Umut: hope
8. Uner: famous
9. Uras: master; craftman
10. Urve: lion
11. Uygur: civil; civilised

Turkish boy names that start with Y, Z:

1. Yagiz: chestnut-coloured
2. Yakup: to follow
3. Yamac: mountainside
4. Yaman: intelligent; efficient
5. Yigit: a person of exceptional bravery and strength
6. Yunus Emre: friendly dove
7. Yusuf: God increases
8. Zeki: clever; intelligent

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