8 months pregnant, your baby development and what to expect?

If you are on week 32-35 of pregnancy, then you are 7 months pregnant.

You are now in the second month of third trimester and by the end of this month, Only one month left to go!
The countdown to having your baby has almost begun.

Continue controlling weight gain by eating healthy and havd regular physical activity.

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8 months pregnant, your baby Development and what to expect

8 months pregnant symptoms:

• Leaking breasts: your breasts might leak colostrum.
• Heartburn: due to the expanding of the uterus that pushes up on the organs around it including the stomach.
• Puffy face in the morning, and swollen feet and ankles by the afternoon or evening.
• Constipation: the same expansion of the uterus also puts pressure on the colon which may restrict the flow of their content.
• Braxton hicks contractions: that can range from half a minute to two minutes and happens 5-6 times per hour.
• Fatigue: because of the increased baby weight that becomes a load to carry and can leave you feeling quite tired.
• Palpitations: because of the displacement of your large blood vessels and the lead on your heart.
• Emotional changes: like a gnawing sense of importance, and you may be a little weepy and prone to emotional meltdowns this month. 

8 months pregnant belly:

The growing baby expands your belly to a point where you can’t see your feet anymore.
With the expanding uterus, your skin stretches out and forms stretch marks. These can sometimes become itchy due to the rapid expansion of the skin.
Your baby will soon descent into your pelvis, giving your lungs more room but butting more pressure on your bladder.

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8 months pregnant baby Development:

After eight months in the womb, your little one is not so little anymore. He/she is about 16.7 inches ( 42.5 cm) long, and can weighs between 1.8 kilograms to 2 kilograms.
At the beginning of this month, your baby not yet the chubby-cheeked baby you may be capturing in your head, but he/she is getting there. The baby start adding fat to his skinny frame and his/her red skin is beginning to smooth.
All Your baby’s organs are fully developed now, except for the lungs. So even if you give birth this month, your little one would probably do just fine.
Research shows that by this age, a baby’s brain waves are similar to an adult’s while sleeping.

8 months pregnant baby position:

If your baby has been lying in the breech position until now, hopefully this month he/she will turn to be head down.

When you need to see your health care provider?

1. If you develop chest pain or problems breathing.
2. If you notice any of these danger signs of pregnancy.

8 months pregnant checklist:

1. Install your baby’s car seat. You need to make sure that it is installed correctly, and follow child car seat safety tips.
2. Wash your baby’s clothing and bedding using gentle detergent designed for babies.
3. If you haven’t prepared your hospital bag yet, then you need to do it now.
4. If you are planning to breastfeed, attend a breastfeeding education class if you can. Make a breastfeeding diet plan that is safe.
5. Prepared your partner for fatherhood by educating him how dads can care about a newborn, or you may also need this guide for motherhood especially if you are a first time mom.
6. Have enough information about postpartum depression and how to deal with it in case it happens to you.
7. If you haven’t already drawn up a birth plan, think about doing one now.
8. Look at your list of baby names and review what appeals to you.


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