What no one tells you about becoming a mother

What no one tells you about becoming a mother? While there is a wealth of practical knowledge on pregnancy and parenting, what about the emotional rollercoaster and identity transition that many women and their partners experience when they become parents? We rarely discuss it—and when we do, it is typically in the context of postpartum depression.

What no one tells you about becoming a mother

What no one tells you about becoming a mother:

#1: You will have no personal time:

Your working day begins when your baby awakens in the morning and ends when he sleeps at night. Even if he sleeps during the day, you will have baby-related activities to complete, such as sterilizing milk bottles and pacifiers, as well as washing their clothing.

Expect the washing machine to run on a near-daily basis as the baby vomits and poops its way through numerous clothing sets. You’ll spend the day researching newborn sensory programs and neighborhood playgroups.

#2: You will be completely spent:

Daily exhaustion is to be expected during the first year of your baby’s life. They have no sense of day and night during the first few months of their lives, so they may wake up to play for hours at night, and you can expect to be awakened up in the night for the first six months when they become hungry.

They can begin sleeping through the night at around six months but then begin teething and frequently wake up during the night again. This disrupted sleep has a detrimental effect on your energy levels.

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#3: You are continuously concerned:

Perhaps it’s your hormones, but you picture the worst-case scenarios and worry about how they’ll harm your baby. You’re quite protective of this small bundle you’ve been caring for some time since they rely entirely on you for everything.

#3: Your priorities shift dramatically:

You may be astonished at how drastically your priorities shift after your child comes. If you want to return to work soon after the birth of your child, you may reconsider as you realize there is more to life than your next paycheck.

#4: You cannot conceive of life without them:

Becoming a parent fundamentally alters your life, as you become more focused on their needs than on your own. Once this becomes your new reality, it’s difficult to recall your previous existence.

#5: Breastfeeding is challenging:

When you attend parenting classes, you may believe that breastfeeding will be effortless. In reality, learning how to breastfeed your infant can take up to six weeks. If you are unable to breastfeed your infant, you can express milk for them. This is a simple procedure that ensures he receives the best milk available.

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After all, you’ll never truly understand what it’s like until you’ve had your baby and are in the middle of it. You can theoretically prepare for motherhood, but the reality is sure to differ significantly from what you learn in literature. Motherhood is unique to each woman who experiences it – but for the most part, it is an extremely meaningful experience that most moms would not trade for anything.

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