17 things not to say to a pregnant

Here you will read a list of 17 things not to say to a pregnant, because these things are really annoying to her. Pregnancy may be one of the most sensitive and complicated times of a woman life. There are many internal and external factors which can increase her emotional state during pregnancy like hormones, … Read more

Unisex baby names 2019/ gender neutral names with meanings

It’s 2019 and nowadays more and more parents are choosing gender-neutral names to their baby. They prefer a name that doesn’t indicate the baby gender for many resons they believe in. If you want to pick a unisex name/ for your baby, you have to be prepared for it to eventually tilt male or female … Read more

Unique baby boy names 2019

Congratulations! You just found out you are having a boy! Are you bored with traditional baby names and looking for a unique baby boy name that no one else in his school will share with him? I know how hard it can be to pick a unique baby boy name that you’ll love forever. So, … Read more