550 hebrew boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Jewish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 550 ) Hebrew boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Hebrew baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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550 hebrew boy names with meanings, Jewish boy names

Hebrew boy names that start with A:

1. Aaron: enlightened
2. Abba: God
3. Abbott: father of the abbey
4. Abdiel: servant of God
5. Abe: father of the multitudes
6. Abel: breath of a fresh air; son of Adam and Eve in bible
7. Abiah: the lord is my father
8. Abidan: father of judgement
9. Abie: father of the multitudes
10. Abiel: the lord is my father
11. Abijah: the lord is my father
12. Abir: strong
13. Abisha: God’s gift
14. Abner: father of light
15. Abraham: father of the multitudes; founder of the Hebrew people
16. Abram: father of the multitudes; founder of the hebrew people.
17. Absalom: father of peace
18. Adam: man of the red earth; the first man according to bible
19. Adamson: son of Adam
20. Adar: noble
21. Adiel: adorned by the lord
22. Adir: noble; majestic
23. Adiv: gentle; pleasant
24. Adlai: my witness
25. Adley: just
26. Admon: peony
27. Adon: sacred name for the lord
28. Adonis: lord
29. Adriel: from God’s congregation
30. Ahab: uncle
31. Almon: widower
32. Alon: oak
33. Amal: hopeful
34. Amasa: burden bearer
35. Amiel: God of my people
36. Amin: trustworthy
37. Amon: trustworthy; faithful
38. Amos: burdened
39. Amran: mighty nation
40. Anan: clouds
41. Anson: Ann’s son
42. Ardon: bronzed
43. Arnon: rushing river
44. Arvad: wanderer
45. Aryeh: lion
46. Asa: healer
47. Ash: from the ash tree
48. Asher: happy; fortunate
49. Ashur: black
50. Asiel: created by God
51. Avi: my father
52. Aviv: youth
53. Avshalom: father of peace
54. Azel: noble
55. Azriel: God is my aid
56. Azuriah: aided by God

Hebrew boy names that start with B:

1. Bane: son of the ploughman
2. Barak: flash of light
3. Baram: son of the people
4. Barnabas: son of consolation; son of prophecy
5. Bartholomew: son of the ploughman
6. Baruch: blessed
7. Ben: son of the right hand
8. Ben-Ami: son of my people
9. Benjamin: son of the right hand
10. Benjiman: son of the right hand
11. Benny: son of the right hand
12. Beno: son
13. Benoni: son of my sorrow
14. Benson: son of Benjamin
15. Benzi: son of Zion
16. Ber: bear
17. Binah: understanding; wise
18. Boaz: swift; fast; strong
19. Bram: father of the multitudes

Hebrew boy names that start with C:

1. Cain: spear; possession; first son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother
2. Cal: a devoted person
3. Cale: faithful
4. Caleb: bold dog; faithful
5. Calev: like a heart
6. Cane: a spear
7. Carmi: vineyard
8. Cephas: stone; rock
9. Chaim: life
10. Chananel: God is passionate
11. Chanon: cloud
12. Chaviv: he who is beloved
13. Chayim: life
14. Cherub: angel
15. Chesed: merciful
16. Chiram: noble; exalted
17. Coniah: gift sent from God
18. Cunacus: meant to be read

Hebrew boy names that start with D:

1. Dagan: earth; grain
2. Dan: God is my judge
3. Daniel: God is my judge
4. Danny: God is my judge
5. Dar: a pearl
6. Dave: beloved
7. Davey: beloved
8. David: beloved; famous Israelite King of Bible
9. Decker: a piercing man
10. Dein: God is my judge
11. Dermot: free of envy
12. Dor: of this generation
13. Dov: bear; beloved
14. Dover: of the waters; speaker

Hebrew boy names that start with E:

1. Eben: rock; Stone
2. Ebenezer: Stone foundation
3. Eden: paradise; delightful; enchanting
4. Eder: flock
5. Edom: a red-haired man
6. Efrain: fruitful
7. Efrat: one who is honoured
8. Efrem: fruitful
9. Eilon: from the oak tree
10. Eisig: one who laughs often
11. Elam: highlands
12. Elan: tree
13. Eleazar: God will help
14. Eli: uplifting; the lord is my God
15. Elia: uplifting; the lord is my God
16. Eliachim: God will establish
17. Elias: Jehovah is my God
18. Elihu: My God is he
19. Elijah: Jehovah is my God
20. Elisha: God is my salvation
21. Elrad: God rules
22. Emmanuel: God is with us
23. Enoch: one who is dedicated to God
24. Enos: man
25. Ephraim: one who is fertile; productive; fruitful
26. Eran: vigilant
27. Esau: hairy
28. Ethan: firm and steadfast
29. Ethel: noble
30. Eyal: having great strength
31. Ezar: helper
32. Ezekiel: strengthened by God
33. Ezra: helper; a prophet

