32 time saving cleaning tips for busy moms

These 32 brilliant time saving cleaning tips can help you as a mom to keep your family’s home clean as much as you can.
Cleaning the home regularly will help avoid allergies or other breathing problems, and can stop the spread of germs and keeps your family healthy.
Cleaning also gives a fresh and good look to your home, and can maintain your family’s mental well-being as well. Source

32 brilliant time saving cleaning tips for busy moms

How do busy moms clean their house fast?

All the moms are busy moms, even if she is a stay-at-home mom. Looking for children, cooking, cleaning, dropping off and picking the children from school, shopping,….etc are all big responsibilities that make the moms busy all the time.
The mother’s mind never stop moving, there is always something more we feel like we should be doing.
So can a busy mom clean her house fast? The answer is yes, this less than 50 minutes a day cleaning routine can keep your home clean and tidy.

32 time saving cleaning tips for busy moms:

Cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms

1- The bathroom:

The bathroom usually requires special attention, as it is known to be one of the germiest places in any house.

#1: Squeegee the shower after each use. Use a spray bottle of dish soap and a scratchy cloth and clean the shower when you are in the shower! Get in those grooves, door crevices and tricky bits whilst in the shower. The hot water will soften the grotty stuff. You don’t need to buy an expensive microfibre cloth, just an old wash/face cloth that is scratchy. So if the shower is a part of your morning routine, then Cleaning it can be a part of it as well. If you wipe down your shower every morning, you’ll need just 2 minutes every day to maintain the purgation of the shower.
#2: Clean the toilet after you use it, just pour your favourite toilet cleaner and leave it for a while. You can wipe the bathroom vanity in this time, then brush the toilet. Remember that cleaning is easier if you don’t have a lot of stuff on bathroom benches and surfaces. You can clean the toilet and bathroom vanity in just 5 minutes if you maintain the cleaning.
#3: The best way to clean a bathroom floor is with a small broom. Sweep along the edges of the room and work to collect dust and dirt in the middle. Don’t forget to reach around the base of the toilet where dust likes to collect! An easy way to pick up your small dust pile is with a slightly damp paper towel. Then mop the floor with a warm water and a few drops of a Cleaning solution. This process can take another 5 minutes for bigger bathrooms.

This 12 minutes bathroom cleaning routine can be done twice a week to keep the bathroom clean and healthy.
Remember to keep all the Cleaning products for the bathroom in the same bathroom.

Cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms

2- The laundry:

#4: Use the timer function in your watching machine, put the clothes in at night and let the wash finishes before you wake, then when you get up, just hang out the clothes. Hanging clothes can take 2 minutes a day to finish.
#5: Try to wash the clothes everyday as smaller laundry loads are more efficient. Washing machines clean the clothes better when there is room to move around inside the machine. Also smaller loads are easier to handle psychologically. It’s easier to motivate to fold and put away a smaller load than a mountain of clothes. Folding the clothes can take 8 minutes or less a day depending on the amount of clothes.
#6: You also need to maintain your watching machine and dryer like all other household appliances. Wipe the washing machine’s interior with a clean, damp cloth, then run a short, hot wash cycle with detergent; rinse the empty machine with a plain water cycle. It is recommended to clean your watching machine bi-weekly.
#7: Clean the screen or filter of the dryer after every use, and remove accumulated lint from behind the dryer.

So the laundry typically takes 12 minutes or less to be done, you can save time and do it while you’re cooking.

Cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms

3- The kitchen:

Cleaning a kitchen platform is very necessary to avoid diseases and to keep your family happy and healthy.
Here are a few kitchen cleaning tips that save time:

#8: Empty the dishwasher every morning while you brew coffee. This simple step keeps the dishes from piling up in the sink throughout the day.
#9: Take care of the spills in the microwave immediately. that way, it won’t take as long to clean the dried bits that have splattered.
#10: Make a paste with baking soda and let it sit on your oven’s walls overnight. You’ll have to wipe it all out in the morning, but it is so easy and saves time, and beats scrubbing by hand. ( 5 minutes)
#11: Also, wash your oven rack by soaking them overnight in a bathtub filled with washing detergent powder. When you wake up in the morning, remove them and rinse with clean water. This will save you time of scrubbing the oven racks. ( 2 minutes)
#12: Use your vacuum to clean out cabinets instead of wasting your time trying to pick up crumbs with a cloth.
#13: Wipe down your counters after you are finished cooking. Using dish soap, water and a damp cloth is a safe bet on all surfaces. ( 3 minutes)
#14: Keep a bowl of soapy water by the sink to soak the dirty utensils in it, because the longer a dirty fork sits before being watched, the harder it will be to clean.
#15: If you have a gas stove, remove the grates and soak them in hot water with a dissolved dishwasher tab. This will save you time scrubbing it. Cleaning the stove can take 5 minutes.
#16: Cut through the grease on the kitchen windows with dish soap on a damp cloth, then wipe with a Squeegee.  Wipe off drips with a paper towel. ( 5 minutes)

So 23 minutes is enough to empty the dishwasher, clean the oven walls and the oven racks, clean the cabinets, clean the stove and windows. Of course you don’t have to do all that daily especially for the oven and curtains, that’s why 9 minutes a day of cleaning can keep your kitchen clean.

Cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms

4- The bedrooms:

A clean and organised sleeping space helps encourage relaxation and restfulness. Here are some cleaning tips that can help making your bedroom clean, fresh and peaceful without the need of spending too much time cleaning.

#17: Start first with taking out trash and empty the waste basket. ( 2 minutes)
#18: Make your bed, it takes two minutes to make the bed and the room looks instantaneously improved.
#19: Put a hamper in your bedroom if you or your husband want to change clothes in the bedroom so that there are no clothes on floors.
#20: Dust all the surfaces every week.
#21: Put things back in its place. You can’t keep your room clean and tidy if you don’t put things back in their respective places.
#22: Vacuum your bedroom regularly. ( 4 minutes)

Cleaning tips and hacks for busy moms

5- Living room:

The living room is often the most busy room. Here are some tips to keep it clean and tidy in just 13 minutes daily.

#23: Declutter: grab a bin or basket and gather all the clutter that doesn’t belong in the living room like shoes, clothes, toys, etc. ( 3-5 ) minutes.
#24: Dust the living room once a week, use a swiffer duster or a microfiber cloth to quickly run over surfaces that could collect the dust.
#25: Vacuum or sweep: grab the vacuum and run it over the rug. ( 3 minutes)
#26: Wipe down the coffee table, spot clean the couch, and gently clean the TV screen and other electronics using microfibre cloths. (5 minutes)

Other time-saving cleaning tips for busy moms:

#27: If you have kids old enough, they should be given tasks. All family members are a team, and responsible for household chores.
#28: Enforce a ( no shoes ) rule to keep floors cleaner longer.
#29: If you get into the habit of cleaning every few days then hopefully you won’t have a massive filthy clean that will take longer to do.
#30: Have your cleaning products ready to go.
#31: Clean all the floors at once, instead of getting out and putting away the broom, vacuum, or mop multiple times, just do all the floors at once.
#32: Invest in the right tools to do multiple jobs/tasks like a robot vacuum if you can.

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