5 books for kids about being more patient

If you ask any parent or teacher, they will tell you that patience is a virtue but in limited supply among children under the age of six. Young children can seldom comprehend why they cannot quickly have what they want. They have a strong sense of urgency about everything. They don’t want to wait in line, and they always want their snacks right away.
Instilling the virtue of patience in children may be a difficult undertaking. You may want to look at these gorgeous, amusing, and funny books that will help children realize that certain things are worth the wait before you give up hope entirely.

5 books for kids about being more patient

5 books for kids about being more patient:

#1: waiting:

It takes a lot of time in life—waiting in line, waiting for your birthday, waiting to go on a trip—and waiting is something that children cannot tolerate.
This award-winning picture book features a collection of enticing toys arranged on a windowsill, anticipating something spectacular to happen. Will the toys be patient, or will they lose their cool and get impatient? This short and lovely book will provide your youngster with an answer to that query.

#2: Are we there yet?

The name of this book refers to the one question that many parents fear hearing when traveling by car. This imaginative picture book tells the tale of a little boy who believes that his family’s road journey is moving so slowly that he is traveling backward through time.
Meeting pirates, princesses, great historical characters, and even dinosaurs can keep your child’s imagination alight for a long time to come. And the next time you’re in the vehicle with your kids, and they ask you that question, just respond with “no” and give them a copy of this book.

#3: Again!

It’s almost time for Cedric the dragon to retire for the night, and for Cedric, that means storytime! When his mother reads him a chapter from his favorite book, he is enthralled by the narrative and requests to hear it again…and again…and again!
Once again, the dragon cannot contain his emotions and tears a hole in the back of the book during the fourth reading. Promotes good manners, self-control, and emotional regulation.

#4: Old Rock

You may assume that living your whole existence in one place would be monotonous, but for Old Rock, this couldn’t be farther from reality. Throughout the pages of this delightful picture book, Old Rock tells anecdotes about its experiences throughout history. Young readers will develop a fresh understanding of the importance of slowing down and savoring each moment as it unfolds.

#5: Waiting is not easy

Piggie is working on a surprise for her pal Gerald, but it isn’t quite finished yet. Gerald begins to wonder what the surprise is and grows more agitated as time passes. His emotions are amusing, and the surprise at the end is well worth the anticipation. It is especially recommended for children looking forward to their birthday or a major event in the near future but struggling to maintain their patience.

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