Things to do in the hospital during & after birth


Here you will read 11 things to do in the hospital during & after birth.
I am writing this post right now while an overwhelmed thoughts are flying in my head about labor or baby delivery whether it is a natural birth or a c-section.
I had tried an emergency c-section three years ago to my first son ( Deyaa ), and now I’m 16 weeks pregnant with my second baby and I hope everything will be better this time.

Whether you are a first time mom or you already have another kids, The moment you enter the hospital to give birth will be like an emotional rollercoaster.
Finally, after months of wondering when and how it was going to happen, it’s go time!
So, while you are excited, nervous and eager to see your beloved newborn, you may miss some important things to do in the hospital.
So, I’m trying to help you by writing a list of 11 things to do in the hospital during & after giving birth. ( some of them are essential, and others are optional)

Things to do in the hospital during and after birth


11 things to do in the hospital during & after birth


1- double check your hospital bag ready:

First of all, you should double check your hospital bag -that it probably was ready a couple of the weeks ago- to see if something missed.

2- Don’t hesitate to ask enough questions:

Before, during and after giving birth, take your time and ask the healthcare providers all the questions you want. Here are some questions to ask:

• If I write a birth plan, will it be honored?
• How many people are allowed to be with me during labor?
• Can I eat and drink during labor?
• Is there a chair or bed for my partner to spend the night with me while I’m in the hospital?
• Are any nurses new?
• Can I wear my own dressing gown during labor?
• How long will I have to wait for an epidural?
• Have you bathed a newborn before?
• How do I complete the paperwork to obtain my baby’s birth certificate?


3- Take pictures and record the birth:

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for from the first time you knew about pregnancy- the birth of your child! It’s one of the most exciting times ever!
And believe me it’s just moments that fly very fast. So, please don’t forget to record these precious moments! Or you would regret that!

Here are few tips for taking the best pictures and videos during the baby birth:

• Hospitals have different policies on filming or photographing the birth. So, make sure that you ask your doctor or midwife perior to your baby delivery about that.
• Prepare while you are pregnant everything and decide whether you want to invite a professional photographer, or this job will be done by a friend.
• Bring extra memory cards or a computer to upload your images.
• Buy cute beanies for baby hospital pictures.
• Have a mirror with you to see yourself how do you look for pictures.

Don’t forget to record or capture these expensive moments:

• The moment baby is lifted up.
• Dad cutting the umbilical cord.
• Your baby’s fingers, lips, foot, and the name tag.
• The first time your baby opening his/her eyes.
• Capture all first measurements, weight and footprints to your baby.
• The first feeding to the baby.
• Get the first cry on video.
• First time the siblings and family members meet the baby.

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4- Delay cord cutting:

Delayed clamping means the umbilical cord isn’t clamped immediately after birth. Instead, it’s clamped and cut between one and three minutes after birth.
Delaying the clamping of the cord allows more blood to transfer from the placenta to the infant, sometimes increasing the infant’s blood volume by up to a third. Source
Any way you should discuss with your healthcare provider about the benefits of that and the possible risks before you enter the delivery room.


5- The most important moments/ the family-bonding moments:

The nurse will return the baby for you after cleaning him/her and taking all the measurements. The baby will be bundled in a blanket, you’ll hug her tight, and you may cry a lot- of course the happiness tears.

Do the skin to skin bonding, and start your first breastfeeding.


6- Ask for more help with breastfeeding:

Now, it’s the time the baby take his/her first latch, it is time for nursing your beloved one. If you are a first time mom you will probably ask for help, always there will be a nurse always to help you with breastfeeding.

For the first few days after baby’s birth, your body will make colostrum, a nutrients rich pre-milk which has many benefits for the baby including nutrients that boost your baby’s immune system and help fight infection.

After 3-4 days of making colostrum, your breasts will start produce the mature milk.

Anyway, during any stage of breastfeeding, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor or midwife about any concerns during your nursing journey.


7- Set the roles to the visitors in the hospital:

Don’t be shy to ask visitors that you are just wanting pease and rest. You can tell the people to visit later so you can sleep.

Yes, you are in the hospital for treatment and recovery. Although family members and friends are an important part of the recovery process, and they are welcome in hospitals.

But, the first days after giving birth, both the mother and her baby need time to rest, sleep and be together.

And Some women struggle with breastfeeding in the attendance of visitors. So, it is better to set clear roles to the visitors in the hospital.


8- Sleep more and don’t hesitate to ask for help:

After giving birth, you will feel very tired and need to rest as much as you can. Your newborn typically wakes up about every 3 hours and need to be fed, changed, and comforted.

So, it’s better to ask for help because you still not recovered yet.

Sleep everytime your baby sleeps. Although, it may be only a few minutes of rest several times a day, but these minutes can add up.

And it is important to save steps and time by having your baby’s bassinet near yours for feedings at night.

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9- Delay your baby’s first bath:

It is better to wait 24 hours to give a baby his or her first bath, and wait up to 48 hours if the baby was delivered by cesarian section.

There are many benefits of delaying a newborn’s first bath like reduced risk of infection, improved temperature control, improved maternal-infant bonding and improved breastfeeding.


10- It’s time to leave the hospital! 

Yes! It’s the time for leaving the hospital and bringing your baby home. Dress your baby as you would dress yourself, please don’t overdress him/her for the first trip home.

Make sure to ask your healthcare provider about the time of your baby’s first checkup.

Have your questions answered before leaving the hospital. And if you found yourself wondering about anything, from bathing to breastfeeding to burping, ask your nurse or baby’s doctor.


11- Don’t forget to take your stuff! 

Yes, it looks funny. But, seriously lots of women forget to take some important items while they are leaving the hospital!

So, double check again and make sure to take your baby’s birth cord with his name and birth on it. To keep it forever.

Also, don’t forget your phone charger, LOL.


Now, after you read these 11 things to do in the hospital during & after giving birth, Please share your hospital experience with my readers by leaving your story in a comment.

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Things to do in the hospital during and after birth


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