herbs to avoid during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage


You’ll read here a list of herbs to avoid during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage and ensure the health and safety of your growing baby.
As soon as you find out that you’re pregnant, the worry seems to set in. You start thinking of what to do, and what to avoid during pregnancy, and even what are the possible hazards around the home.
Most pregnant women understand that they should watch out for caffeine, avoid alcohol and quit smoking.
But, there is one thing not all women aware of, it’s the herbs.

Why being aware of the herbs to avoid during pregnancy is so important?

Not all the herbs we use normally are healthy for you when you’re pregnant. Some herbs linked to increased blood pressure for pregnant women. Others leads to premature labour and miscarriage.

So, here is a list of 7 herbs to avoid at all costs if you are pregnant.

Herbs to avoid during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage

7 herbs to avoid during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage:

1- Aloe vera:

It is a type of herb that is stimulating to the intestinal tract, which may also cause stimulation to the uterus, which is located near the intestine.

Pregnant women should avoid taking ( internally) Aloe vera products, but extremely-applied aloe vera gel during pregnancy is not believed to cause concerns.(1)

2- Dong Quai:

Dong quai is one of the herbs to avoid during pregnancy to prevent miscarriage. It considered unsafe because it may cause the uterus to contract and raise the risk of miscarriage. (2)

3- Black cohosh:

Black cohosh has a long traditional use and is frequently used by midwives as a uterine stimulant and labour-inducing aid. So, black cohosh should be avoided during pregnancy because of it’s hormonal effects and labour-inducing effects. (3)

4- Fenugreek:

It is a type of herbs that balance or affect the hormones.
Fenugreek should be avoided because pregnancy revolves around specific hormonal health and balance in a woman’s body.

5- Sage tea:

It’s okay to use sage in cooking, but you should avoid sage in concentrated forms during pregnancy such as in tea.
It’s been linked to miscarriage and high blood pressure.

6- Roman chamomile:

Consumption of Roman chamomile even in medicinal amounts can increase the risk of miscarriage and premature labor. That’s why it is unsafe to drink during pregnancy.

7- Passion flower:

Passion flower shouldn’t be taken by pregnant women. It considered unsafe during pregnancy because it contains chemicals that can cause the uterus to contract. (4)

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