48 Irish names that start with B for girls and boys

Are you looking for Irish names that start with B in alphabet order? If so, then this is a list of 48 Irish names for girls and boys with meanings.

Irish names that start with B for girls and boys

Irish names that start with B for boys:

  • Bain: bridge over white water
  • Bainbridge: bridge over while water
  • Baird: a wandering minstrel who sings ballads
  • Bairn: child
  • Banan: white
  • Banning: little blond one
  • Bard: poet; singer
  • Barry: spear; marksman
  • Beacan: small
  • Beagan: little one
  • Blaine: thin; lean
  • Blair: field or plain dweller
  • Blane: thin; lean
  • Bowie: fair-haired
  • Boyd: fair-haired
  • Boyne: white cow
  • Brady: spirited
  • Bran: raven
  • Brandon: raven
  • Breck: freckled
  • Brendan: little raven; sword
  • Brennan: little raven
  • Brian: strong; honorable; hill
  • Brice: ambitious; quick
  • Brion: strong; honorable; hill
  • Brodie: ditch; canal; builder
  • Brogan: work shoe
  • Bryan: strong; honorable; hill
  • Bryant: strong; honorable; hill
  • Bryce: ambitious; quick

Irish names that start with B for girls:

  • Bairbre: stranger
  • Ballinamore: a great river
  • Barra: white or fair head
  • Barran: little hill top
  • Bellamy: fine friend
  • Blaine: thin
  • Blanid: flower
  • Braidy : urging
  • Bre: strength or exalted one
  • Breck: freckled
  • Bree: strong
  • Breena: fairy palace
  • Brenna: fiery; forceful; spirited
  • Bria: noble
  • Brianna: strong; virtuous; graceful victory
  • Brienne: high; noble; exalted
  • Brionna: high; noble; exalted
  • Bryanna: strong; noble; exalted

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