20 Halloween cupcake ideas 2022


If you are looking for Halloween cupcake ideas to celebrate this fall season, then you are in the right place.

Monster cupcakes, Zombie Brain cupcakes, ghost cupcakes, witches hat cupcakes, Hocus Pocus Halloween Cupcakes, Jack O’Lantern cupcakes, spider cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes, and more in this round up of 20 Halloween cupcake ideas 2022.

Halloween cupcakes ideas 2022

Halloween cupcake ideas 2022:

Monster cupcake:

This monster cupcakes recipe is the perfect crazy creature fun to bake and decorate with your kids. Here’s how to make them.

Or you may want to try this other fun monster cupcakes from beyond the chicken coop:

Zombie Brain Halloween cupcakes:

These Zombie Brain Halloween cupcakes are going to be the talk of your Halloween party! They’re simple to make and will complete your halloween tablescape!

spicey little Devil’s Food Cupcakes:

These Spicy Little Devil’s Food Cupcakes turn up the heat with a cinnamon & cayenne ganache filling, and are topped with devilish decor perfect for any Halloween party!

spooky ghost cupcakes:

If you’re looking for a fun and festive way to celebrate the season, these spooky ghost cupcakes are perfect for your next Halloween party!

Spooky witches hat Halloween cupcakes:

These adorably spooky halloween witches hat cupcakes are made with fun colors fudge striped cookies and a hershey’s kiss!

Maleficent Cupcakes with chocolate horns:

Make these fun Maleficent Cupcakes using a printable template to make the chocolate horns. You’ll be surprised how easy they are to make!

Hocus Pocus Halloween Cupcakes:

Decadent homemade chocolate cupcakes piled high with brightly colored buttercream frosting, these Hocus Pocus Halloween Cupcakes are a fun and easy Halloween cupcake idea! Perfect for Hocus Pocus movie parties, Disney-themed parties, or Halloween in general!

Or you may want to try this other Hocus Pocus Halloween Cupcakes recipe from house of Nash eats:

bloody Halloween Cupcakes:

Bloody Halloween Cupcakes are easy to make and deliciously spooky with raspberry jam edible fake blood (made without corn syrup!), vanilla buttercream, and soft, tender yellow cake.

witch hat cupcakes:

Transform cupcakes into witches hats using ice cream cones and this easy recipe. The fun and festive cupcakes are sure to be a hit with everyone at your Halloween party.

Halloween Jack O’Lantern bucket cupcakes:

These Halloween Jack o ‘lantern Candy Cupcakes are chocolate pinata cupcakes (filled with candies) with more candies on top! They are great for kids and adults alike and perfect for your next Halloween party or potluck!

Halloween cupcakes

Easy spider cupcakes:

Easy spider cupcakes are the perfect fun Halloween dessert to do with the kids. Learn how to make these adorable creepy crawly cupcakes and celebrate Halloween from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Or try this other creepy spider Halloween cupcakes from our wabi sabi life:

Halloween cupcakes

Or try this Halloween pumpkin spiced apple sauce spider cupcakes from culinary ginger:

Halloween cupcakes

Flower candy corn cupcakes for the fall:

Whether you’re hosting a fall gathering, making a treat for the kids or want to add a little something to a happy Halloween party, Flower Candy Corn Cupcakes will be a sweet addition.

Halloween cupcakes

Halloween bat cupcakes:

These Halloween Bat Cupcakes are adorably haunting to celebrate with. This Halloween treat recipe is extremely simple, using both store-bought cake mix and store-bought icing.

Halloween cupcakes

Vegan mummy cupcakes:

These Vegan Mummy Cupcakes will be a hit at your spooky Halloween bash. They are fun to make, kid-friendly and completely adorable! The mummy wrapping is piped on with vegan buttercream and the eyes are dotted with chocolate chips. It’s so easy!

Halloween cupcakes

If you want another spooky vegan cupcakes recipe, then give this vegan blackberry chocolate cupcakes from addicted to dates a try!

Halloween cupcakes

Spooky eyes cupcakes:

These spooky cupcakes are perfect for your next Halloween party! With just a few simple ingredients, you can create these adorable monster eyes that will be sure to impress your guests. So get baking and have some fun this Halloween!

Halloween cupcakes


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