15 suger free spooky Halloween treats and snacks 2022


Looking for healthy and spooky Halloween snacks and treats for this Halloween 2022?
Yes we can say the word ( healthy) with the sentence (spooky Halloween treats) if we take inspiration from these 20 sugar free Halloween treats.
Many families trying to reduce sugar intake for their children, because too much sugar during childhood may lead to unhealthy cravings as kids grow older. Add to that, sugar can lead to obesity, which puts a child at risk for developing many health problems in their later life.
So if you are planning to make this Halloween refined sugar free, take the inspiration from this list of healthy Halloween snacks.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

15 sugar free spooky Halloween treats:

1- home made Halloween pizza skull:

A fun low carb Halloween dinner recipe! Try out this fun cauliflower Mexican pizza to share with the whole family.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

2- Halloween pumpkin orange gummy:

Made from orange juice, this 3 ingredients gummy recipe for orange pumpkin treats are perfect for Halloween parties or just as a fun! Healthier alternative to candy!

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

3- Creepy spider Halloween deviled eggs:

These deliciously creepy spider Halloween deviled eggs with be the talk of any party! Unique recipe packs in more protein than traditional deviled eggs due to the cream cheese and chicken filling!

4- mummy hot dogs:

A fun and easy Halloween appetizer or snack, these mummy hot dogs are loved by kids and adults! With just 2 ingredients, they are perfect for Halloween parties. Serve with spider web sauce or your favourite dipping sauce.

5- pita Halloween mummy pizza:

You only need 4 simple ingredients and 15 minutes for these easy Halloween pizzas that are made with pita bread crust.

6- Spider eggs:

Add some spookiness to your party spread with these naturally green and creamy Avocado and Wasabi Halloween Deviled Eggs, with NO artificial food coloring.

7- Halloween cheese bread:

A delicious snack in Halloween style: a Halloween cheese bread. The creamy cheese is heated in the oven and afterwards you can dip pieces of bread and vegetables in the cheese.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

8- Halloween pizza potato skin:

Halloween Pizza Potato Skins are a delicious spooky savory Halloween recipe. A great holiday snack, lunch, or dinner meal that is gluten free and vegetarian. Perfect for Halloween party food.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

9- Halloween mummy meatballs:

Halloween Mummy Meatballs are a fun spooky Halloween recipe! Serve as a dinner main course or savory appetizer. Frozen meatballs wound with crescent dough bandages and finished with eyes. Easy to make holiday recipe!

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

10- Crackers spider:

Looking for a fun snack for after school or Halloween? These Ritz cracker spiders snacks are easy to make and fun to eat.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

11- Halloween apple teeth:

These scary apple teeth are really quite cute and are loved by kids and adults!

12- easy Jack O’Lantern Halloween quesadillas:

These Jack O Lantern Quesadillas would be a fun dinner for the family, a fun after school snack or a super cool lunch idea for the kids during the Halloween season! 

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

13- Halloween puffalo chicken dip:

A spooky jack-o-lantern face is added with black tortilla chips making this an easy and festive Halloween party dip. This spicy chicken dip can be made ahead of time making it a great appetizer for a crowd or Halloween party.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

14- Halloween stuffed mummy peppers:

These mummies only require 3 ingredients and make a cute Halloween appetizer or snack.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022

15- easy monster Halloween veggie tray:

This super easy Monster Halloween Veggie Tray is a fun way to transform veggies and dip into a spooky and cute Halloween snack.

15 spooky suger free Halloween treats 2022


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