6 months pregnant, your baby Development and what to expect?


Congratulations! This is the last month of second trimester.
At this point, you need to prepare what you need for a newborn, and your hospital bag.

How many weeks is 6 months pregnant?

Some resources consider that the 6th month of pregnancy starts at week 23 and ends at week 27.

Baby at the 6th months of pregnancy:

At the beginning of month 6 of pregnancy, the baby length is 28 cm and weight is 0.54 kg, so your baby is the same size of a grapefruit.
And at the end of this month, your baby’s length will be 37 cm and weight is 0.91 kg, so your baby is as big as a cabbage.
Your baby is growing and maturing fast. Their muscles have developed and their body is well proportioned, but they still very thin.
Baby is practising breathing in and out in the amniotic fluid, developing lungs, and he/she can open his/her eyes now, and even showing brain activity.

6 months pregnant baby position:

Due to rapid growth, your baby’s head grow heavier and by the end of this month, the head is most likely facing down or a downward diagonal due to the gravity action upon it.

6 months pregnant symptoms:

At this point of pregnancy, you could be starting to get a bit puffy and swollen in your face, hands and feets. This is completely normal as it happens because of water retention.

You may feel gassy after eating, so you are burping a lot now. Is that right?
Another thing, baby is putting so much pressure on your bladder so that you may occasionally leak urine, especially when you cough or sneeze.
Well, that is a common symptom for this month and the following months of pregnancy.
The best thing of the pregnancy symptoms in month 6 of pregnancy is that your skin, hair, and nails might be thicker and grow faster.

Other symptoms are:
• Burning in your chest
• Bloating
• Nausea
• Constipation
• Leg cramps
• Backaches
• Haemorrhoids
• Stretch marks
• Swollen and bleeding gums
• Nose bleeding

6 months pregnant belly:

Your uterus is about the size of a soccer ball, and you may finally have that pronounced baby bump.
You are probably noticing weight gain and stretch marks, so it’s time to start doing massage to your belly using a safe stretch mark cream if you haven’t started yet.

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6 months pregnant with twins!

Woman who are pregnant with twins at this month are vulnerable to preterm Labor. So you have to tell your health care provider right away if you notice any bleeding, watery discharge, abdominal pains or repeated contractions.

When to see the doctor :

Besides the regular pregnancy checks this month, there are some warning signs that you have to be aware of like:

• If you get any signs of pre-eclampsia like splitting headaches, vision problems, or pain just bellow the ribs.
• If you notice any of these danger signs of pregnancy.

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