10 tips for the best smartphone baby photography


Babies grow up very fast, so cherish this time and create the best memory ever. One of the best memories is baby photography.

There is no need to hire a professional photographer if you are on a limited budget and don’t have enough money to pay for a photographer.

Also, there is no need to buy a professional camera for that purpose. You can do it all yourself using your smartphone.

Yes, your smartphone and that’s it!!

How to use the smartphone for the best baby photography

A smartphone is a great tool for capturing precious moments in time. They allow you to take great quality images easily. You can also use some app to edit, add filters, and post your images, all in one tiny package.

So, I’ll share with you here the 10 tips for the best smartphone baby photography:


1- Newborn photography safety tips:

The first thing to consider if you are planning for DIY baby photography is baby safety. You should take all the precautions to eliminate unpleasant situations.

  • Remember to wash your hands first because all the babies are very susceptible to microbes.
  • If you are using the baskets, it is preferable to put a Sandbag in the bottom.
  • Remember to always keep the baby under the supervision and never leave him unattended.
  • Take care of your nails and make sure they are smooth.
  • Don’t use the flash during the photography, it could harm the baby’s sensitive eyes.


2- pick the best timeframe for the baby shoot:

If you want to take the perfect photos to your newborn, the ideal age for that is 5 to 10 days. Because during this timeframe, babies spend most of there days sleeping and curling up as they did in their mother’s womb. After two weeks, the babies start to stretch and become more active, so it can be a little more difficult to make them pose in small baskets and beds.


3- Find the best angles:

Almost 99% of the babies have a little redhead and complication of the bumps, marks and scratches. So, it is a little bit difficult to find the best angle to the shoot. To solve this problem you should get down low on their level and then get close by physically moving. One of the best features of using iPhone for photography is that it allows you to get closer to your little creature, locating those easy to miss wrinkles babies have.

Try a number of positions, like over the shoulder, sitting him up, laying him back in arms, laying him on his tummy, etc.

4- perfect the background:

Make sure you use soft tones for the background. If the background is too colourful and chaotic, your little baby will not be in focus. So get soft hues filters for the background and preferably, keep it a simple, singular colour tone.

5- keep your baby comfortable:

In baby photography, you are generally going for two looks, peacefully sleeping or awake and happy.

If the baby is uncomfortable, you run the risk of him being fussy and crying, and that will cause a difficult time for everyone involved in the shoot. So, make sure that your baby is comfortable during the session, feed him, change the diaper and adjust the temperature inside the room to be suitable for him.

6- the sunlight is the best light:

It is better to choose a room with north-facing windows because they let in indirect sunshine that’s not so harsh. You can get the same results by waiting for the right time of day to make the photo session. So turn your flash off and use the natural light.

7- Get help from an assistant:

Shooting a baby all by yourself could be difficult because the baby as you know don’t follow instructions. Therefore, you should find an assistant to help you with the photo shoot. They could help get the baby ready, make them laugh, and help with the props.

8- Include the family in photography:

Remember that your baby is not the only potential subject. Parents, grandparents, siblings and friends etc all can add context to the shot and you’ll appreciate having more than just baby by themselves shots later!

Taking family photos was one of the things women regret not doing to their babies in the first year of their lives.


9- learn how to use your smartphone camera:

Your iPhone camera can take professional photos if you use it the right way. You should learn how to control your phone’s camera like a DSLR to take the best shots to your baby.


10- dress up your baby:

It’s the most fun step in photography. choose cute, adorable and funny clothes to keep the most beautiful memories of your little one.

I’ll leave you with a pinch of cute photography clothes for a baby girl followed by cute outfits for a baby boy. I hope you like this collection.

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