55 clever money saving hacks and tips 2023

Whether you are on a tight budget, or you are saving money for travel, or for your children’s education, or to buy your favourite car, or to pay off the bills, or just saving for a better future. These (55) money saving hacks and tips will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Saving money is one of the most important financial habits you can adopt.
Saving money can help you to have a dept free life, reduce your financial stress, better health and education for your children, and more.

If you are planning to start your money saving journey, you can have some ideas from this post.
And remember it is easier to save a dollar than making a dollar!

55 clever money saving hacks and tips 2023

Saving money on grocery shopping:

1- Don’t grocery shop when you are hungry.
2- Don’t go shopping for just 1 or 2 items.
3- When you want to shop for groceries,shop local and don’t go to the big and major shopping centres. This way you will support locals, and won’t buy extra things from the mall.
4- Make good use of your freezer, buy extra when in season or when on special. Ensure it is frozen in a good air tight bag or container. You will always have a meal you can make and it saves buying products when it’s out of season and expensive.
5- Buy the essential like laundry powder, dishwasher tablets, toilet paper, tissues, deodorants, toothpaste, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, hand wash when they are half price which usually happens once every month or 6 weeks depending on the store.
6- Don’t buy what you don’t need. For example no need to buy more cereal when you already have cereal in the pantry.
7- Buy the store brands, it is usually less price than other brands.
8- Learn how to properly store all your veggies to get a longer shelf life.
9- Meal planning is an essential thing in saving money. But, remember to be flexible with a meal plan. For example, if you find other meat on reduced price, you can buy that meat then go home and meal plan to fit it instead. Also, plan cleverly, plan meals that use similar ingredients so there is no wastage.
10- Do your grocery shopping online so that you can’t buy all other temptations, add to that, you can track how much you are spending.

11- Take it slow. Take time to compare different products.


55 clever money saving hacks and tips 2023

Saving money by reducing the waste:

12- Use the fridge leftovers. Save all leftover veggies and leftover meats in a freezer bag. Add it to soup pot along with broth and spices, and you will have the best soup ever!
13- Stop throwing out food waste ( use it before you lose it).
14- Get some hens, feed them all the food scraps and receive free eggs!
15- When you are making a meal, try cooking a large batch so that you have extra portions to freeze and no food waste.
16- Composting raw food scraps will yield a valuable soil amendment that will help you save money on buying amendment and fertilizers.
17- Get cash from your old phones instead of throwing it in the bin! Because 80% of an old mobile phone can be recycled!
18- Have an idea of how to reuse some fruit peels and other recycled items by scrolling the posts in (reduce your waste) category.
19- search for cash for scraps, cash for cans, cash for plastic bottles facilities close to you.


55 clever money saving hacks and tips 2023

Save money on bills:

20- Pay pills in advance! Set up bills for early or automatic payment. Often bills that are paid early come with discounts, and forgetting to pay bills can lead to unnecessary penalties.
21- Turn on water heater 15 minutes prior to showering.
22- Call your supplier and ask for a better price.
23- Use a price comparison Website to find a cheaper deal.
24- Only heat or cool the room you’re using rather than the whole house.
25- Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.
26- Hang up the clothes in the air instead of using the dryer.
27- Use cold water in your watching machine when possible.
28- Get a low-flow shower head.


Pay yourself first:

29- Make a habit of saving some money of your earnings and never touch it. The money you save depends on your monthly income, and your predetermined savings goals.

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Spend money cleverly:

30- Spend major money on major things and minor money on minor things. So, the basic things like toilet paper, cleaning products, etc should be the cheap ones, and then you can spend major money on cars or houses.


55 clever money saving hacks and tips 2023

Other money saving hacks and tips:

31- Walk or use public transport ( to save on fuel ).
32- Coffee at home.
33- Eat at home and cook your meals at home as much as possible
34- Take food and drinks packed from home wherever you go.
35- Find a jar to collect spare change.
36- Grow vegetables at home.
37- Have ( no Spend ) days every week
38- Pay with cash as much as possible; this way you feel the 38- spend more than just swiping your card!
39- Don’t surf around internet shopping.
40- Delete and unsubscribe all money spending apps.
41- Don’t get a loan that you cannot repay.
42- Don’t have any of those ( buy know pay later ) accounts.

43- Only get what you can afford or save for it.
44- Do family movies at home with microwave popcorn and snacks instead of the cinemas.
45- See if you can do it yourself instead of buying it.
46- If you like it, wait 24 hours before you buy it!
47- More naps! Research proves that naps save your money!
48- Figure out what habits drain your money!
49- Use the library to borrow books or puzzles instead of buying it.
50- Use washable diapers.
51- Use vinegar and water for cleaning instead of pricey cleaning products.
52- Look for no-cost workout classes or running groups in Your local area instead of Gym membership.
53- Aim for less expensive presents, it is the thought that count not the present itself.
54- Shop the off-season. An example of this method is buying the next size up for your children in apparel or shoes while in the off-season or late season.

55- Put a spending limit on your card.

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