134 Dutch boy names with meanings


If you are looking for Dutch male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 134 ) Dutch boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Dutch baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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134 Dutch boy names with meanings

Dutch boy names starting with A:

1. Aart: powerful like an eagle
2. Abbe: father
3. Abel: breath
4. Albert: noble; bright; famous
5. Aldert: noble strength
6. Ambroos: immortal; divine
7. Andries: strong; manly; brave
8. Anton: priceless
9. Arie: lion
10. Arnoud: eagle ruler; eagle power
11. Augustijn: venerable; to increase

Dutch boy names starting with B:

1. Bartel: rich in land
2. Bas: from sebastos
3. Bastiaan: from sebastos
4. Berend: brave
5. Bonifaas: your fate is good
6. Boudewijn: bold friend
7. Braam: father of many nations
8. Brandy: brandy; burnt wine
9. Brecht: bright
10. Broos: to be immortal

Dutch boy names starting with C, D:

1. Cas: bringer of light
2. Christoffel: bearing christ
3. Coen: bold and brave advisor
4. Dam: a topographic name
5. Darth: father
6. Decatur: one who manufacturers cloth
7. Dedrick: a gifted and popular ruler
8. Deman: man
9. Diederick: beloved ruler
10. Dutch: from Holland
11. Dwijaraj: white; blond
12. Dyk: attractive and diligent human being

Dutch boy names starting with E, F:

1. Eduart: rich guard
2. Egbert: bright edge of a sword
3. Elmo: to love
4. Fedde: peace
5. Finn: white; fair
6. Filip: lover of horses
7. Floris: flower; in bloom

Dutch boy names starting with G:

1. Geert: spear carrier
2. Gerben: referring the spear which use to hunt bears
3. Gertrude: spear of strength
4. Godelive: a person who is God’s beloved
5. Godfrid: live in peace; gives peace to others
6. Godfrith: live in peace; gives peace to others
7. Govert: heavenly peace
8. Gustaof: staff of the Goths

Dutch boy names starting with H:

1. Haan: rooster
2. Hank: home ruler
3. Hansen: God is gracious
4. Hendrick: ruler of the house
5. Herold: strong fighter
6. Hildebrand: sword used in battles

Dutch boy names starting with I, J:

1. Isaak: he laughs
2. Jaap: supplanter
3. Jannik: God is gracious
4. Jilt: money
5. Joop: God will increase
6. Joost: just
7. Joren: farmer; earth worker
8. Jurrien: God will uplift

Dutch boy names starting with k:

1. Karel: strong
2. Karsten: Christian
3. Katja: pure
4. Kay: rejoiced
5. Kees: horn
6. Kenneth: handsome
7. Kleef: cliff
8. Koenraad: bold
9. Krisoijn: curly-haired
10. Kyler: archer

Dutch boy names starting with L:

1. Lambert: bright land
2. Lambertus: famous landowner
3. Landbert: land brilliant
4. Lang: long
5. Larissa: cheerful one
6. Larz: laurel
7. Leander: as brave as a lion
8. Leanne: meadow
9. Lennard: lion-bold
10. Loris: clown

Dutch boy names starting with M, N:

1. Mads: gift of God
2. Markus: dedicated to Mars
3. Meese: farmer
4. Nard: strong bear
5. Narve: healthy; strong
6. Nico: victory of the people
7. Niklaas: victory of the people
8. Noach: comfort
9. Noud: eagle bold

Dutch boy names starting with O, P, R:

1. Olric: ruler of all
2. Oscar: deer friend; champion
3. Pieter: rock
4. Pim: resolute protector
5. Rachel: innocence of a lamb
6. Rainhard: strong judgement
7. Ralf: red wolf
8. Reinier: wise advisor
9. Rembrandt: sword; advice
10. Reus: gaint
11. Roel: famous land
12. Roosevelt: from the field of roses

Dutch boy names starting with S, T:

1. Saal: year
2. Schuyler: scholar
3. Smedt: blacksmith
4. Smit: blacksmith
5. Steef: crowned
6. Sterre: star
7. Stijn: exalted; steadfast
8. Stille: silent
9. Thijs: gift of God
10. Timo: honouring God
11. Tygo: luck; fortune

Dutch boy names starting with V:

1. Vadar: a fatherly man
2. Van: of; from 
3. Vander: belonging
4. Vandenberg: from the hill
5. Vanderpool: from the pool
6. Vanderveer: from the ferry
7. Vandy: one who travels; wanderer
8. Ven: of
9. Verbnigge: from the bridge
10. Vogel: bird
11. Vromme: wise
12. Vsnderveer: from the ferry

Dutch boy names starting with W, X, Z:

1. Willem: guardian; resolute protector
2. Wolter: powerful ruler
3. Xander: defending of humankind
4. Xaveer: new house
5. Xavius: new house
6. Zaden: a sower of seeds
7. Zeeman: sailor; Seaman
8. Zeger: victorious

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