235 Polish boy names with meanings

If you are looking for Polish male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 235 ) Polish boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Polish baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

235 Polish boy names with meanings

Polish boy names that start with A:

1. Aleksey: defends mankind
2. Alfred: inspired advice
3. Alojzy: well-known fighter
4. Ambrozy: immortal
5. Anastazy: resurrection
6. Antoni: priceless

Polish names that start with B:

1. Bartek: rich in land
2. Bartlomiej: farmer’s son
3. Bazyli: king
4. Betzalel: in God’s shadow
5. Blažej: stammering
6. Bogdi: given by God
7. Bogumil: one who is dear to God
8. Boguslav: God’s glory
9. Bonifacy: well-doer
10. Borys: warrior; snow leopard
11. Bozho: God’s gift
12. Brajan: strong; virtuous
13. Bratumil: dear brother
14. Bruno: brown

Polish boy names that start with C:

1. Casmir: peacekeeper
2. Cezary: king
3. Chernobog: black god
4. Cibor: honor battle
5. Cyprian: from Cyprus

Polish boy names that start with D:

1. Darek: people ruler
2. Dariusz: possesses
3. Dawid: beloved; friend
4. Dazhdbog: giver of fortune
5. Demian: can be tamed
6. Dobrogost: good guest
7. Dobromil: good love
8. Dobry: good
9. Donat: gift

Polish boy names that start with E, F:

1. Eliasz: Yahweh is my God
2. Eugeniusz: well-born
3. Feliks: lucky; successful
4. Filip: fond of horses
5. Franciszek: free man
6. Fryderyk: peaceful ruler

Polish boy names that start with G:

1. Gabryjel: God is my shelter
2. Gallus: rooster
3. Garek: great spearman
4. Gawel: country
5. Georgi: farmer
6. Gerek: spear carrier
7. Gerik: great spearman
8. Gerwazy: spear servant; with honor
9. Gora: mountain; fair; bright
10. Grzegorz: watchful; vigilant
11. Gwidon: life

Polish boy names that start with H, I:

1. Hainrich: home ruler
2. Hendrych: home ruler
3. Henio: little ruler of the estate
4. Henryk: ruler of the home
5. Hieronim: of the sacred name
6. Holleb: dove
7. Honorata: honorable
8. Hortenspa: gardener
9. Hubert: bright spirit; inspiration
10. Ignacy: fire
11. Iwan: God is gracious

Polish boy names that start with J:

1. Jacek: hyacinth
2. Jacenty: hyacinth
3. Jakub: may God protect
4. Jan: gift from God
5. Janek: God is gracious
6. Januarius: born in January
7. Janusz: God is gracious
8. Jaropelk: spring people
9. Jas: God is gracious
10. Jazon: healer
11. Jedrek: strong; manly
12. Jedrzej: a brave man
13. Jerzy: farmer
14. Jozafat: Yahweh has judged
15. Julek: weaning a soft beard; youthful
16. Jurek: earthworker; farmer
17. Justyn: righteous; just; fair

Polish boy names that start with K:

1. Kacper: treasure bearer
2. Kaczka: duck
3. Kajetan: from Gaeta
4. Kamil: attendant at a religious service
5. Kazimierz: famous destroyer
6. Klaudiusz: lame; crippled
7. Koby: supplanter
8. Kondrat: skillfull advice; good counsel
9. Konrad: bold counsel
10. Krzysztof: christ-bearer
11. Ksawery: new house
12. Kuba: he who supplants
13. Kwintyn: the fifth-born child

Polish boy names that start with L:

1. Ladislaus: glorious rule
2. Lagodny: gentle
3. Lambart: brightness of the land
4. Laskarz: spearman
5. Lato: summer
6. Lawrzyniec: crowned with laurel
7. Lazarz: God is my help
8. Lazor: God has helped
9. Lech: forest spirit; a pole
10. Leksy: defending men
11. Lenard: lion strength; brave
12. Leon: lion
13. Leonek: brave as a lion
14. Leopold: brave people
15. Leslaw: polish glory
16. Lewandowski: strong as a lion
17. Lewy: famous warrior
18. Linik: brave as a lion
19. Lolek: free man; strong
20. Lotar: famous warrior
21. Lubomir: lover of peace
22. Lubomierz: love world
23. Lucjusz: light of the day
24. Ludwik: renowned warrior

