15 productivity hacks for busy moms

These 15 productivity hacks for busy moms will really enlighten your motherhood journey, and make you more productive mom.

Moms are always busy, they spend more time with their kids while doing tedious chores like cooking, cleaning, picking and dropping off the kids to school, add to that emotional overwhelming.

But we (the moms) always seek to make our motherhood journey easier, by meditation, following other mothers experiences, reading about motherhood challenges, and most importantly following our instinct.

15 productivity Hacks for Busy Moms

15 productivity hacks for busy moms:

1# Plan Your Day Ahead:

Plan your days the night before because daily planning boosts focus and productivity. Planning daily tasks helps you cut through the noise to bring a few important tasks into focus each day. Planning your day ahead can have many benefits for busy moms like:

  • Improve your sleep.
  • Get more freedom in your day.
  • Get more productive and less busy.
  • Experience a sense of progress.
  • Feel more excited.
  • Reduce emotional decisions.
  • Increase your focus.
  • Get more responsibility.
  • Experiment what is right for you.
  • Less stress.

2# Wake Up Early:

Early risers have more time for self-care. Taking care of oneself is essential to productivity. We all know that. Giving yourself some time to focus on yourself can help you start your day right.

If you are struggling with starting your day earlier, then you need some motivation by knowing the benefits of getting up early in the morning for your family, and for your physical and mental health.

3# Stick to a Morning Routine:

A morning routine gives your day structure. The structure allows you to work towards your goals.

Mom’s morning routine entails rising 30-60 minutes before your children/ family, and using this time to care for your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

4# Have a Healthy Breakfast:

A good breakfast can improve memory, concentration, and your energy levels. Eating a high protein breakfast has been shown to benefit muscle health and to support postpartum weight loss by increasing muscle mass.

If you are very busy in the morning and don’t have a time to make your own sandwich or even a sereal and low fat milk as a fast breakfast, why not try homemade oatmeal raisin cookies?

They are easy and incredibly nutritious, and a good source of fibre and high quality protein.

When you have a free time, enjoy baking these cookies and fill a glass cookie jar of them.
For these super busy mornings, treat yourself with two or three cookies to ensure you have a super fast and healthy breakfast.

5# Start With Your Least Favourite Task:

This is one of my favourite productivity hacks for busy moms.
Prevent dreaded chores by priority. That task will be there tomorrow if you don’t tackle it today. Deep breaths and start that dreaded process. After you finish, you will feel great.

6# Start your blog!

If you are a stay at home mom and suffering SAHM depression and loneliness, or if you’re looking for SAHM jobs from home, then it is a good idea to start your own mom blog to share your experience with other mums globally. YouTube and tiktok are other ideas to make money and stay connected with other mums at the same time.

7# Give Your Kids Chores:

While many parents want to preserve childhood for as long as possible, letting the kids enjoy plenty of play time while they are still young, research suggests there are benefits to including chores in a child’s routine as early as age 3.

Kids who do chores learn responsibility and gain important life skills. Add to that chores teach children self discipline, and most likely help develop their motor skills.

Sharing housework with kids can also help families work better and reduce family stress.

8# Ask for help without guilt:

Dear mom: you need to ask for help without any hesitation when you feel you need. There is absolutely no shame of that. Start asking help from your partner, family and close friends. You need to tell them your struggles and don’t expect them to read your mind.

Be specific when you ask for help, don’t just put out a general distress call. Get clear on what you need from your (partner/ friend/ family) and set a schedule.

9# Unplug:

Unplug yourself. I’ve been down the Instagram rabbit hole so many times. Hours flew by. Try to unplug while working to avoid this. Forget about social media as you tackle your to-do list. Reducing your screen time is also an important tip to help in minimizing screen time for your children.

10# Be grateful:

Remember to be grateful for what you can do. Don’t worry about what you can’t do. Gratitude can help you feel more positive emotions, less depression, relish good experiences, improve your health, deal with adversity, and lead to more intimate and connected relationships.

It is a good idea to start your day with 10 minutes of meditation, remembering your blessings and praying for God to maintain every good thing you have.

11# Get Out of Your House!

Get out of your house. Admire nature and the planet we live on. Spending time in the nature is good for your mental health as it can help improve your mood and relieve stress and anxiety and helps you to be a happier mom, this is because Spending time outdoors lowers blood pressure and reduces cortisol and adrenaline, the stress hormones.

12# Plan Focus Time With Your Kids:

Spend at least 15 minutes per day focusing on each youngster. Giving each child your undivided attention can benefit both of you. Spending quality time with your kids can help you appreciate your worth and hence be more productive.

13# Have Fun, and be a fun mum:

Mama, you deserve to have a little fun!

Enjoy being a mom. Yes, there will be stress and exhausting, but being a mom is a blessing that should be appreciated.
You don’t have to make a plan to have fun, and you don’t have to go out and spend money. Just playing with your kids and genuinely enjoying it is good enough for both of you.

Be silly with your kids, don’t worry, your children will not going to judge you!

These silly moments are the ones they’ll remember and appreciate the most.

14# Set a timer!

As busy moms, we constantly have a million and one things to do, but it’s best to tackle one at a time. Focus on the core and take breaks to play and rest.

Setting a timer can really help boost your productivity as it helps you staying committed to a single task at a time and avoid multitasking. It also tells you to wait until you can do the job perfectly and blocks interruptions.

15# Listen to music!

Try listening to podcasts, music, or an e-book while doing your regular chores.

Listening to a music can increase your productivity because it can increase your brain’s dopamine levels and that leads to increasing your overall happiness regardless of what you’re doing.

Music can also engage your brain when completing repetitive tasks, providing you with more satisfaction and less burnout.

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