17 easy Ramadan desserts | Iftar recipes


It’s Ramadan time, and I’m so grateful to have the chance to live Ramadan this year.

Ramadan for me is an excellent time to practice self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice, and empathy for those who are less fortunate!

It gives me a break and provides me with a rare opportunity to think about my own self, my future, and my family!

One of the things I want to do for my family is creating a special and lovely memories about Ramadan, just like what my mother did to me when I was a child.

If I remember any Ramadan in 1990s, the first thing comes to my mind is the delicious Ramadan desserts that we used to have together after breaking the fast.

I still can clearly recall the warmth and excitement moments when we were waiting for one of my mom’s delicious dessert recipes to eat.

So, I’m sharing with you 17 of the best Ramadan desserts I’m going to make this Ramadan, and I hope you all have a happy Ramadan.

17 easy Ramadan desserts | Iftar recipes

17 easy Ramadan desserts | Iftar recipes:

1- staffed dates:

One of the the most popular Ramadan traditions is consuming dates upon breaking the fast. They are good to consume after a day of fasting to restore low blood sugar levels.
Moroccan staffed dates is a good way to break your fast with.

2- Riz bi haleeb:

Riz bi haleeb is a traditional rice pudding that is mostly consumed in Ramadan. It can be served as an after-Iftar dessert, or for Suhoor.

3- Rice ekheer:

If you want to try another rice pudding then I recommend this recipe.
Kheer or Doodhpak is a popular Indian-style pudding dessert or sweet recipe prepared using 3 basic ingredients rice, milk, and sugar. All other ingredients are added to enhance the flavor and are totally optional.

4- Lauki ki kheer:

Another pudding recipe is Lauki ki kheer. It is a delicious and easy pudding recipe from India. This dessert is made with bottle gourd, milk, and condensed milk. This lauki ki kheer is flavored with aromatic green cardamom and saffron. Kheer can be served both, warm and chilled.

5- Amrakhand:

Mango Shrikhand or Amrakhand is a creamy, luscious dessert made with thick or Greek yogurt, mango pulp, and some exotic Indian spices.

6- Mango mousse:

This easy eggless & vegan mango mousse recipe is fluffy, creamy, and bursting with fresh, sweet mango flavor.

7- Walnut Baklava:

Walnut Baklava with phyllo layers from scratch is such a great dessert typical in many Mediterranean & Middle Eastern countries. This recipe is how we made baklava or bakllava back in my home country of Albania.

8- baklava cheesecake:

Another baklava recipe to try this Ramadan is baklava cheesecake!
Taking classic baklava one step further, this is a must-try recipe for baklava and cheesecake lovers. Lighter than traditional baklava, in the meantime more exciting flavor profile than traditional cheesecake, the best of both!

9- Knafeh:

Ramadan is the season of knafeh!
Knafeh is popular Lebanese and Middle Eastern dessert made with a layer of shredded Phyllo dough, a layer of sweet cheese and a special knafeh filling mixture. A staple dessert for Ramadan!

10- Another knafeh recipe to try:

11- Albanian revani:

Albanian revani is so simple to make, it’s a fluffy cake soaked with syrup and served for religious celebrations, birthdays or New Year.

12- frozen chocolate peanut butter:

There is nothing better than a cold and healthy thing to treat yourself and family after breaking the fast, especially during summer.
This frozen chocolate peanut butter recipe is a perfect ramadan dessert. With only 3 ingredients and no cooking it is easy to make while fasting and is high on flavor!

13- Moong dal halwa:

Green Moong dal halwa is a green moong bean based dessert that is wonderfully rich in fragrant and flavours, and that makes it a perfect ending to a meal.

14- Milk Peda:

This rich and delicious Indian fudge is made with just 4 ingredients and made in less than 20 minutes. Milk Peda is a quick dessert for festivals or any occasion!

15- Sekerpare:

This Sekerpare was more of a very sophisticated and elegant dessert than just a cookie. The cookies once baked, soaks up all the sugar and takes over a soft and melt in the mouth texture, and that makes it a perfect choice as a Ramadan dessert.

16- Milk Barfi:

Milk Barfi is one of the most popular Indian mithais that melts in your mouth! This version is made using milk powder, no khoya necessary, with a texture that is similar to a fudge and is flavored with luxurious saffron and cardamom. It’s perfect for celebrating special occasions, like Rakshabandhan and Diwali and Ramadan!

17- Badusha :

Badusha is a popular indian sweet. It is mildly sweetened, fragrant with simple spices added in the syrup.


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