12 things you’ll miss the most about being pregnant

In this post you’ll read 12 things you will miss the most about being pregnant depending on other women experiences.

Morning sickness, swollen feet, mood swing and more annoying symptoms can make you hate being pregnant.
Not all women fortunate enough to have an uncomplicated pregnancy but the fact that you’re only pregnant for for nine months can be a relief.

For me, I had severe nausea the first four months of my pregnancies followed by many health problems in the following months. But, at least for me, pregnancy was a blissful time.

I loved my pregnancy, and felt really fortunate to expect a baby. The fact that some people would give anything to be pregnant, made me glad and cherish every moment of pregnancy despite all the fatigue and pain.

After I gave birth, I missed my pregnant belly and the baby kicks so much.

I did my own search on the internet and found that it’s a very common thing that a woman miss the pregnancy.

While I still miss being pregnant, the intensity fades each year as my children become more and more their own person.

According other women experiences, these 12 things you may miss the most about being pregnant:

12 things you'll miss the most about being pregnant

12 things you will miss the most about being pregnant:

1- Your belly:

From a little baby bump to a basketball, all pregnant bellies come in different shapes and sizes. But no matter what shape or size, Your belly looks so cool when you are pregnant! Watching your belly grow is something all pregnant women enjoy and cherish.

Your growing bump can make it difficult to get comfy and sleep well, but alot of women miss the pregnant bellies terribly after delivery.

2- Hearing that hearbeat:

When I was pregnant, l loved my pregnancy routine check ups just because I will hear the baby heart beat.

Pregnancy is full of special milestones, and one of the best is the very first time you can hear your baby’s heart beat, and this thing will be missed after giving birth.

3- Baby kicks and moving:

the first kick and butterfly kicks that tell you there is life growing inside you are missed by almost all mothers. The flutters, rolls and the wiggling fingers and toes are an incredible experience and you will really get used to those little daily reminders of the Miracle that is happening inside you. These all will soon be memories you will cherish forever.

4- Baby hiccups:

Fetal hiccups are completely normal and not a cause for concern. You may start to notice it in your second or third trimester.

You can usually tell this is happening if you notice a somewhat forceful rhythmic pattern that lasts a few minutes before subsiding.

For some reason, most pregnant women love and adore these jerky motions. And, it will definitely be missed after the pregnancy ends.

5- Your special bond with the baby inside your body:

Knowing that it was you and your baby against the world
You’ll miss the closeness. Being with each other all the time.
Everything you do, the baby doing it with you. Sometimes, can be a bit emotional to have to share your baby with the world.

6- Wearing whatever you want:

You’ll not have to worry about how your body looks with the clothes. And, sometimes your maternity clothes are more stylish than your regular outfits.
But, remember to consider a larger bra and looser fitting clothes as the tight clothes are not recommended during pregnancy.

7- Sleeping alot:

You can curl up on the sofa and have a Guilt-free naps many times of the day. When you are pregnant, you feel exhausted from carrying all the excess fluids, your baby weight and the extra weight you put on. Add to that increasing progesterone levels during this period can also lead you to want more sleep.

The amount of sleep you get while you’re pregnant not only affects you and your baby, but could impact your labor and delivery as well.

If you struggle to get enough sleep due to insomnia, talk to your doctor to help you pinpoint the cause and offer some tips to overcome it.

8- Having great skin and thick hair:

Pregnancy hormones have a positive effect on your skin and hair! During pregnancy, you probably notice that your hair becomes thicker, longer and stronger. Also the increasing progesterone leads to the increasing amount of oil that your skin produces. That makes your skin glow and looks brighter.

9- Getting pampered:

When you are pregnant, people will always smile at you, and holding the door as if you are something important. Your work mates may tell you that you look exhausted, so you can go home early, and they may offer finishing up your work.
You can also jump the queues, and get the help everywhere.

Take advantage of it all and accept all of the help and pampering. None of this is possible once your baby is out. The pampering and attention naturally will be focused on the baby.

10- Your relationship with your partner:

Pregnancy is a good time to strengthen your relationship with your partner. Expecting a baby can positively enhance the relationship and bring the parents closer together.

Pregnancy excitement, pregnancy fears, and being a vulnerable can all offer opportunities to connect and deepen your relationship.

Remember, You need to keep communication open during the major life changes that come with having a baby.

11- Blaming things on pregnancy brain and hormones:

When you’re pregnant, hormones play a massive role with your mood. If you find yourself feeling excited one moment and in tears the next, you’re far from alone.

Some women take advantage of this thing by blaming the pregnancy hormones in any fight, mood swing or refusing to attend the unwanted family gathering.

12- Naming your baby!

Naming your baby can exciting, overwhelming, and challenging. Once I found up that I’m pregnant, I started searching for girl names and boy names at the same time.

With my first child, my husband and I decided to name my son after his grandfather. With my second child, I searched alot and lot for baby names, but I kept one name in my heart and mind and that was the name I have given to her.

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