Girl names that mean seagull

If you are a bird lover and looking for girl names inspired by nature, then I suggest this list of 8 girl names that mean seagull for your baby girl.

There was an old belief that the name can affect success in a person’s life. Recently there are some studies that have proven this belief, and found that our name have the potential to influence our behaviour, physical appearance, popularity, and how others perceive us.

Seagull symbolizes freedom and dependence. In some cultures, seagulls are seen as bringing good luck or forecasting positive changes forthcoming in one’s life.

Girl names that mean seagull

Girl names that mean seagull:

1. Gwylan: it’s a female name of Welsh origin that means (seagull).

2. Iwalani: it’s a gender-neutral name of Hawaiian origin that means (heavenly seagull).

3. Jara: it’s an aboriginal girl name that means (a seagull). Jara is also a female name of Spanish origin that means (Rockrose).

4. Kamome: it’s a Japanese female name that means (seagull).

5. Larina: it’s a girl name of Latin origin that means (seagull; protection).

6. Nauju: it’s a gender-neutral name of Inuit origin that means (seagull).

7. Nawras: it’s a gender-neutral name of Arabic origin that means (seagull).

8. Yara: it’s an aboriginal girl name means (seagull). Yara is also a gender-neutral name of Arabic and Brazilian origins and means (small butterfly; water lady).

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