How to have a clean house when have small children?

It’s no secret that maintaining a clean home with little children is almost difficult. Regardless of how many times you clean the dishes, sweep the floors, or attempt to de-clutter, mess after mess builds up within minutes.
Parenting in today’s environment might seem a lot like being alone on a desolate island. You’re a cleaner, a taxi driver, a sports director, a father, a life counselor, a cook, and so much more.
Here are four useful strategies for keeping a home tidy with toddlers.

How to have a clean house when have small children?

How to have clean house when you have small children?

1- De-clutter Your Home Every Day:

Most of the time, it’s not the dirt that drives you insane; it’s all of the school documents and mail and toys and kids’ clothing that are strewn around that does.
So, if you develop a plan to tidy your kitchen counters and encourage the kids to pick up their toys, shoes, and clothing for 15 minutes each evening before beginning your bedtime ritual, home cleaning will be a breeze!
And you are teaching your children to clean up after themselves, which is one of the most important life skills you can teach them.

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2- Storage Boxes:

Using baskets and storage containers to tidy every space in your home is the simplest organizing approach imaginable.
This is our strategy for keeping rooms neat and de-cluttered while creating spaces. You, too, may utilize baskets to keep clutter at bay in every part of your home, from the living room to the dining room and the kitchen.

3- Look for entertaining activities to keep your toddler occupied while you clean:

Toddlers may be rather rowdy, making it tough to clean in your spare time. Look for exciting activities to keep them occupied for hours so you can move about and get things done while they’re busy playing with whatever game or object you’ve provided them.
There are many methods to keep kids engaged so you can fit some cleaning into your day, whether you’ve built a fort, given them a laundry basket or a box to decorate and transform into a spacecraft, or given them a bunch of crayons and papers.

4- Make Schedules:

Getting organized and determining what needs to be done and when is the first step in obtaining a tidy home with kids. Make a list of home duties and calculate how often you should do them.
These lists aren’t for everyday cleanings but for larger projects like vacuuming the whole home or thorough cleaning the bathroom, which must be planned on a regular basis to avoid falling off the radar.

How to have a clean house when you have toddlers?

Cleaning a home becomes much more difficult when the kids are actively living their best life, jumping about the living room and testing their aim on the toilet. So, before you go to bed, take advantage of those final few minutes before tucking yourself in.
Spend 10 to 15 minutes walking from room to room, putting things back where they belong, cleaning off surfaces, and preparing the coffee for the following day.

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