Irish names that start with D for girls and boys

Are you looking for Irish names that start with D in alphabet order? If so, then this is a list of 54 Irish names for girls and boys with meanings.

Irish names that start with D for girls and boys

Irish names that start with D for girls:

  • Dacey: southerner; from Candace
  • Dalany: descendant of the challenger
  • Dallas: wise
  • Darby: free
  • Darci: dark
  • Deirdre: sorrowful wanderer
  • Delaney: descendant of the challenger
  • Derry: red-haired one
  • Devin: poet
  • Dooriya: the deep
  • Duana: poem or song; dark

Irish names that start with D for boys:

  • Dacey: southerner
  • Daibhi: beloved
  • Daire: a wealthy man
  • Dallan: one who is blind
  • Dallas: wise
  • Darby: free 
  • Darcy: dark
  • Darrin: great
  • Declan: the name of a saint; prayerful
  • Deegan: a black-haired man
  • Delaney: the dark challenger
  • Dempsey: proud
  • Denzil: high stronghold
  • Derby: free
  • Dermot: free of envy
  • Derron: great
  • Derry: red-haired
  • Desmond: from south Munster, Ireland
  • Devin: poet
  • Devlin: heroic; brave
  • Dolan: black-haired
  • Donahue: dark-haired warrior
  • Donato: gift from God
  • Donegal: fort of foreigners
  • Donnell: dark brave one
  • Donoghue: dark-haired warrior
  • Donovan: a brown-haired chief
  • Dooley: dark hero
  • Doran: a stranger
  • Doug: from the dark stream
  • Dougal: dark stranger
  • Douglas: from the dark stream
  • Dow: black-haired
  • Doyle: dark stranger
  • Drew: wise; courageous; strong
  • Driscoll: a mediator; one who is sorrowful
  • Duane: dark one
  • Dublin: from the capital of Ireland
  • Dugal: dark stranger
  • Dugan: dark-haired
  • Dunbar: dark branch
  • Dunn: brown-haired
  • Dwaine: dark one

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