Hebrew boy names that start with F:

1. Fabek: bean grower
2. Fadei: given by God; courageous
3. Faibel: a brilliant man
4. Faiga: one who is bird-like
5. Faige: bird
6. Fajga: a bird
7. Fedar: gift of God
8. Fedor: gift of God
9. Feivel: the brilliant one
10. Froyim: a kind man

Hebrew boy names that start with G:

1. Gabai: a delightful man
2. Gabe: devoted to God
3. Gabor: God is my strength
4. Gabriel: a hero of God
5. Gad: having good fortune
6. Gali: from the fountain
7. Gamaliel: God’s reward
8. Gavriel: man of God
9. Geremia: exalted; chosen by God
10. Gershom: one who has been exiled
11. Gibor: strong; powerful
12. Gideon: a mighty warrior; one who fells trees
13. Gil: happy
14. Gilam: the joy of the people
15. Gilon: filled with joy
16. Givon: hill Heights
17. Goel: redeemer; to regain
18. Goliath: revealing
19. Gomer: to finish
20. Gozal: resembling a baby bird
21. Guido: valley
22. Gur: resembling a lion cub
23. Gurion: young lion
24. Guy: valley

Hebrew boy names that start with H:

1. Hadar: happy
2. Hadriel: the slender of God
3. Hager: a wanderer
4. Haim: a giver of life
5. Ham: hot; warm
6. Haman: magnificent
7. Hamidi: one who is commendable
8. Hanan: grace
9. Harel: mountain of God
10. Harrod: conquering hero
11. Haskel: an intelligent man
12. Hazaiah: God will decide
13. Heber: a partner or companion
14. Heman: faithful
15. Henoch: initiator
16. Hershel: resembling a deer
17. Hertz: my strife
18. Hesed: a kind man
19. Hezekiah: God gives strength
20. Hillel: one who is praised
21. Hiram: noble; exalted
22. Honi: gracious
23. Hosea: salvation
24. Hush: quick
25. Hyman: life

Hebrew boy names that start with I:

1. Iakovos: he who supplants
2. Ichabod: the glory has gone
3. Ido: to evaporate
4. Ike: full of laughter
5. Ilan: tree
6. Iman: God is with us
7. Immanuel: God is with us
8. Imri: tall
9. Isa: God is my salvation
10. Isaac: full of laughter
11. Isaiah: God is my salvation
12. Iseabail: one who is devoted to God
13. Ishmael: the lord listens
14. Israel: God perseveres
15. Itamar: palm Grove island
16. Itzak: he laughs
17. Iyar: surrounded by light
18. Izzy: he laughs

Hebrew boy names that start with J:

1. Jabez: born in sorrow
2. Jabin: God has built
3. Jacan: trouble
4. Jace: God is my salvation
5. Jacob: he who supplants
6. Jacoby: he who supplants
7. Jaden: one who is thankful to God
8. Jael: mountain goat
9. Jai: God has enlightened
10. Jaiden: God has heard
11. Jair: God enlightens
12. Jake: supplanter
13. Jalon: one who dwells
14. James: he who supplants
15. Jamie: supplanter
16. Jamin: the right hand of favor
17. Jan: God is gracious
18. Japheth: may he expand
19. Jarah: one who is as sweet as honey
20. Jared: of the descent
21. Jaron: he will sing
22. Jason: God is my salvation
23. Javan: man from Greece; clay
24. Jaydon: God has heard
25. Jebediah: friend; beloved of the lord
26. Jed: Friend of God
27. Jedidiah: one who is loved by God
28. Jehiel: God lives
29. Jehu: Jehovah is He
30. Jeremiah: one who is exalted by the lord
31. Jeremy: one who is exalted by the lord
32. Jerram: one who is exalted by the lord
33. Jesimiel: the lord establishes
34. Jesse: God exists; gift from God
35. Jesus: God is my salvation
36. Joab: the lord is my father
37. Joachim: one who is established by God; God will judge
38. Joel: God is willing
39. John: God is gracious
40. Jonah: resembling a dove
41. Jonathan: a gift of God
42. Jordan: of the down-flowing River
43. Joseph: God will add
44. Joshua: God is salvation
45. Josiah: God will help
46. Judah: one who praises God

Hebrew boy names that start with K:

1. Kadmiel: one who stands before God
2. Kaleb: resembling an aggressive dog
3. Kaniel: stalk
4. Karmel: vineyard of the lord
5. Katriel: God is my crown
6. Katzir: the harvester
7. Kayle: faithful
8. Kayne: spear; possession
9. Kedem: ancient 
10. Kefir: resembling a young lion
11. Kenan: to attain; to acquire
12. Kenaz: bright
13. Kenya: animal horn
14. Kershet: of the rainbow
15. Kiva: supplanter
16. Koresh: one who digs in the earth; a farmer

