Girl names that mean chrysanthemum

If you are looking for pretty girl names inspired by flowers, then this is a list of beautiful girl names that mean chrysanthemum flower.

There was an old belief that the name can affect success in a person’s life. Recently there are some studies that have proven this belief, and found that our name have the potential to influence our behaviour, physical appearance, popularity, and how others perceive us.

Naming your baby girl a name with chrysanthemum meaning can affect her personality in the way of what do chrysanthemum flowers symbolize.

Chrysanthemum symbolizes friendship, happiness, trust, joy, and well-being.

Girl names that mean chrysanthemum

Girl names that mean chrysanthemum:

1. Benchamat: it’sa Thai girl name that means (chrysanthemum).

2. Chrysanthemum: it’s a rare girl name that means (chrysanthemum flower).

3. Chu Hua: it’s Chinese girl name that means (chrysanthemum).

4. Crisanta: it’s a feminine name of Spanish origin that means (golden flower; golden chrysanthemum).

5. Cuc: it’s a female name of Vietnamese origin that means (a flower called Chrysanthemum).

6. Ju: it’s a Chinese girl name that means (chrysanthemum; daisy flower).

7. Kiku: it’s a female name of Scandinavian origin that means (chrysanthemum).

8. Kim Cuc: it’s a Vietnamese girl name that means (golden chrysanthemum).

9. Odval: it’s a Mongolian girl name that means (chrysanthemum flower).

10. Shiragiku: it’s a Japanese girl’s name that means (white chrysanthemum).

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