80 Peruvian boy names and meanings

If you are looking for Peruvian male names with meanings in alphabet order, then we picked ( 80 ) Peruvian boy names with meanings for you.

Choosing a name for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent.
There are many factors to be considered when you choose a name for your baby like the history of the name, the popularity of it, and the meaning and origin of the name.

This list of Peruvian baby boy names contains unique boy names, cute boy names, popular boy names, cool boy names, and strong boy names.

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80 Peruvian boy names and meanings

Peruvian boy names that start with A:

1. Aaron: mountain of strength
2. Adelmo: noble protector
3. Albert: bright
4. Alejandro: helper or defender of mankind
5. Alex: defender of mankind
6. Alfonso: noble and ready
7. Alfredo: elf counsel
8. Alois: famous warrior
9. Anderson: son of Andrew
10. Anthony: flower
11. Arsenio: virile
12. Aucapoma: liberator

Peruvian boy names that start with B, C:

1. Brayan: noble
2. Bruno: brown
3. Bryant: noble
4. Carlos: free man
5. Cristiano: follower of Christ
6. Cisco: free man
7. Colbert: calf herder
8. Christopher: follower of Christ

Peruvian boy names that start with D, E:

1. Danny: God is my strength
2. Dario: possess well; kingly
3. Deigo: supplanter
4. Edmundo: wealthy protector
5. Eduardo: wealthy guardian
6. Elmer: noble
7. Emilio: rival
8. Ernesto: serious
9. Esteban: crown

Peruvian boy names that start with F, G, H:

1. Fernando: ready for an adventure
2. Fortunato: fortunate
3. Frank: free man
4. Gabriel: man of God
5. Gael: Gaelic
6. Giuseppe: God shall add
7. Hans: God is gracious
8. Hector: holding fast

Peruvian boy names that start with I, J, L:

1. Ignacio: born from the fire

1. Javier: new house
2. Jefry: God’s peace
3. Jheremy: Yahweh has established
4. Joaquin: lifted by Yahweh
5. Jose: Jehovah increases
6. Juan: God is gracious
7. Julio: youthful
8. Lucio: light
9. Luigi: famous warrior
10. Luis: renowned warrior

Peruvian boy names that start with M:

1. Maaz: wooden
2. Mace: weapon
3. Machakw: horny toad
4. Machk: resembling a bear
5. Madden: puppy
6. Maelwine: strong friend; gift of God
7. Mahkah: earth
8. Makya: one who hunts eagles
9. Mamani: falcon
10. Manco: leader
11. Manipi: amazing
12. Montano: mountain
13. Monti: cute; a stork
14. Montrell: mountain
15. Morey: dark-skinned

Peruvian boy names that start with P, R:

1. Pedro: Stone
2. Piero: rock
3. Renzo: Masculine
4. Ricardo: dominant ruler
5. Richard: powerful
6. Roberto: bright fame
7. Rodolfo: famous wolf

Peruvian boy names that start with S, T:

1. Salvador: saviour
2. Sandro: defender of mankind
3. Santiago: saint James
4. Saturnin: gloomy
5. Selestino: belonging to heaven
6. Tomas: twin

Peruvian boy names that start with V, W, Y:

1. Vasco: crow
2. Victor: victory
3. Wilton: place by the stream
4. Yefferson: son of Jeffrey

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