Polish boy names that start with M:

1. Machas: like God
2. Maciej: gift of God
3. Marcel: belonging to Mars
4. Marcin: warrior; warlike
5. Marek: warlike
6. Mariusz: smart person
7. Mateusz: gift of God
8. Metody: with the road
9. Michal: like God
10. Mieczyslaw: famous man
11. Mikolaj: victory of the people
12. Milek: victory of the people
13. Milogost: gracious guest
14. Milosh: compassionate; dear
15. Mirco: great; famous
16. Miron: peace

Polish boy names that start with N, O:

1. Nacek: fire
2. Naczelny: chief
3. Najlepiej: best of all
4. Narcyz: sleep
5. Natan: he has given
6. Nataniel: gift of God
7. Nelek: resembling a horn
8. Nestor: home coming
9. Nicefor: one who brings victory
10. Niebo: sky
11. Nikodem: victory of the people
12. Norbercik: bright north; famous north
13. Oliwer: olive tree

Polish boy names that start with P:

1. Pabian: farmer
2. Pafnucy: the man of the god
3. Pakoslaw: more glory
4. Pan: master; lord
5. Pankracy: mighty
6. Parys: one who born in Paris
7. Patryk: noble
8. Paulos: small
9. Pawel: little; humble
10. Piekny: beautiful; lovely
11. Piesek: little dog
12. Pieter: rock
13. Piotyr: rock
14. Placyd: calm; quiet
15. Podarek: gift
16. Poranek: morning
17. Prawny: rightful; legal
18. Prym: first
19. Przebor: one who fights the best
20. Przemek: thought glory
21. Parzysz: son of Paris
22. Patek: noble

Polish boy names that start with R:

1. Raclaw: glad; glory
2. Radoslaw: happy glory
3. Rafal: God’s healer
4. Rajmund: advisor; protector
5. Rawel: a strong individual with a wise mind
6. Remigiusz: oarsman
7. Renard: like a fox
8. Rymer: saddle-maker
9. Ryszard: daring power
10. Ryzard: a strong ruler

Polish boy names that start with S:

1. Salomon: man of peace
2. Serafin: the fiery one
3. Shulem: peace
4. Sibota: Saturday
5. Slawek: glorious
6. Slawomir: glorious peace
7. Stanislaw: glorious
8. Stefan: crown
9. Svarog: fire; blacksmith
10. Sylwester: wood; forest
11. Szczepan: he who wears a garland crown
12. Szymon: he heared; listener

Polish boy names that start with T:

1. Tadeusuz: one who is worthy of praise
2. Tadzi: one who is praised
3. Tanek: immortal
4. Telek: iron worker
5. Teofil: loved by God
6. Tobiasz: God is good
7. Tolek: the prized gift from God
8. Tolla: prosperity
9. Tomasz: a twin
10. Tomek: twin
11. Tymoteusz: honouring God
12. Tytusz: dove; honoured; hero

Polish boy names that start with U, V:

1. Urban: city dweller
2. Uriasz: Yahweh is my light
3. Vasili: king
4. Vladislav: famous
5. Volos: resembling an ox

Polish boy names that start with W:

1. Walenty: hale and healthy
2. Walerian: strong; brave
3. Wenceslas: one who receives more glory
4. Wicent: conqueror
5. Wiktor: victorious conqueror
6. Wilhelm: warrior; helmet
7. Wincent: conqueror; victor
8. Wit: life
9. Witek: victorious conqueror
10. Witold: ruling the forest
11. Wlodzimierz: to rule with peace
12. Wojciech: he who is happy in battle

Polish boy names that start with Y, Z:

1. Yarognev: fierce anger
2. Zabawiac: entertain; amuse
3. Zachariasz: God remembers
4. Zadowolony: satisfied; plessed
5. Zajac: hare; rabbit
6. Zale: sea strength
7. Zawieja: snow storm
8. Zbigniew: to win over anger
9. Zelimir: desire for peace
10. Zenon: zeus; light deity
11. Zima: winter
12. Zimno: cold
13. Ziven: light of God
14. Zogmunt: victorious protection
15. Zsolt: ruler; Sultan
16. Zygmunt: he who protection grants victory
17. Zytomir: living fame

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