7 months pregnant, your baby Development and what to expect?


If you are on week 28-31 of pregnancy, then you are 7 months pregnant.

Hurrah! Welcome to the third and last trimester, the end is near and you can see the light!
Controlled weight gain, healthy eating, and regular physical activity during pregnancy can keep you and your baby healthy.

7 months pregnant, your baby Development and what to expect?

7 months pregnant symptoms:

The not so glamorous Symptoms of pregnancy are in full effect. You may have constipation and pregnancy haemorrhoids.
Many woman feel random contractions called Braxton hicks contractions, which is often lasting about 30 seconds.
Other common symptoms of the 7th month of pregnancy are:
1. Swollen hands and feet
2. Breathlessness
3. Heartburn and reflex
4. Lower back and leg pain
5. Running to bathroom more frequently
6. Feeling tired faster
7. Mood swings
8. Leaking breast
9. Sleep problems.

7 months pregnant baby Development:

At the beginning of this month ( week 28), your baby is as big as eggplant.
Your baby’s brain and vision are developing very quickly now. The bones are fully formed, but still soft and flexible for delivery.
Little finger nails and toenails are growing, lungs are maturing, and the nerves system is almost complete.

Your baby starts dreaming. He/she begins to experience REM ( rapid eye movement) sleep, which means it’s very likely your little one is dreaming!

At the end of this month ( week 31), your baby’s brain can already process information and pick up signals from all five senses. Your baby is the size of a coconut, as he can weight 3.86 pounds, and he/she is 16.46 inches of length from head to toes.

How often should a baby kick at 7th month of pregnancy?

It is very important to track your baby’s movements and start counting the kicks. After 28 weeks, your baby should move at least 10 times in two hours, once a day.
Take to your midwife about tracking the baby movement.

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7 months pregnant baby position:

When you’re 28 weeks pregnant, your baby’s position in the womb could be with his head facing down, or with his buttocks, feet or both pointed down, which is called breech.
If your baby is head up, there’s still time for him/her to get into position.

What should be avoided during the 7th month of pregnancy?

Beside alcohol and smoking, there are some things to avoid during pregnancy like some herbal teas that can lead to early labour. Add to that there are five hazards around the home you should be aware during pregnancy.

When to see the doctor immediately?

If you suddenly notice any of these risk signs during pregnancy, or your symptoms feel severe or won’t go away, see your midwife or doctor as soon as possible.

7 months pregnant checklist:

1. In this stage, you should have your hospital bag ready to go in case your baby comes a bit earlier than expected.
2. If you haven’t already started buying your new baby gear, then it is the time to do it. Just buy or prepare what do you really need for a newborn.
3. Make a plan of things to do in the hospital before and after giving birth.
4. Prepare your partner for fatherhood, you’ll definitely need his help and support after delivering the baby.
5. Prepare yourself for breastfeeding if you choose this way of feeding. Here’s a breastfeeding diet plan to lose weight and increase milk.


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