Chicken wrap recipe/ easy shawarma recipe


This Chicken wrap recipe or you can call it shawarma recipe or a Middle Eastern chicken wrap is my favourite as it is easy to made, and my family love it.
You can consider this as a lunch box recipe if your kids love wraps.
These chicken wraps are full of flavour, a good source of protein, and very filling. Once you try it, I bet you will find it hard to stop at one piece.
I used Nandos extreme hot Perry Perry sauce because my husband and I loves the spicy food.
But for my children, I use a plain barbecue sauce instead.
The reason I didn’t add garlic to the shawarma seasoning or to the wrap is that I used roasted garlic tortilla that will add the garlic flavour to the wraps.
Yes, it’s not the traditional recipe for chicken shawarma as there’s no hummus in it, but this is the way my family love to eat the chicken wrap.
You can give this recipe a try, and leave your feedback in a comment please.

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Too much carbs in this shawarma recipe?!

If you are on a low carb diet or just trying to reduce your carb intake, you can use a low carb tortilla instead.
Or may be making lettuce or cabbage wraps as a healthier and gluten-free option.

Chicken wrap recipe/ easy shawarma recipe:

The wrap ingredients:

1- 4 boneless, skinless chicken thighs
2- Nandos extreme hot Perry Perry sauce
3- Mayonnaise
4- 2 tomatoes cut into strips
5- 4 leaf salad
6- Slices of cucumber pickles
7- 2-4 tortilla wraps

Shawarma seasoning:

1- 1 tbsp reduced salt soy sauce
2- 1 tbsp moroccan spice blend
3- 1 tbsp onion flakes
4- 2 tsp paprika smoked
5- 1 tsp black pepper
6- 1 tbsp pomegranate paste
7- 1 tbsp Tahiti sauce

Chicken wrap directions:

  1. Trim and cut the chicken thighs into 1/2 inch pieces, and place it in a bowl.
  2. Add the shawarma seasoning and mix all the ingredients, make sure that all the chicken pieces are covered with the seasoning.
  3. Cover and refrigerate for at least 12 hours.
  4. Use a non-stick grill pan to cook the chicken on high flame at first. Don’t crowd the pan.
  5. Put the flame to medium high after the marinade begins to caramelise.
  6. Set it aside after cooking, and prepare your wrap.
  7. Place the tortillas on a counter. Top with chicken, tomatoes, pickles, leaf salad, and the sauces.
  8. Roll wrap to enclose the filling.
  9. Grease a non-stick grill pan with butter, then toast the wrap on both sides to make it crispy and golden from outside ( optional ).

How to serve chicken shawarma ?

My preferred way to serve chicken shawarma is with some Middle Eastern pickles, tabouleh salad, and a drinking yoghurt.


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