Hebrew boy names that start with L:

1. Laban: white
2. Ladan: one who is alert and aware
3. Lapidos: one who carries a torch; torches
4. Lavan: white
5. Lavi: lion
6. Lazarus: God helps
7. Lemuel: devoted to God
8. Leor: light
9. Lev: heart
10. Levi: we are united as one
11. Liron: my song
12. Lot: hidden

Hebrew boy names that start with M:

1. Macabee: hammer
2. Machau: a gift from God
3. Magen: protector
4. Mahir: excellent; industrious
5. Makis: a gift from God
6. Malachi: a messenger of God
7. Marnin: one who sings and brings joy
8. Matai: gift of God
9. Mataniah: a gift from God
10. Matthew: a gift from God
11. Mayer: one who is shinning and bright; light 
12. Medad: a beloved friend
13. Meged: one who has been blessed with goddess
14. Mehetabel: one who is favoured by God
15. Meir: he who shines; brightens
16. Menachem: one who provides comfort
17. Menassah: a forgetful man
18. Meshach: an induring man; artist
19. Methuselah: man of the ages
20. Micah: who is like God?
21. Michael: who is like God?
22. Mordecai: martial; warlike
23. Moses: drawn out of the water; saved
24. Myer: light

Hebrew boy names that start with N:

1. Naaman: pleasant
2. Nachman: comforter
3. Nachshon: an adventurous man; one who is daring
4. Nadav: a generous man
5. Naftali: a struggling man
6. Nagid: prince; leader
7. Naham: consoling
8. Nahir: a clear-headed and bright man
9. Nahum: a compassionate man
10. Natan: gift of God
11. Nate: gift of God
12. Nathan: a gift from God
13. Nathaniel: a gift from God
14. Nazareth: person of Nazareth
15. Nehemiah: God provides comfort
16. Nemuel: sea of God
17. Nethaniel: gift from God
18. Nimrod: fiery rod; great Hunter
19. Nissan: a miracle child
20. Noah: a peaceful wanderer
21. Noam: sweet; pleasant
22. Nuri: fire
23. Nuriel: God’s light

Hebrew boy names that start with O:

1. Obadiah: servant of the lord
2. Obed: working; servant
3. Oded: supportive and encouraging
4. Ofer: young deer
5. Ofir: the golden son
6. Omeet: my light
7. Ophir: faithful
8. Oren: from the pine tree
9. Ori: light; my light
10. Orly: surrounded by light
11. Ornice: from the cedar tree
12. Osher: a man of good fortune
13. Othniel: God’s lion
14. Oved: one who worships
15. Oz: having great strength
16. Ozias: the lord’s strength
17. Ozni: one who knows God

Hebrew boy names that start with P:

1. Pacifico: peaceful; peace living
2. Pall: a person who has a bitter nature
3. Palti: one who is liberated by the God
4. Paltiel: created by God
5. Pardes: an orange Grove
6. Pella: one who is marvel of God
7. Peretz: burst forth
8. Pesach: one who is born to spread
9. Phineas: an Oracle
10. Phinehas: a son of priest; Oracle
11. Pinchas: the mouth of the serpant
12. Pinchos: a prophecy; an Oracle
13. Pino: Yahweh will add another son
14. Pinye: a dark complexion boy
15. Polloch: a royal headdress
16. Pslam: a song

Hebrew boy names that start with Q:

1. Qaletaqa: guardian of the people
2. Qayshaun: God is merciful
3. Qochata: white man
4. Quanah: fragrant
5. Queran: dark
6. Quigley: has unruly hair
7. Quillan: cub
8. Quinlan: graceful

Hebrew boy names that start with R:

1. Raamah: thunder
2. Raanan: fresh
3. Rabbi: the master
4. Rachamin: compassionate
5. Rafi: God has healed
6. Ram: a superior man
7. Rani: my song of happiness; joyful song
8. Raphael: the divine healer; healed by God
9. Ravid: a wanderer; one who searches; rain; dew
10. Reba: fourth-born son
11. Reuben: behold; a son
12. Rezin: delightful
13. Rishon: the first-born son
14. Roni: my joy; my song
15. Ruben: son
16. Ruby: son

Hebrew boy names that start with S:

