5 tips to be a happier mom

The popular press would have you believe that if you’re a mother, you’re always happy, content, and joyful—and that if you’re not, you’re somehow failing to measure up.

Motherhood is romanticized, especially around Mother’s Day. However, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to dispel clichés about perfect parenthood and give ourselves the gift of de-stressing.

Being a mother may be challenging. Indeed, as the adage goes, if you’re not having difficulty at times, you’re probably not paying attention. However, it can also be quite rewarding. Here’s why it isn’t easy and how to maintain happiness throughout the ages and phases of motherhood.

5 tips to be a happier mom

5 tips to be a happier mom:

1. Seek assistance:

Mothers who are content with their lives are not hesitant to seek assistance from family and friends. While depressed, martyred mothers miss out-of-town weekends and movie nights with their husbands due to a lack of babysitters or willing relatives, Very Happy Moms say, “Please.”

2. Immediately vacate the premises:

Have you spent the day outside? Mothers can get a little boost from fresh air, sunlight, and wildlife when moving strollers or swings. Consider the area surrounding the playground. Who appears to be content? Now is the time to speak with her.

3. Hug It Out:

When you feel a negative feeling, your brain’s amygdala activates like an excessive car alarm. Then your brain loses its ability to reason and regards everything as a threat.

To be a happy parent, your amygdala must relax. Hugging a loved one is one surefire approach to accomplish this. Because when you embrace properly, the joyful hormones oxytocin and serotonin are released. These are the molecules that elevate your mood and foster social interaction. Oxytocin, in particular, decreases the amygdala’s responsiveness.

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4. Your Expectations:

Being a mother also entails a certain amount of pressure to be perfect. Popular culture perpetuates the myth that mothers can do it all flawlessly, while in truth, we’re all simply trying to piece our lives together successfully.

Comparing ourselves to the media, particularly social media, can diminish enjoyment if it appears as though everyone else is doing things perfectly and we are falling short.

Recognize that no one is perfect, even if their Instagram feed makes them out to be. Eliminate the pressure. No child seeks an ideal parent; they seek a parent who loves them sincerely and wonderfully. Recognize that your approach to parenting will be unique and that your correct response will differ from others.

Choose your own finest motherhood language and allow it to grow and change as you progress through the stages of parenthood.

Additionally, be cautious of competitive parenting. Avoid “friends” who view parenting as a competitive sport or who regard other parents as competitors. Empathize, listen, tune in, and reach out to others when you notice them hurting or in need of a listening ear or a helping hand. When you assist others, you will be happier and more content.

5. Move It:

You’ve probably previously heard that exercise increases endorphin, a hormone that aids with stress management. Additionally, exercise stimulates the release of a protein called BDNF, which stands for Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. This protein acts as a reset button for the brain, which is why you normally feel more at peace and content after exercising. Additionally, physical activity assists in flushing adrenaline from your system following an angry outburst.

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