Girl names that mean mountain

You will read here a list of 17 pretty girl names that mean mountain.

There was an old belief that the name can affect success in a person’s life. Recently there are some studies that have proven this belief, and found that our name have the potential to influence our behaviour, physical appearance, popularity, and how others perceive us.

Mountains symbolize constancy, eternity, firmness, and stillness.

Mountains also symbolize positive things like freedom, adventure, strength, protection, the force of nature, and sacredness.

Girl names that means mountain can be considered as strong girl names and nature girl names.

So, if you want to give your baby girl a name that means mountain, then check out this list.

Girl names that mean mountain

17 Girl names that mean mountain:

1. Aase: It is a Norse baby name means (tree covered mountain). 

2. Bergliot: It is a Celtic name means ( mountain terror ). This name also means ( helpful light ) in Norwegian origin.

3. Brenne: it’s a girl’s name of Irish and Welsh origins and means (little drop of water; hill; mount).

4. Bryn: It’s a gender-neutral name of Welsh origin and means (hill; mount).

5. Jubaila: It’s an Arabic girl’s name means (mountain).

6. Keira: It is an aboriginal girl name means ( large lagoon or high mountain).

7. Kiiri: it is a gender-neutral name of Cambodian origin and means ( mountain).

8. Kiri: In Cambodian, the name Kiri means (mountain summit), Kiri is also a gender-neutral Maori name and means ( skin of a tree or fruit).

9. Monta: It is a girl’s name of Latvian origin means (mountain).

10. Nouf: a Muslim girl name means ( highest point on a mountain).

11. Odina: This name is from native American roots and means (mountain). Odina is also a Scandinavian name and means (divine creative inspiration).

12. Radwa: It is an Arabic girl’s name means ( name of a mountain in Medina).

13. Sana: It’s a girl’s name of Arabic origin means (resplendent brilliance; mountain top).

14. Sierra: It’s a girl’s name of Spanish origin and means (mountain; saw).

15. Takane: It is a Japanese girl’s name means (mountain peak).

16. Yoyko: it is a aboriginal unisex name means (mountain).

17. Zaltana: It’s a native American girl’s name and means (high mountain).

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