1. Sadoc: sacred
2. Sagiv: having great strength
3. Salmon: covering
4. Samson: as bright as the sun; a man with extraordinary strength
5. Samuel: God has heard
6. Sasson: joyful; happy
7. Saul: asked for; borrowed
8. Seanan: a gift from God
9. Seraphim: the burning ones; heavenly winged angels
10. Serfati: a man from France
11. Seth: one who has been appointed
12. Shaan: a peaceful man
13. Shadrach: under the command of the moon god
14. Shai: a gift from God
15. Shalom: peace
16. Shani: red
17. Shavar: comet
18. Shem: having a well-known name; reputation
19. Shiloh: he who was sent
20. Shomer: protector; guardian
21. Shoni: changing
22. Simcha: filled with joy
23. Simeon: he heared; listener
24. Simmons: the son of Simon
25. Simon: God has heard
26. Simpson: son of Simon
27. Sinai: from the clay desert
28. Sivan: born during the ninth month of the Jewish year
29. Sol: man of peace
30. Solomon: man of peace

Hebrew boy names that start with T:

1. Tabbart: a well-behaved boy
2. Tal: dewy rain
3. Talmai: mound; small hill; furrow
4. Talmon: one who is oppressed
5. Tam: one who is truthful
6. Tamar: spice or palm tree
7. Taniel: God is my judge
8. Tapani: a victorious man
9. Tavas: resembling a peacock
10. Telem: furrow; mound
11. Teman: on the right side
12. Teva: child of nature
13. Thaniel: gift of God
14. Thomas: twin
15. Tilon: a generous man
16. Tivon: nature lover
17. Tobi: God is good
18. Tobias: God is good
19. Tobin: God is good
20. Tobit: son of Tobias
21. Toby: God is good
22. Tom: twin
23. Tomer: tall
24. Tommy: twin
25. Tovi: good
26. Toviel: the lord is good
27. Tsidhqiyah: the lord is just
28. Tzadok: righteous

Hebrew boy names that start with U:

1. Udi: one who carries a torch
2. Uri: the lord is my light
3. Uriah: the lord is my light
4. Uriel: God is my light
5. Uzi: having great power
6. Uziel: God is my strength
7. Uzziah: the lord is my strength

Hebrew boy names that start with V:

1. Vanja: God is gracious
2. Vaschel: little ash tree
3. Vasili: king
4. Velvel: wolf
5. Venamin: son of the right hand
6. Vencel: wreath; garland
7. Venturo: food fortune
8. Vered: rose
9. Veto: intelligent
10. Videl: life
11. Vipponah: slim face
12. Vohkinne: roman nose
13. Voistitoevitz: white cow
14. Vovo: famous ruler

Hebrew boy names that start with X:

1. Xach: lord has remembered
2. Xaime: second son
3. Xamire: songbird
4. Xesus: savior
5. Ximun: God has heard
6. Xindel: protector of humankind
7. Xion: life stick
8. Xoan: God is gracious
9. Xoaqu: God will establish
10. Xob: persecuted
11. Xudas: praised

Hebrew boy names that start with Y:

1. Yadid: friend; beloved
2. Yadon: he will judge
3. Yael: mountain goat
4. Yagil: one who rejoices; celebrates
5. Yair: he will enlighten
6. Yakir: precious; honoured
7. Yamin: right hand
8. Yankel: he who supplants
9. Yaphet: handsome; attractive
10. Yarden: flowing down; descending
11. Yarin: to understand
12. Yavin: God understands
13. Yechiel: God lives
14. Yehonadov: a gift from God
15. Yehuda: praised
16. Yehudi: praised
17. Yigael: God will redeem
18. Yirmaya: God has uplifted
19. Yishacher: he will be rewarded
20. Yisrael: prince of God
21. Yitro: abundant
22. Yitzhak: laughing; happy
23. Yoav: the lord is my father
24. Yochanan: God is gracious
25. Yoel: God is willing
26. Yonatan: gift of the lord
27. Yonus: dove
28. Yoram: God is praised; exalted
29. Yosef: God will increase
30. Yoyi: farmer
31. Yudan: judgement

Hebrew boy names that start with Z:

1. Zabdi: gift
2. Zabdiel: gift
3. Zabulon: one who is exalted
4. Zac: God remembers
5. Zacchaeus: the lord remembers
6. Zachariah: the lord remembers
7. Zachary: the lord remembers
8. Zadok: one who is righteous; just
9. Zaide: elder
10. Zalman: man of peace
11. Zamir: resembling a songbird
12. Zared: one who has been trapped
13. Zebadiah: God’s gift
14. Zebedee: God’s gift
15. Zebulun: to exalt
16. Zed: God is mighty and right
17. Zedekiah: God is mighty and right
18. Zeev: wolf
19. Zeke: strength of God
20. Zelman: man of peace
21. Zephan: protected treasure by God
22. Zerach: light
23. Zethan: shinning
24. Zev: wolf
25. Zimon: he heared; listener
26. Zimra: song of joy
27. Zimri: valuable
28. Zindel: helper or defender of humankind
29. Zion: sign; symbol
30. Ziskind: sweet child
31. Ziv: a radiant man
32. Zivan: shinning bright with life
33. Zohar: radiant light
34. Zomelis: God has asked me
35. Zubin: exalted; praised one

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